Lotto Canada 6/49 Online Review

Lotto Canada 6/49 was the first Canadian national lottery game to allow its players to select their own numbers instead of merely purchasing tickets.

Bonuses Lotto Canada 6/49
Lotto Canada 6/49

Lotto Canada 6/49 Specifications

Draw Time10:00pm
FrequencyWednesday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers6/49
Jackpot Win Chances225.522
Biggest Win$64 million
Minimum Bet$1

Lotto Canada 6/49 Results (2021-07-21, 10:00pm)


Lotto Canada 6/49 Jackpot

6,000,000 CAD

Canada Lotto 6/49

To start playing Canda Lotto 6/49 players will have to select six numbers from 1 to 49. If all six of your numbers are the same six numbers drawn by the machine, you will win the main jackpot. 

Unlike in the classic street lottery where you only get a decent prize by getting all number right, in the online Canada lottery game you can win even for getting just one number right. 

Placing Bets on Canada Lotto 6/49

Canadian lotto 6/49 draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased until 9:30 pm CT, 8:30 pm MT and 7:30 pm PT on the date of the draw.

You can bet on any combination you want. Most online casino sites and bookmakers will allow between 1 and 8 numbers in combinations up to 15. 

While odds may change according to the bookies you pick, most frequently you will get 7.77 odds for 1 number, 73.00 for two, 730 for three, 8.750 for four and around 225.522 for five.

Where Can I Bet on Canada Lotto 6/49?

On numerous bookmakers and licensed online gaming pages, you can bet on the Lotto Canada 6 out of 49 lottery, but you need to check for the rules according to your jurisdiction to find out where exactly you can play it.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Canada Lotto 6/49

The most common numbers drawn at Lotto Canada 6/49 are the following: 45, 31, 34, 40, 43, 20, 46, 27, 23, and 38. Using these numbers should improve your chances of winning.

Cold Numbers on Canada Lotto 6/49

In the last 100 draws, the numbers that have been drawn the least times are 28, 36 and 3, so choose wisely to get better picks.

Lottery Draw and Results Canada Lotto 6/49

The winning numbers for Lotto 6/49 are drawn on both Wednesday and Saturday by the Interprovincial Lottery Companies. The results of the Canadian lottery will be shown on the websites that you bet on. Some will even show you the draw live, in real-time, while others will just add the winnings directly to your account.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto Canada 6/49 Winning Numbers

2021-07-21, 10:00pm|02,04,15,20,35,45,10
2021-07-17, 10:00pm|22,24,28,35,37,45,49
2021-07-14, 10:00pm|02,09,19,23,26,30,10
2021-07-10, 10:00pm|04,05,18,28,35,42,02
2021-07-07, 10:00pm|11,16,21,26,42,45,22
2021-07-03, 10:00pm|04,07,10,31,33,38,23
2021-06-30, 10:00pm|09,10,13,26,28,30,36
2021-06-26, 10:00pm|15,27,36,37,43,49,07
2021-06-23, 10:00pm|09,17,20,22,34,40,48
2021-06-19, 10:00pm|13,15,17,25,34,45,05
2021-06-16, 10:00pm|16,23,32,33,37,45,03
2021-06-12, 10:00pm|11,20,22,33,41,49,34
2021-06-09, 10:00pm|01,03,15,26,28,39,10
2021-06-05, 10:00pm|13,15,22,42,45,46,14
2021-06-02, 10:00pm|01,13,22,32,33,39,48
2021-05-29, 10:00pm|11,18,19,27,34,46,42
2021-05-19, 10:00pm|12,21,25,40,42,49,45
2021-05-15, 10:00pm|03,06,12,28,39,46,05
2021-05-12, 10:00pm|30,35,39,42,46,48,38
2021-05-08, 10:00pm|25,28,36,38,41,49,20
2021-05-05, 10:00pm|05,22,23,26,43,46,04
2021-05-01, 10:00pm|10,15,21,30,32,38,24
2021-04-28, 10:00pm|06,11,20,22,34,49,42
2021-04-24, 10:00pm|14,18,27,33,34,39,49
2021-04-21, 10:00pm|15,18,23,32,38,47,19
2021-04-17, 10:00pm|07,13,32,38,39,48,23
2021-04-14, 10:00pm|04,06,12,23,36,47,18
2021-04-10, 10:00pm|05,16,19,24,28,34,04
2021-04-07, 10:00pm|23,31,34,38,39,41,12
2021-04-03, 10:00pm|12,13,19,35,42,47,28
2021-03-31, 10:00pm|03,07,08,12,37,40,41
2021-03-27, 10:00pm|15,16,17,30,36,40,34
2021-03-24, 10:00pm|03,04,27,43,45,48,44
2021-03-20, 10:00pm|09,16,25,36,39,43,49
2021-03-17, 10:00pm|04,09,13,25,44,49,03
2021-03-13, 10:00pm|15,24,27,29,42,49,18
2021-03-10, 10:00pm|30,31,35,36,43,48,28
2021-03-06, 10:00pm|02,14,18,21,26,48,19

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Canada Lottery 6/49 online?

    Yes, you can buy tickets from bookmakers and online casinos.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Canada Lottery 6/49?

    In the Canadian lottery, the numbers 39, 22, 11, 15, 41, 9, 30, 8, 20 and 45 are drawn regularly.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Canada Lottery 6/49?

    Although the highest winning ticket in the history of the Canadian lottery was $64M back in 2015, Lotto Max currently has a $60M limit on a single jackpot. Also, in the online version, you can only get an amount equal to your bet multiplied by the winning odds. 

  • Where can I play Canada Lottery 6/49?

    A myriad of online casino sites and bookmakers will allow you to play at this lottery. If you prefer betting at brick and mortar establishments then you must live in Canada since that’s the only country which offers physical locations. 

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