Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90 Online Review

The Italian Lottery SuperEnalotto 6/90 is a very popular lottery all over the world because it’s super easy to bet on and the winnings can get really high.

Bonuses Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90
Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90

Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90 Specifications

Draw Time10:00pm
FrequencyOnce every 2 days
Drawn Numbers6/90
Jackpot Win Chances1/200.000 (5 numbers)
Biggest Win500.000x bet
Minimum Bet€1

Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90 Results (2021-06-29, 10:00pm)


Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90

You don’t have to go to the Italian lottery official site to be able to bet on their 6/90 SuperEnalotto lottery. 

Most international lotteries have similar rules, and they also apply to Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90. The difference between the lotteries is given by the chances of winning, the odds and the number of balls drawn.

If you’re wondering what time the Italian lottery is drawn and how many numbers are in the Italian lottery, you should know that there are 6 numbers out of 90 drawn and that the draw takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20.00. 

Placing Bets on the Italian Lottery 6/90

If you’re wondering how the Italian lottery works, you should know that the maximum system you can play, in general, on this lottery at top bookmakers and top online casinos licensed is 5/15.

At Lotoo Italia 6/90, the odds for a drawn ball are around 14, slightly above or below depending on the chosen online casino, and for 5 balls, you can find odds from 200,000 to 550,000.

The odds are generally like this:

  • 1 number – quota 14
  • 2 numbers – quota 255
  • 3 numbers – quota 5000
  • 4 numbers – quota 80,000
  • 5 numbers – share 200,000

The idea is that considering that only 6 numbers out of 90 are drawn, the chances are slightly lower than in other types of lotteries, but the possible winnings are also higher.

Where Can I Bet on SuperEnalotto Italia 6/90??

There are a lot of great bookmakers and online casinos that offer the opportunity to play international lotteries, including SuperEnalotto. In fact, you can even play at street bookmakers, offline, but it’s easier online because you don’t have to leave the house and wait in line.

Among our favourite casinos/bookmakers where you can bet on Italy 6 out of 90 is NetBet Casino which has most of the most popular lotteries. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Italy 6/90 SuperEnalotto

In lotteries in general and, obviously, when it comes to Italy 6/90, it is important to take into account the recurrence of numbers because if you are informed you have more chances to win. 

The mathematical chance of a number being drawn in the Italy 6/90 lottery is 1/15, and the numbers that appear most frequently are 85, 52, 6, 55, 32 and 75.

Cold Numbers on Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90

In all lottery games, there is a distinction between hot numbers (with the highest draw frequency) and cold numbers (numbers that are drawn quite rarely).

Even if you can use a lot of statistics available online, keep in mind that lotto is a game of chance so anything can happen, including the coldest numbers showing up: 27, 53, 60, 5, 18 and 13.

Italian SuperEnalotto Lottery Results & Draw

At SuperEnalotto there are draws on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at 20.00. To see Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90 results you can check directly from your player account if you’ve won or you can look at any top online casino that offers lotto Italy 6 out of 90.

Some casinos also show live draws, so you can watch everything in real-time and find out instantly whether you’ve won or not.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90 Winning Numbers

2021-06-29, 10:00pm|10,30,52,53,66,87,77,20
2021-06-26, 10:00pm|28,39,44,57,61,88,43,26
2021-06-24, 10:00pm|40,43,56,59,63,88,25,2
2021-06-22, 10:00pm|30,51,56,59,65,68,83,40
2021-06-19, 10:00pm|01,03,41,55,84,85,47,87
2021-06-17, 10:00pm|20,33,39,42,43,78,40,49
2021-06-15, 10:00pm|10,14,25,43,54,65,11,79
2021-06-12, 10:00pm|02,09,27,54,69,78,16,62
2021-06-10, 10:00pm|27,37,42,44,76,83,50,25
2021-06-08, 10:00pm|02,09,11,72,76,86,67,79
2021-06-05, 10:00pm|53,73,75,83,84,85,27,76
2021-06-03, 10:00pm|17,27,40,72,86,87,48,2
2021-06-01, 10:00pm|09,21,27,41,45,53,66,27
2021-05-29, 10:00pm|23,31,62,71,74,77,08,80
2021-05-20, 10:00pm|27,31,36,39,46,67,19,88
2021-05-18, 10:00pm|10,11,15,19,47,78,68,90
2021-05-15, 10:00pm|15,36,49,59,60,62,77,20
2021-05-13, 10:00pm|04,13,20,51,69,82,09,27
2021-05-11, 10:00pm|23,30,50,59,60,83,16,86
2021-05-08, 10:00pm|37,38,44,45,60,65,66,10
2021-05-06, 10:00pm|05,28,38,55,79,89,31,26
2021-05-04, 10:00pm|06,43,48,60,75,85,01,2
2021-04-29, 10:00pm|14,62,64,66,76,87,79,48
2021-04-27, 10:00pm|41,49,56,58,60,68,59,79
2021-04-24, 10:00pm|10,20,21,29,34,44,58,33
2021-04-22, 10:00pm|08,11,46,47,72,81,68,80
2021-04-20, 10:00pm|01,32,48,58,68,75,59,10
2021-04-17, 10:00pm|07,20,63,68,74,88,13,11
2021-04-15, 10:00pm|12,33,44,71,72,80,69,12
2021-04-13, 10:00pm|01,36,48,63,68,87,23,36
2021-04-10, 10:00pm|09,27,67,80,87,89,65,18
2021-04-08, 10:00pm|19,29,35,49,66,81,61,87
2021-04-06, 10:00pm|07,27,73,77,78,89,26,41
2021-04-03, 10:00pm|01,39,53,60,75,76,36,8
2021-04-01, 10:00pm|22,37,57,62,83,90,03,87
2021-03-30, 10:00pm|10,25,41,58,78,87,73,33
2021-03-27, 10:00pm|16,19,41,72,78,82,70,46
2021-03-25, 10:00pm|15,28,30,52,75,86,37,32
2021-03-23, 10:00pm|02,11,13,45,66,72,25,84
2021-03-20, 10:00pm|06,10,57,71,74,83,39,40
2021-03-18, 10:00pm|11,38,51,58,62,63,47,56
2021-03-16, 10:00pm|28,43,48,65,84,89,09,2
2021-03-13, 10:00pm|28,29,43,59,70,79,52,79
2021-03-11, 10:00pm|09,31,51,68,84,90,33,41

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Italy Lotto online?

    Yes, Italian lotteries are available both online and offline. Online there are a lot of good opportunities at both online bookmakers and licensed online casinos.

  • What numbers are drawn most often at Italy SuperEnalotto 6/90?

    The most frequently drawn numbers for this lottery are, at the moment, 85, 52, 6, 55, 32 and  75.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get at Enalotto 6/90?

    The highest possible win on Enalotto 6 out of 90 is 500,000 times your bet.

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