Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90 Online Review

The Italy Cagliari 5/90 is just one of the many popular Italian lotteries. It’s called Lottomatica it’s easy to play even for beginners and very fun.

Bonuses Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90
Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90

Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90 Specifications

Next Draw2021-08-05
Draw Time8:00pm
FrequencyEvery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers5/90
Jackpot Win Chances43.949.268
Biggest Win 225.000x bet
Minimum Bet€1

Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90 Results (2021-08-03, 8:00pm)


Italy Cagliari 5/90 Lottomatica Lotto

The 5/90 lottery system is one of the most popular ones at the moment and one that’s particularly loved in Italy. Italy has a lot of great lotteries that follow the 5/90 mechanics. Today it’s all about the Cagliari 5/90 lotto which was launched in 1939 but you can also check out:

  • Lottomatica Bari Lotto
  • Lottomatica Firenze Lotto
  • Lottomatica Genova Lotto
  • Lottomatica Milano Lotto
  • Lottomatica Napoli Lotto
  • Lottomatica Nazionale Lotto
  • Lottomatica Palermo Lotto
  • Lottomatica Roma Lotto
  • Lottomatica Torino Lotto
  • Lottomatica Venezia Lotto

Each one of the 10 regional Italian lotteries (and the one national draw) is pretty similar but they are all held in different cities from Italy. 

They each have individual draws held either in their respective city or in a nearby one. The Lottomatica Cagliari Lotto has three draws a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, between 8:00 and 8:30 PM CTE.

You can choose between one and ten numbers from 1-90 to start playing and pick one of the 10+1 Italian lotteries. Five balls will be drawn from a drum of balls from 1 to 90. To win the Lottomatica Cagliari Lotto Jackpot, you will need to match the 5 balls.

Placing Bets on Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90

The odds of winning the jackpot on Lottomatica Cagliari Lotto is 1 in 43,949,268. But you can still win smaller prizes more easily.

When betting on Cagliari 5/90, there are several types of bets you can make: 

  • Estratto: guess 1 number right
  • Estratto Determinato: guess 1 number right, in the exact position in which it’s drawn
  • Ambo: guess 2 numbers right
  • Ambetto: guess 2 numbers – 1 number correctly and match either the previous or the following number of the second number
  • Terno: guess 3 numbers correctly
  • Quaterna: guess 4 numbers right
  • Cinquina: guess 5 numbers right

If you’re betting online, these are the odds you can expect: 

  • 1 – 17,00
  • 2 – 375
  • 3 – 8.000
  • 4 – 225.000

Where Can I Bet on Lottomatica Cagliari Italy 5/90?

Players from Italy, either residents or visitors, can play both online and offline, but if you’re from anywhere else in the world then you can only bet on Cagliari Italy 5/90 online at legal and safe online casino sites and bookmakers. The thing to remember is to only pick casinos that are licensed in your jurisdiction. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Lottomatica Cagliari Lotto

The strategy you choose is up to you. There are many possible strategies you could go for. We have to remind you that no strategy is foolproof, but you can try whatever you think has the best chances of working. 

That’s why we’re giving you the historically most-picked numbers which might turn up again: 80, 84, 88, 1, 56, 77, 72, 81, 90 and 70.

Cold Numbers on Italy Cagliari 5/90 Lotto

While we’re personally more inclined to go for the most frequently drawn numbers, there’s no real reason why you can’t go the other way and pick the numbers that have historically shown up the least. These are the coldest numbers on the Italian lottery: 35, 18, 26, 25, 2, 33, 45, 67, 34 and 19.

Lottery Draw and Results Cagliari Italy 5/90

The Lottomatica Cagliari has draws 3 times a week. You can enter it on Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday. The draws take place between 8:00 and 8:30 PM CTE. 

The results will be posted online at the casino sites and bookmakers where you’ve been betting just a few minutes after the draw. 

Some online casinos and bookmakers offer live streaming of the draw so you can watch in real-time if you’ve won.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Italy Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90 Winning Numbers

2021-08-03, 8:00pm|20,37,54,69,90
2021-07-31, 8:00pm|13,19,32,44,79
2021-07-29, 8:00pm|14,28,39,55,66
2021-07-27, 8:00pm|09,25,32,59,87
2021-07-24, 8:00pm|09,15,56,61,74
2021-07-22, 8:00pm|03,04,12,59,64
2021-07-20, 8:00pm|01,09,18,32,56
2021-07-17, 8:00pm|21,35,62,70,73
2021-07-15, 8:00pm|04,18,37,58,67
2021-07-13, 8:00pm|12,14,41,50,84
2021-07-10, 8:00pm|06,18,35,41,73
2021-07-08, 8:00pm|12,13,15,47,63
2021-07-06, 8:00pm|07,21,42,50,76
2021-07-03, 8:00pm|09,12,19,24,66
2021-07-01, 8:00pm|25,27,36,69,84
2021-06-29, 8:00pm|27,31,52,55,83
2021-06-26, 8:00pm|16,18,22,47,51
2021-06-24, 8:00pm|42,65,69,70,86
2021-06-22, 8:00pm|05,09,20,37,84
2021-06-19, 8:00pm|02,25,28,53,72
2021-06-17, 8:00pm|19,22,28,68,76
2021-06-15, 8:00pm|02,09,11,56,59
2021-06-12, 8:00pm|02,05,25,28,37
2021-06-10, 8:00pm|02,30,43,56,78
2021-06-08, 8:00pm|20,34,52,70,77
2021-06-05, 8:00pm|46,54,65,68,89
2021-06-03, 8:00pm|20,28,55,59,74
2021-06-01, 8:00pm|05,48,53,67,70
2021-05-29, 8:00pm|28,55,56,61,82
2021-05-20, 8:00pm|15,57,70,87,88
2021-05-18, 8:00pm|14,49,82,85,87
2021-05-15, 8:00pm|04,24,47,60,82
2021-05-13, 8:00pm|05,08,66,70,73
2021-05-11, 8:00pm|19,31,43,50,90
2021-05-08, 8:00pm|04,53,58,67,82
2021-05-06, 8:00pm|01,26,41,70,81
2021-05-04, 8:00pm|17,25,63,85,88
2021-04-29, 8:00pm|24,66,67,69,76
2021-04-27, 8:00pm|04,32,34,46,67
2021-04-24, 8:00pm|05,26,31,65,71
2021-04-22, 8:00pm|19,56,59,61,69
2021-04-20, 8:00pm|30,55,64,72,80
2021-04-17, 8:00pm|10,11,19,68,85
2021-04-15, 8:00pm|15,52,73,76,88
2021-04-13, 8:00pm|07,19,34,47,78
2021-04-10, 8:00pm|20,22,38,49,83
2021-04-08, 8:00pm|28,32,54,60,81
2021-04-06, 8:00pm|21,39,41,51,75

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90 online?

    You can play the Italian lottery offline if you’re currently in Italy. If you’re from anywhere else in the world, you can only bet on this lottery online.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on the Italian Cagliari lottery?

    Since the launch of the Cagliari Lottomatica lottery, the most often drawn numbers are 80, 84, 88, 1, 56, 77, 72, 81, 90 and 70.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on the Italian lottery?

    With just a €1 bet, the prizes will range from €1.12 up to a gigantic jackpot of €6 million.

  • Where can I play Lottomatica Cagliari 5/90?

    Lottomatica Cagliari is a popular lottery so it’s available at almost all top online casino sites and bookmakers that offer lotteries. You just have to check that they work in your jurisdiction.

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