Italy 10e Lotto 20/90 Online Review

Italy 10e Loto 20/90 is an Italian keno lottery that is very popular throughout Europe. This lottery game is available for most European players and has the potential to bring you nice winnings.

Bonuses Italy 10e Lotto 20/90
Italy 10e Lotto 20/90

Italy 10e Lotto 20/90 Specifications

Drawn Numbers20/90
Jackpot Win Chances333.333
Biggest Win$333.333
Minimum Bet$1

Italia 10e Lotto 20/90

There are a lot of Italian lotteries that are highly appreciated by the European public, including Italy Keno 20/90 which we will discuss now. The official name of this lottery is Italia 10e Loto 20/90 and it’s a lottery that’s very easy to play because it is of the 20/90 type, ie 20 out of 90 numbers are drawn.

The Italian lottery is very popular due to the fact that you can bet on it anytime, day or night, because the draws take place non-stop, every 5 minutes.

Italy 10e Loto 20/90 is available for most European players both offline and online at top licensed bookmakers and online casinos, but our recommendation is to play online where you do not have to stand in line and therefore do not miss any draw.

Placing Bets on Italy 10e Lotto Evolution 20/90

Unlike when you bet with a classic lottery ticket, when you bet online you not only have more chances to win but also more betting options.

Sure, you won’t be able to win the lottery jackpot, but you’ll be able to win top prizes anyway because these are the odds you can expect when you bet online on Italy 10e Loto 20/90:

  • 1 – 4.20
  • 2 – 20.00
  • 3 – 100
  • 4 – 500
  • 5 – 2,600
  • 6 – 13,000
  • 7 – 85,000
  • 8 – 333,333

Online you can play any system you want, with any stake, and the winnings will be directly proportional to the real probability of winning. You are allowed to put a maximum of 15 numbers on the ticket and make combinations of a maximum of 8 numbers. 

This means that from single number bets to 3/4, 6/6, 7/13 etc systems you can bet however you want.

Given that draws are made every five minutes, you can also use progressive stakes strategies if they match your betting style because you know exactly what numbers came up in the last draws.

Where Can I Bet on the Italian Lottery 10e 20/90?

Like other popular lotteries in Italy, the 20/90 version is available both offline and online. You can bet at street agencies, but we recommend you to place bets on the Italy 20/90 lottery online because you can place more bets, participate in whatever draws you want without waiting in line and everything is much simpler.

When picking the online casino to play at just remember that you need to find one that not only has the lottery you’re interested in but also is legally allowed to offer this gambling game in your jurisdiction.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Italy 10e lotto 20/90

If you want to come up with a strategy you will need access to the results archive to see which numbers are chosen often and rarely, to be able to check statistics to improve your chances of winning.

The most frequently chosen numbers, from a historical point of view, are 82, 6, 19, 44, 34, 66, 16, 50, 21 and 48.

Cold Numbers on the Italian Lottery 20/90

The same applies to cold numbers. It is important to know which balls came out the least so that you can make your strategy. Historically speaking, these are 4, 1, 30, 76, 71, 77, 60, 89, 61 and 5.

Lottery Draw and Results on the Italy 10e Lotto Evolution 20/90 

If you’ve bet online, then in your account at the bookmaker or online casino you have a section called “Betting History” or something similar where you can see if your tickets won. Funds will be added automatically in case of a winning ticket.

All sites that offer lotto bets also have a “Results” section where you can see which numbers have been drawn in all available lotteries, including the Italy 10e loto 20/90 results. Remember that it takes a few minutes after the draw is finished until you can see the Italy 10e 20/90 lottery results.


Lottery Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Italia 10e Keno 20/90 online?

    Yes, in Europe you can bet on Italia Keno and offline at street agencies and online at bookmakers and online casinos.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Italia Keno 20/90?

    From the beginning of the lottery until now, the balls with the numbers 82, 6, 19, 44, 34, 66, 16, 50, 21 and 48 have been drawn most often.

  • Where can I play Italy 10e lotto 20/90?

    Italy 10e 20/90 is available online at a whole lot of European bookmakers and online casinos. Remember that you must check if players from your country are accepted according to licensing and regulations. 

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