Top 15 Gambling Songs: Your New Catchy Playlist

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There’s always a playlist available for all sorts of activities, including going for your gambling. The song’s mission is to pump you with confidence and set the atmosphere for a new game. Whether you play cards, lottery, or slots, it’s essential to listen to music that will help you always beat the odds. In our article, you’ll discover a top of gambling songs that inspired other players to play their best game ever.

15 Best Songs About Gambling

Surely it gets challenging to capture the excitement, anxiety, joy, and thrill and put them all into one catchy song. However, a few musicians and bands discovered a way to include all feelings of a gambling experience in their songs.

Even though artists are prone to singing about love and affection, their gambling songs truly make some exceptional noise around the globe. For instance, some artists managed to create masterpieces with themes about the loss of a large bet or a player’s winning streak.

If you’re curious about these artists and their tunes, we’ve put together a top of gambling songs of all time. Stay tuned, open your favourite drink and enjoy your listening session!

1. Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)

Not even the “King of Rock and Roll” could resist writing a song about the charming Las Vegas. Elvis Presley’s famous Viva Las Vegas is one of the best songs about the gambling city.

The theme describes a man having a wild time playing free slot demo and exploring all the advantages of Sin City. The lyrics “Bright light city going to set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire” and “Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashin’” highlight the essence of the city — the bright lights of Las Vegas.

The truth is that casino games are essential for a complete Las Vegas experience. The entertaining games are admirably referenced in the song, “There are blackjack and poker and a roulette wheel.” Another lyric that brings up the gambling spirit is “Let me shoot a seven with every shot”. It became a well-known phrase for mentioning craps.

2. The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)

The Swedish band went for a different approach, comparing love with a casino game that could be poker. You’ll undoubtedly be reminded of your favourite card game by Abba’s “The Winner Takes It All,” a love story with gambling references. 

Abba warns that “the winner takes it all, the loser’s standing small” in the song after stating that they have “played all my cards.” 

Anyone can comprehend this truth since it’s obvious, yet the sense of loss is challenging to overcome. Even though the subject of gambling is just briefly mentioned in this song, the pacey rhythms and Abba’s distinctive musical style contribute to the song’s value and elevate it to the top of our list of songs about gambling.

3. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

The appropriate tune for a serious poker player is Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler. This song tells the story of a man who played poker for a very long time.

Lines like “I’ve made a life out of readin’ people’s faces Knowin’ what the card were” give you a clear idea that our character played the game thousands of times throughout his lifetime.

Some of the song’s lyrics even offer advice to poker players. “Know when to fold’em,” is strong advice that instructs you to give up on hands you believe will not prevail in a round. This might be classic advice for responsible gambling!

4. The Jack (AC/DC)

Changing the rhythm a little bit, the next song boasts adrenaline and vitality. You don’t even need to be a gambler to be familiar with AC/DC’s “The Jack.” The song is obviously dedicated to a mysterious and beautiful lady who has ridiculed the artist excessively. And here’s the analogy for “Queen and King”.

Actually, gambling is a metaphor for flirting between lovers. This is something that the band frequently does. Hiding real intentions, which are usually quite explicit” under harmless metaphors. The lyrics make it clear that this is not simply about a poker game: “Her deuce was wild but my ace was high.”

Over the years the band re-created several poker references from the active song. Their live performances had new lyrics that were rather naughty and suggested various erotic experiences.

5. Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

The excitement of placing a bet is celebrated in this 1980 Motörhead song, which became a signature song. The song has plenty of references to various games, including blackjack. This is mostly pointed out with the line “double up or quit, double stake or split.” The lines speak directly to you as the narrator says gambling is for those looking for an easy way out. 

However, he plays whether he wins or loses because he loves the thrills of the game. He mocks his rivals’ hands while paying reverence to the ace of spades, also known as the famous “death card”. This is one of the most valuable moves in playing cards.

6. Desperado (Eagles)

Crafted softer, the Eagles song feels comforting for the ear. The classic 1973 hit was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” It is a song about growing old alone and never settling for anything, especially love.

This rock song’s protagonist is a “desperado”, a wild person, a bandit, or a so-called lawbreaker. He has immersed himself in life’s finest things and cherished his independence.

However, with time, he begins to feel hollow because of his lack of dedication to close friendships and a more normal lifestyle.

The narrator uses metaphors influenced by card games to warn the outlaw about living alone in old age. He expressly advises avoiding drawing the Queen of Diamonds, considered unlucky and represents a resentful, poisonous, and powerful woman.

The narrator implies that, despite the desperado’s potential magnetic attraction to such a woman, the gambler would be far better off looking for a Queen of Hearts partner— a dependable woman he can settle down with.

7. Roller (April Wine)

The upbeat first line of April Wine’s “Roller,” a fast-paced rock’n’roll song that will have you on your feet in no time, is “Gambling day and night yeah.”

The song tells the story of two lovers that want to leave their friends behind and are “gonna catch a flight to Nevada.” The singer’s girlfriend, nicknamed baby, is actually a high-roller, so they decide to depart from Los Angeles to Sin City.

