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As shown below, we have a complete list with top high roller casinos with unique bonus codes. Each casino was thoroughly reviewed in detail before it entered here.

Today 01 17 2022

High Roller Online Casinos

Recommended Casinos For High Roller Players

Online gambling is the next evolutionary step in many ways and it comes with a lot of perks but one of them is rarely talked about: it allows you to easily choose between high stakes and low stakes for all your favourite games and online casinos. 

While most players will go for low stakes casinos and games as that’s the safest way to gamble online and stick within your budget, there are some lucky punters that can afford to gamble more and prefer high-stakes games. Today it’s all about them and we’re reviewed a lot of high stakes casinos to bring you the top 10 casino sites (and beyond) which offer an exquisite experience for high rollers.

Seems like the definition of high stakes casino games differs from one game to the next and between types of casinos and even players. As a result, you will see that while in land-based casinos £100 per hand on table games and £5 per spin on slots is considered the minimum for a highstakes room, online the minimum can be higher depending on the casino you choose. 

Consequently, you should be ready to make a 5 figure deposit to enter the world of high stakes players, but you need to remember that categorization isn’t the most important aspect and playing within your means is crucial.

Anyway, let’s get down to what you need to know about games with higher stakes and casinos which offer this option. 

What to Consider When Choosing a High Stakes Casino

Above this article, on this page, you’ve probably noticed a number of online casino sites. These are the best gambling sites that offer high stake games, the ones we have shortlisted as main contenders for this category. 

We decided to confide in you and tell you what are the main things we took into account when we picked top casino sites uk, not just for full transparency but also so that you may use them as guidelines when you narrow the list even further and pick the ones where you will play at.

Safety, Security & Reliability

First of all, you must remember that your safety is always the utmost priority. The online casino site you pick, no matter if it’s one with low stakes or high stakes, it needs to be safe and reliable. You should be able to easily contact them and have any issue fixed instantly, get complete support no matter what your inquiry is about, round the clock. 

Especially when it comes to a high stake and a big deposit, you need to know that your account is managed properly and that your money is safe there. 

Security standards must be met no matter what. The latest form of SSL encryption must be in place to protect your personal and financial data, a third party must audit the casino to ensure that all software running on the platform is legit and all games meet the industry’s standard of randomness and fairness.

Also, a gaming license is of utmost importance. Your jurisdiction will dictate the license needed for you to legally be allowed to play at an online casino. For UK players a UK Gambling Commission license is required, while other countries will work with a Malta license, a Swedish license and so on. 

Remember that reputation is also key as online gambling is the sort of industry where you can easily get a lot of information from other users. Consequently, if you see that many other users are complaining about a certain online casino site you should look into why this is happening and see if maybe it would be better to steer clear of that website and instead check out other new casino sites with a better rep.

Available Payment Methods

Since we’re discussing playing a high stake game at an online casino, it’s obviously super important to have the right payment methods available. While online casinos will generally accept larger payments via wire transfers these can have some big fees. Make sure you check what fees are applied for all payment methods that interest you. 

Check out different debit cards or e-wallets and see if you can find something that suits your needs. Bitcoin options might have the highest deposit limits and smallest fees, so if you’re into using cryptocurrencies on casinos, check this option out.

Better yet, if you’re unsure what the limits are, contact the customer support team and see how it works. The best slot sites always have stellar customer support teams and if you ask the right questions you might even get in contact with a VIP manager that can guide you through the casino and unlock the perks you need to make the kind of deposits you want with your payment method of choice.

Bonuses & VIP Program

Bonuses are an important part of the casino experience and when your gambling stake is huge so can your benefits be. While bonuses, in general, can help you a lot, when playing with big bets bigger bonuses are to be expected as well. 

Many of the bonuses you will find online have different limits, either in bet sizes or the amount you can get in bonus form as well as the max cashout limit. But you will find some promotions that cater to high rollers. 

Your unbeatable bet, however, is to enter VIP programs. Most online casino sites have VIP programs and they will give you better benefits, higher limits, extra perks, special tailor-made bonuses and even a personal VIP manager. 

Usually, you become a VIP by constantly making deposits over a certain sum. But you should remember that you can also talk to the customer support and get VIP status thanks to the potential play you are bringing. 

Certainly, the online casino site will want to keep a player like you happy so there should be no problem in achieving VIP status.

Best High Limit Casino Games

Seems like most games nowadays can be played online with higher limits than before, but there are some that are a lot easier to find and play. Certainly, each player prefers a different kind of casino game, so we’ve decided to tell you about the top three most beloved games to play online for high stakes.

High Limit Slots

Probably the most popular online casino games of them all, slots are a great option for those that prefer playing a high limit game. In order to consider a slot game to be high limit, it must have a £1000 maximum bet at least. There are many great options out there, including epic titles like:

The thing you should search for is the best payout online casinos with awesome RTP slots because that’s the good bet on getting the most bang for your buck. It makes sense that the higher the RTP is and the lower the house edge, the better your chances are of getting some nice wins. So before you decide what to play maybe you should look into understanding the house edge.

There are hundreds of exciting slots with progressive jackpots and they also usually allow the highest bets. Some great examples of jackpot slots with big stakes and huge payouts are Playtech’s Gladiator Jackpot and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

High Stakes Roulette

Roulette is another super popular casino game both online and offline. It has many exquisite variants, including live dealer roulette, and it can also be played with high stakes. Different tables have different wagering limits, but usually, the live dealer ones have the highest limits.

Seeing as the rules are pretty easy to understand and you find so much versatility, roulette games can bring you both fun and some nice winnings if you choose trusted strategies and remember to play responsibly.

High Limit Blackjack 

Just as is the case with the previously mentioned type of casino game, some blackjack sites have the highest limit when playing the live dealer version. 

With plenty of variants from great software providers like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech and others, you will surely find some great choices. While some versions have a £1000 limit, you will find tables with £5000 and beyond as well. 

No Limit High Stakes Online Casinos 

Probably the most exciting thing you could find out there, online casino sites with high stakes and no limits are the high roller’s dream. While there are many online casino sites that have set limits per week, month or per transaction when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, you will find some that give you complete freedom.

Some online casinos, like PlayOJO or Ladbrokes for example, will take your preferences into consideration, but keep in mind that no limit deposits and withdrawals usually work on a specific payment method. That’s why you should check out the terms and conditions beforehand to know what to expect. Anyway, you should be able to find a wide range of online casino sites with deposit and withdrawal limits that go from £30,000 to £100,000.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about High Roller Casinos

Do different rules apply to online casino sites in different countries?

While some jurisdictions are a bit laxer on the rules and will impose very few strict measures for both players and casinos, there are some like the UK and Sweden for example which are well known for being very strict. This only makes the casinos under these jurisdictions that much safer to play at. Did you know that rules about bonuses are completely different in Sweden than in all other countries? Check out our article about the best online casinos in Sweden to find out if they apply to you.

What is a whale in casino terms?

The terms whale is used to endearingly refer to a player that plays games with high stakes. It has the exact same meaning as high roller. 

Is it safe to play with high stakes?

Assuming that you remember all the responsible gambling tips and practice them 100% of the time then playing with high stakes, low stakes or any other way will be safe. For the reason that high stakes involve a bigger risk it might not seem like a great idea, but as long as the bet sizes you pick fit your predetermined budget and you never go over your budget then everything should be fine. 

Finally, responsible gambling is, has been and always will be the most important thing no matter the subject related to gambling that we are discussing. If you think that playing at a high stakes casino site is the right call for you then check out the online casinos listed on this page and pick one to start having fun!