Multi Player Slots

Share your winnings with your friends, socialize and win more!
Today Apr 22 2019

Multi Player Slots

Multi Player Slots

Multi-player slots are an interesting type of slots that are unlike the other countless types of online slot machine games you can find on SlotsCalendar. Also called Community Slots, these games will take online gambling to a sweet spot that brings the best of both worlds, creating a combination between the gameplay available online and that which you can only find in brick and mortar casinos.

Why Play Multi-Player Slots?

When you go to a real casino and play slots you are surrounded by people, maybe friends are cheering you on and there’s this community and happiness that is shared. In the online world, most players play by themselves in the comfort of their home, while people might stay next to them and cheer them on it’s not the same if they can’t also play with them. If you can play casino games like poker with others why not give multi-player slots a try? And maybe even find some great casino bonuses to spice things up!

Learn How to Play Multi-Player Slots

If you haven’t played multi-player slots before, let us break it down for you. You pick a game and are taken to a virtual slots room where you can see other players, the maximum number of players is 6. While you are playing you can also chat with the other players and also see how they are doing and what they are winning. Apart from the great thing that you can cheer each other on and be happy about every win together, there’s also one added perk for these video slots and it’s huge. People shouldn’t confuse the multi-player slots with slots tournaments because the difference is that in multi-player slots you play together, not against each other and everyone can win, not just one player. The added perk here is that if one of you triggers a bonus feature, not just that individual will play the free spins, but all of you will be able to play them and win the bonus jackpots.

Find Players With Similar Interests, Make Friends

If you don’t have friends that share your interest in online slots you can make friends playing this kind of slots! Since they are already playing multi-player slots, you know for sure that you share this passion. Check out our free slots collection and find the best games to play and have fun! Want to make friends? This is the place for you! Try any game of our amazing multi-player slots selection, make some friends and get some big wins!
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