Of course, there are different opinions on gambling, and we understand that people try to highlight that “baby” is not well. We see this clearly in the lyric, “people try to tell her she’s crazy, she doesn’t hear a word they say.” Meaning that she will still do whatever she wants. On top of that, the songwriter has no problem with her being a high roller.

8. Easy Money (Billy Joel)

We all desire the same things: easy money, peer approval, and of course, love. Billy Joel, in particular, more so than anyone else. Billy Joel criticises the life of someone who works excessively hard to support himself and instead begs for “easy money” in this masterpiece entitled “Easy Money.” However, he intends to bet in order to obtain them since he “could get lucky, oh, things could go right.”

In his lyrics, the artist mentions only the means of making simple, quick cash, instead of large sums. As the song describes, he could get lucky.

9. Rambling, Gambling Willie (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan wrote the song “Rambling, Gambling Willie” in tribute to the archetype of all gamblers. The greatest gambler of all time is his hero; thankfully, he has a story to tell.

Willie is adventurous and thrives on gambling. “Wherever you are gamblin’ now, nobody really knows,” says the artist. Our bettor will have a chance at just about anything.

Bob Dylan’s lyric ”roll, Willie, roll” encourages the character to keep going as he cruises down to New Orleans and tries his luck on the Jackson River Queen. He also swings by Cripple Creek, which is now a well-known gambling destination. Surely, it sounds like a song full of exceptional gambling adventures.

10. The Stranger Song (Leonard Cohen)

Leonard Cohen is a complex character. He’s more than just a musician. He is a storyteller, and life itself serves as his inspiration. Cohen has given his songs an increased amount of truth by being honest about himself and life’s perspective.

The late poet and musician’s musical brilliance is unstoppable, and in “The Stranger Song,” you may hear his perspective on gambling. The lyrics will definitely lead your thoughts to a poker game. Cohen beautifully advises his listeners from experience.

The line “Then sweeping up the joker that he left behind, you find he did not leave you very much, not even laughter,” reminds you to be careful since gambling can be entertaining, but there can also be consequences. Playing responsibly is always the right path!

11. Shape of My Heart (Sting)

Another tune with solid references to gambling is “The Shape of My Heart” by Sting. The song’s begging reveals that “he deals the cards as meditation” and “he doesn’t play for the money he wins.”

This song is possibly the best illustration of a song about gambling that is completely and totally focused on the meaning of life rather than on the practice of taking a chance in games. Sting seeks the “shape of his heart” in this contemplation process.

12. Queen of Hearts (Juice Newton)

This brilliant song, interpreted by Juice Newton, is filled with card metaphors that help her compare the Queen of Hearts with a wicked woman. This lady has her lover captivated, but she still teases him.

The artist sings, “the Joker ain’t the only fool, who’ll do anything for you,” claiming that the lover will do anything for his Queen of hearts. Eventually,  he becomes furious when he is unable to consummate their love.

Even though the song is majestically interpreted by Juice Newton, its origins belong to Gregg Allman, who wrote the lyrics as a dedication to his second wife. Like the song’s main character, the writer was willing to do anything for his Queen of Hearts. However, time proved that he had no fewer than six queens.

13. Countin (2 Chainz)

The last three songs we’ve chosen for our music top belong to other exciting genres. We’ve talked about soft blues, catchy country, pleasant folk, and dynamic rock, but never rap.

2 Chainz’s song has a peculiar approach to the gambling topic. Instead, he describes a fast bet that he made and lost: “Bet a hundred thou with the Falcons.”

But that’s all right because the artist is certain in his bold declarations that “I’mma get it back since I’m natural, I put my X at the end like Malcolm.” The song glorifies himself and leaves us to interpret what he has achieved.

14. Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga is one of the most remarkable singers of our day, and she is scandalously funny and clever. She has a pleasantly gorgeous demeanour, is quick with the lyrics, and, let’s be honest; her lyrics are top-notch. Is the expression “poker face” more related to the game of poker than the game itself? You get to make the call on this.

The song focuses primarily on the fast-paced beat that gets you moving and a few references to actual gambling, where “luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start.” Yet, when Lady Gaga sings, “I want to hold’em like they do in Texas,” she actually means playing games with men who can’t tell what’s happening behind her poker face.

15. Waking Up in Vegas (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry is undoubtedly one of the most famous pop divas of the moment. In addition to being quick, humorous, and full of catchy music, Perry can change who she is to fit any entertainment scenario. Her song “Waking Up in Vegas” is a sincere ode to Las Vegas and the city’s alluring, yet fleeting, way of life.

One of the most famous odes to Las Vegas nightlife includes partying and, yes, the occasional marriage that was somewhat hastily consummated. As Katy Perry clearly expresses in her song, Vegas may still be a lot of fun as long as you don’t get married.

One for the Road

If you want to start your gambling journey, you have plenty of songs at your disposal. Some will pump you the adrenaline you need to play games with exceptional mobile casino bonuses, while others will create the proper atmosphere to think about your winning strategy.

The truth is whatever you choose, our playlist undoubtedly contains something to your liking. Start saving your favourite songs today and play casino games responsibly for a successful gambling experience.

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