Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 Online Review

Atlantic Bucko 5/41 Lotto is a popular lottery in Canada that you can bet online even from other countries. Find out what odds and lucky numbers you can generally find at this lottery.

Bonuses Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41
Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41

Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 Specifications

Drawn Numbers5/41
Jackpot Win Chances20.000
Biggest Win$20.000
Minimum Bet$1

Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41

Atlantic Bucko 5/41 is a lottery in Canada in which 5 out of 41 numbers are drawn. It has a daily draw, every day, from 11:30 PM Canada time.

This is one of the few international lotteries outside Europe that is in the top for players across Europe, including UK players.

The game is quite similar to other 5/40 lottery games you might have played, with the difference that in the Canadian lottery there are 41 numbers instead of 40.

Placing Bets on Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41

Due to the fact that only one draw is made per day, it means that you have enough time to see the results from the previous draws and can bet on the next one by making a plan, a strategy, even one with a progressive stake.

The odds on Canada Atlantic Bucko are quite high compared to other lotteries due to the fact that it is also quite difficult to guess the correct numbers.

If you play single tickets, with a single combination, you can expect these odds:

  • 1 – 7.80
  • 2 – 76
  • 3 – 910
  • 4 – 13,000
  • 5 – 100,000

You can try other combinations and systems. The only rules are that you must have a maximum of 15 numbers on a ticket and a maximum of 8 in the same combination.

Where Can I Bet on lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko?

Lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko is available for Canadian players at online casinos, but also at street agencies. Players from other countries, including the UK, have access to this lottery only online at licensed bookmakers and online casinos that accept that particular jurisdiction.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on lotto Canada Atlantic Bucko 5 out of 41

When making your strategy for Canada Atlantic Bucko or any online lottery, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of which numbers are drawn most often. Historically, the Canadian lottery most often draws the numbers 8, 38, 35, 18, 28, 21, 20, 37, 26 and 25.

Cold Numbers on lotto Canada 5/41

At the same time, it would be good to know what numbers are not drawn so as to figure out whether to avoid them or not. The numbers 1, 3, 7, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 25 appear the least.

Lottery Draw and Results Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41

If you are currently searching for Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 results you will find them at any online casino in the Results section where all the numbers drawn are displayed.

There is also a lottery archive of Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 where you can see what numbers came out a week or a month ago.

The draws take place daily from 11:30, Canada time, and you can watch them live. There is the option for Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 live in some online casinos so you can see the draw in real-time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Canada Atlantic Bucko 5/41 online?

    Yes, all players who are not from Canada where they can play both offline and online, have the opportunity to play online, assuming their jurisdiction allows it.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on lotto Canada 5/41?

    In lotto Canada 5 out of 41 the numbers 8, 38, 35, 18, 28, 21, 20, 37, 26 and 25 are the most frequently drawn.

  • Where can I play Canada Atlantic Bucko?

    Depending on your country of residence there might be several online casinos or bookmakers that allow you to play this lottery online. Remember to check if your jurisdiction is accepted.

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