Danish Lotto 7/36 Online Review

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for lottery fans around the world to participate in the Danish lotto draws giving themselves a chance to win a big jackpot.

Bonuses Danish Lotto 7/36
Danish Lotto 7/36

Danish Lotto 7/36 Specifications

Draw Time8:00pm
FrequencyEvery Saturday
Drawn Numbers7/36
Jackpot Win Chances9.500
Biggest Win38.500.000 DKK
Minimum Bet1 DKK

Danish Lotto 7/36 Results (2021-07-17, 8:00pm)


Danish Lotto 7/36

The main Danske Lotto game in Denmark began in 1989 and allowed players to pick seven numbers from the 1 to 36 range plus a bonus number, which are all drawn randomly.

Any player who matches the seven key numbers wins a jackpot of at least 6 million kr, and there are a lot of other consolidation prizes available.

Placing Bets on Danish Lotto 7/36

Every week in Denmark, there are two major lottery draws and these take place every Wednesday and Saturday. Every Saturday the main event ‘Lørdag’ Lotto is drawn, and every Wednesday the Viking Lotto is drawn.

Generally, the odds you can expect on average are:

  • 1 – 4,50
  • 2 – 22,00
  • 3 – 140
  • 4 – 900
  • 5 – 9.500

Where Can I Bet on Danish Lotto 7/36?

The important centralised lotteries in Denmark are Lotto on Saturdays and Vikinglotto on Wednesdays, Eurojackpot & Keno. 

The best aspect is that you can even purchase a membership package that includes Lotto, Eurojackpot and Vikinglotto play. Please check for local agencies in Denmark and online betting websites that allow players from your country. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Danish Lotto 7/36

While any lotto number has an equal probability of being pulled, over time some tend to be drawn more often than others. The most frequent ten numbers drawn at the Danish Lotto are 17, 24, 30, 32, 8, 36, 29, 2, 27 and 18. We recommend using these numbers to increase your odds of winning.

Cold Numbers on Danish Lotto 7/36

Over the last 200 draws, the numbers that have been drawn the least times are 28, 36 and 3, so you should pick your numbers carefully and strive to make better decisions.

Lottery Draw and Results Danish Lotto 7/36

The most important centralised lotteries in Denmark take place on Saturday and Wednesday. You can find out what the results of the draw are as soon as it’s over. 

You will be able to watch live draws at some online casino sites, get the results almost instantly or just check your account and see if the winnings start coming in. 


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Danish Lotto 7/36 Winning Numbers

2021-07-17, 8:00pm|03,10,16,17,24,25,35,34
2021-07-10, 8:00pm|04,06,07,09,10,34,35,11
2021-07-03, 8:00pm|03,05,08,16,24,25,29,23
2021-06-26, 8:00pm|01,07,20,24,29,33,36,16
2021-06-19, 8:00pm|06,08,13,22,26,29,33,17
2021-06-12, 8:00pm|03,07,08,15,19,20,21,05
2021-06-05, 8:00pm|02,07,11,14,17,24,34,19
2021-05-29, 8:00pm|16,17,20,23,27,30,31,10
2021-05-22, 8:00pm|08,10,12,16,20,22,31,02
2021-05-15, 8:00pm|02,09,18,19,21,24,32,20
2021-05-08, 8:00pm|02,14,18,20,25,27,28,15
2021-05-01, 8:00pm|09,14,17,20,28,30,31,26
2021-04-24, 8:00pm|03,06,09,13,20,29,31,19
2021-04-17, 8:00pm|06,08,09,22,23,26,32,14
2021-04-10, 8:00pm|03,05,11,12,15,20,33,34
2021-04-03, 8:00pm|12,15,16,18,29,32,33,36
2021-03-27, 8:00pm|04,05,13,23,26,28,33,35
2021-03-20, 8:00pm|12,13,14,22,29,30,31,11
2021-03-13, 8:00pm|04,06,22,23,27,30,31,35
2021-03-06, 8:00pm|04,14,15,20,22,33,34,23

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Danish Lotto 7/36 online?

    Yes, you can purchase tickets from bookmakers, online casinos and various gambling websites.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Danish Lotto 7/36?

    The most frequently drawn 10 numbers at the Danish Lotto are 17, 24, 30, 32, 8, 36, 29, 2, 27 and 18.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Danish Lotto 7/36?

    The greatest Denmark Lotto jackpot won by a single ticket amounted to €5 million, which was claimed by a Copenhagen family in 2008. Also in 2009, a jackpot of €9.6 million was shared amongst three owners, each going home with €3 million.


    When it comes to the online medium, the biggest possible win is the odds for 5 numbers multiplied by your bet.

  • Where can I play Danish Lotto 7/36?

    You can play the Danish Lotto on the Danske Spil website. They have all the registered lottery partners under the current legislation in Denmark. 


    In addition, Danish players, as EU residents, can openly compete in other draws at any of the online casinos and bookmakers that accept them.

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