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Classic or modern, simplicity is key
Today Feb 20 2019

3-Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

<p>There are many types of online slots available these days and they are all quite different. While they have similar characteristics, they need to be different to keep players interested. Still, there are some things that always appeal to players: the classics.</p> <p>Back in time, when slots were only available in brick and mortar casinos and they were huge physical slot machines, all slots used to have three reels. In recent days, they’ve gone up to five or more and even have complicated reel matrixes that look like honeycombs or hexagons. But people haven’t forgotten about three-reel slots, and neither have software providers.</p> <p>While all classic slots have three reels, you will also find modern video slots with three reels that take gameplay to the next level and have some added bonus features to make things interesting.</p> <p>Having three reels doesn’t automatically have to make a slot seem outdated because nowadays three-reel slots can be just as great as five- reel slots.</p> <p>In this category you will find both new games and classic slots, every type of slot you can think of as long as it has just three little reels.</p> <p>These games have free spins, pick-em games, many interesting bonus features and even progressive jackpots. There’s something for everyone. Nostalgic or not, you will surely have fun with them because they have exciting yet simple gameplay.</p> <p>Check them out and enjoy yourself!</p>
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