Simple Guide for Playing High Limit Slots at Online Casinos

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Playing slots online should be a fun past time and not something you obsess about while trying to make as much profit as possible. Even so, the best combination is winning and having fun at the same time and this result might just come from playing high limit slots.

Slots games range from penny slots to really high limit slots fit for high rollers, and the main difference between them comes from how much you can afford to bet without hurting your monthly bankroll. 

Many players wonder if playing high limit slots is the most lucrative option when compared to regular limit slots and even penny slots. So what are your high limit slots odds? Are they better, are the worse are they pretty much the same? Let’s find out!

What Are High Limit Slots?

High roller or high limit slot machines are online or offline slots that allow large bets. This is not to say that you can’t make smaller bets on them, it’s just that instead of being from 0.1 to £50 per spin they go from £1 to hundreds if not thousands. 

So while most gamblers play slots online make bets of around 1 or 2 cents per spin, high rollers can easily play £100 or more per spin. High rollers spend huge sums of money in the casino in a month and the highest of them all are called “whales” as they are capable of betting sums that some of us can’t even fathom. 

Online casino sites uk and offline ones are super interested in whales and regular high rollers because they bring the biggest chunk of profit and keep the money rolling all the time. The great thing is that because they want to keep them coming and happy at all times, casinos will throw in additional perks and services. This means better bonuses, cashback, VIP status, VIP manager and all sorts of gifts. 

Consequently, for players of high limit slots, best casino for online slot machines with big bets would be one that really brings serious perks for reaching VIP status.

Why Play High Roller Slot Machines?

The main reason for playing high limit slots is that they have a higher payout. Obviously, the bigger your bet is, the bigger the payout will be if you’re lucky. 

There’s an interesting thing about high limit slots’ odds – they are higher than on regular slot machines and have a higher RTP because online casinos want to encourage players to bet on them more and make them skip on the low limit ones that are played more frequently by raising the house edge.

Another reason why players try Vegas high limit slots is that they usually bring more excitement. Online gambling is all about excitement and the prospect of betting a penny and winning a dollar isn’t as fun as betting big and winning bigger. Everyone wants to win big and betting bigger to get there is certainly a way to do this, but you must remember to play responsibly and bet what you can afford.

Also, remember the advantages the online casino will give you that we discussed earlier? That’s a huge perk that you definitely want and deserve. You can get access to special branded games, the cashback is always welcome because you’ll basically be playing no limit slots free coins, exclusive promotions tailored to your needs and much more. 

What is more, most high limit slots Vegas themed or any other theme you can think of have a free demo slots version so you can easily play free no limit slots to practice and make sure when you do play online gambling with real money you know what to expect and have better chances of winning.

What Are the Best High Limit Slots?

There a whole lot of free high limit slots you can try and the good news is that they are super diverse and have a lot to offer. This means that just because you prefer to bet big it doesn’t mean that you won’t get to have as much fun. In fact, some of the best slots ever made with amazing bonus features allow high bets.

You can try games with the best possible graphics (like impeccable 3D graphics and animations), exceptional bonus features, progressive jackpots, fun gameplay and anything else you can think of, including megaways to win. 

So there’s a lot to be excited about here. You can find many super fun slot games to play that have basically all the things you would want them to have. So all you need is to understand the house edge for online slots and make sure that you pick the games that have high RTPs and a low house edge as well as the sort of volatility that works best for your gambling style.

If you want to check out a couple of our favourite slots with high limits, you should give these ones a couple of spins:

High Limit Slots Strategies

You probably already know that slots are random games based on luck so there’s no foolproof solution that will make you win 100% of the time, especially if you read up on how do casino slot machines work. There are many people and websites which will tell you that there are strategies which can guarantee a win but they are trying to scam you so remember that strategies can only help you a little and responsible gambling is the key to success.

In the case of high roller slots, it’s even more important that you find the best gaming strategy because if you don’t get it right you stand to lose a lot. So other than using the 10 secrets and tips for winning at slots, here are the things that you should do every time you play for real.

Know the slot game. Really well.

This is key if you want to succeed. If it’s a game you are playing for the first time and haven’t read any reviews and haven’t even checked the RTP and volatility you will not know what to expect and might end up losing. That’s why we always recommend that you read our reviews and also play the game for free in demo mode to practice. 

See what the exact rules of the game are, if it has bonus rounds, how you can trigger them, what the payouts are, if the RTP is high enough, if you should expect big wins seldom (high volatility) or smaller wins more often etc.

This doesn’t just apply to high rollers. No matter what funds you are betting you should not be wasting your hard-earned cash on something that will bring you no reward and no fun.

Demo slots are exactly the same as real money ones so they are a good indicator which will help you practice and you will know exactly what to expect. You’ll know if a popular slot game is just a fad or if a new slot is worth checking out.

Pick the right casino site for you

Another important thing you need to consider is finding the appropriate online casino site. It needs to be licensed, safe, reliable and all-around great for you, fitting your every need. While different players will have different games and casinos that work for them, it’s key that you find the one that offers you the things you are interested in. 

Here we come back to game selection, available limits, VIP program, and everything else because just having games with high limits isn’t going to do it for you if they only allow small withdrawals per week. 

Claim the right bonuses

Just as crucial as the right games and the right casinos, picking the bonus that will actually help you will do a lot to improve your chances. Sure, you can play without ever getting any bonuses, but good ones will definitely help. 

You need to figure out what promotions to claim and which ones to skip. While most players prefer no deposit bonuses and no deposit free spins, as a high roller these won’t work for you. This is because, while free, the sums you’ll get won’t be nearly enough to allow big bets. 

What you should look into is welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and cashback offers. Some online casino sites have slots bonuses especially tailored to the needs of high rollers. This means huge match up offers and if you’re lucky maybe even 200%, 300% or more.

Remember that you always have to read the terms and conditions and check out online slots uk no wagering requirements, max cashout, bet sizes, available games and everything else.

If you find a great bonus that has low wagering requirements and works on the games you like but has a small max cashout and even smaller imposed bet sizes then you won’t be able to play with the high limit bets you usually make. So definitely check out the terms and conditions every single time.

Note from our content team: You should never play high limit slot with big bets if it’s beyond your financial possibilities. Don’t spend more than you are ready to, more than you’ve budgeted at the beginning of the month and don’t make more deposits if you haven’t got the means. Always play with the stakes you are comfortable with and don’t try to be a high roller just because it “sounds cool”. The cool thing to do is play responsibly, within your means. Stay safe and have fun, that’s the most important part!