Scratch Cards

Playing Online Scratch Cards: Everything You Need to Know

Today Feb 20 2019

Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards For Free

Online scratch cards are the latest evolution, and they’re just as successful. You can find these at many online casinos or dedicated scratch card websites, across mobile and desktop platforms.

What are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are basically the same as paper scratch cards. They feature similar core gameplay, but involve just clicking or tapping at a screen instead of scratching at the card with a coin or fingernail.

You can choose from a huge range of scratch cards, each with their own themes and presentation styles. These vary from cute animals to mythology and seasonal events (Easter, Christmas etc.).

Animations and sound effects may be included, making for a more exciting, immersive experience than paper scratch cards.

How do you Play Online Scratch Cards?

They tend to feature nine symbols arranged in a grid of three rows and columns. All you need to do is tap at the screen of your smartphone or click away with your mouse, and you’ll reveal the various symbols hidden beneath the online scratch card’s surface.

Some games might not focus on nine symbols only – developers are free to experiment with their own ideas and create unique scratch cards!

The symbols you match will secure a specific prize, with different tiers available. You may win a nice return on your bet or a life-changing sum, depending on the game you pick.

It’s always worth looking into the prizes up for grabs before you start playing an online scratch card, if possible. The top prize might be displayed on the scratch card itself, or elsewhere on the screen.

The Benefits of Playing Online Scratch Cards

Part of the appeal of playing scratch cards is the simplicity. As with online casino slots, virtual scratch cards are accessible to players with little to no experience of betting. You can play any scratch card without having to worry about skill or strategy – just scratch and see!

Online scratch cards can be played for low stakes, and they take just seconds to complete. This is part of the reason they’re so ideal for mobile casinos: you’re free to try your luck in a matter of seconds while you’re on the train, waiting for an appointment, or just between TV shows.

Like normal online slots, virtual scratch cards feel more like a video game than other casino favourites (blackjack, roulette etc.). They’re terrific to relax and unwind with, letting you enjoy the element of chance instead of trying to follow complicated techniques.

Want to try online scratch cards for yourself? Take a look at our picks of the best places to play them now!

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