Lottery winner gives away half of the money

Posted by: Paul
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After winning millions of euros at the lottery, the 2019 winner has already given half of the fortune away.

In 2019 the EuroMillions lottery was won by Frances Connolly, a woman from UK, and her husband Paddy. Frances claimed that she had always known that she would win the lottery one day, so she even made a list with the people who would receive money when she did. 

At first, things were going according to the plan. After winning £115 million (US$144 million), Frances gave some sums of money to friends and family. She also wanted to give some money to charity, so she set up a budget to distribute donations. 

After a while, it became impossible for Frances to stick to the initial plan, as she began to donate larger and larger sums of money to charity, more often than she would have intended. This is because Frances became somehow addicted to the feeling she got from helping others, claiming that “It gives you a buzz, and it’s addictive. I’m addicted to it now.”

Frances admits to have already donated what was set out in the budget to be donated through 2032, and she is now reportedly up to around £60 million (US$75.29 million) in donations. The vast majority of money went to charity, as Frances doesn’t have an extravagant lifestyle and didn’t buy much for herself. The only large expense the 2019 winner made is a large house, which she believes to be a smart investment, but nothing more. She even drives the same second-hand car. 

For Frances, it is more important to purchase mobile devices for the elderly in order to help them communicate with their families or to help local communities find employment. The biggest prize she won is the capacity to help other and use the money for good causes.

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