Lotto France 5/49 Online Review

Lotto France 5/49 is the most popular type of lottery in France and one of the most beloved lotteries in Europe. Let’s find out what odds and lucky numbers you can expect.

Bonuses Lotto France 5/49
Lotto France 5/49

Lotto France 5/49 Specifications

Draw Time8:35pm
FrequencyMonday, Wednesday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers5/49
Jackpot Win Chances19.068.840 (5 numbers and jackpot)
Biggest Win€23 million
Minimum Bet€1

Lotto France 5/49 Results (2021-07-21, 8:35pm)


Lotto France 5/49 Jackpot

3,000,000 EUR

French Lottery 5/49

Before you play French lottery online, it’s important to know that France 5/49 is the national lottery of France and it has three draws a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) at 20:35 France time. 

In this lottery, five out of a total of 49 numbers will be drawn, as well as a bonus number that’s between 1 and 10. 

Placing Bets on the French Lottery Online

To bet on the French lottery numbers you must five numbers from 1 to 49 and then another bonus number between 1 and 10. 

While the French lottery rules for the offline medium state that you must get all  6 numbers to win the jackpot and fewer correctly guessed numbers will bring you much smaller awards, when playing online you get a prize even for guessing a single number.

The odds will differ from online casino to online casino, but, generally, these are the odds that you can expect for between 1 and 5 numbers:

  • 1 – 9.25
  • 2 – 110
  • 3 – 1800
  • 4 – 22000
  • 5 – 250000

You can bet on a single number, several numbers, use different play systems up to 15 and make whatever combinations you want.

Where Can I Bet on France Lotto 5/49?

France Lotto 5/49 is available at a whole lot of different top online bookmakers and online casinos all over Europe. You can play it at different sites that work in your jurisdiction, assuming that the lottery is legal in your country. You can try it at NetBet for example. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on the French Lottery 5/49

It is important to have some strategy when betting on the lottery. Whether you leave yourself in the hands of luck and choose numbers at random, choose numbers that mean something to you and bring you luck in general, it is crucial to know what numbers generally come out in Lotto France.

Historically, the most frequently chosen numbers in Lotto France 5 out of 49 are 16, 38, 1, 13, 36, 35, 7, 20, 41 and 27.

Cold Numbers on Lotto France

As you know which are the luckiest numbers in this lottery, you also need to know which ones you should avoid because they come out very rarely. Statistics show that 8, 3, 11, 17, 47, 33, 18, 12, 39 and 19 come out the least in the French lottery 5/49.

French Lottery Draw and Results 

The draws for the French lottery 5 out of 49 take place three times a week every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday around 8.35 pm, France time.

To see the live draw in real-time you can check out the bookmaker or online casino where you have an account and you have made the bet. You can also see the results directly, with a delay of only a few minutes, or you can look in your player account where, if you’ve won, the amount will be credited instantly.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto France 5/49 Winning Numbers

2021-07-21, 8:35pm|06,25,27,32,37,09
2021-07-19, 8:35pm|02,03,04,15,28,05
2021-07-17, 8:35pm|08,11,17,31,47,06
2021-07-14, 8:35pm|18,29,31,36,38,10
2021-07-12, 8:35pm|08,30,31,37,38,01
2021-07-10, 8:35pm|03,38,42,43,46,01
2021-07-07, 8:35pm|08,18,37,44,46,02
2021-07-05, 8:35pm|03,32,36,43,45,02
2021-07-03, 8:35pm|02,13,19,33,48,02
2021-06-30, 8:35pm|06,08,31,44,48,09
2021-06-28, 8:35pm|04,08,15,28,48,01
2021-06-26, 8:35pm|13,24,37,38,45,06
2021-06-23, 8:35pm|01,03,06,16,40,01
2021-06-21, 8:35pm|18,21,25,44,47,10
2021-06-19, 8:35pm|03,14,27,44,46,06
2021-06-16, 8:35pm|03,22,23,35,46,09
2021-06-14, 8:35pm|12,19,21,40,47,07
2021-06-12, 8:35pm|02,05,09,10,29,01
2021-06-09, 8:35pm|02,16,24,33,41,08
2021-06-07, 8:35pm|06,07,11,28,34,08
2021-06-05, 8:35pm|06,16,25,37,45,09
2021-06-02, 8:35pm|03,25,26,33,34,06
2021-05-31, 8:35pm|03,13,25,32,47,09
2021-05-29, 8:35pm|04,09,32,36,44,03
2021-05-19, 8:35pm|03,17,23,28,41,03
2021-05-17, 8:35pm|03,17,23,42,47,04
2021-05-15, 8:35pm|07,24,29,31,47,03
2021-05-12, 8:35pm|09,11,19,22,36,01
2021-05-10, 8:35pm|12,13,17,27,44,10
2021-05-08, 8:35pm|06,24,35,40,41,06
2021-05-05, 8:35pm|08,36,41,46,48,06
2021-05-03, 8:35pm|08,11,37,44,48,06
2021-05-01, 8:35pm|05,25,27,34,38,07
2021-04-28, 8:35pm|04,10,12,15,49,06
2021-04-26, 8:35pm|02,08,32,34,41,06
2021-04-24, 8:35pm|12,26,36,41,42,07
2021-04-21, 8:35pm|06,31,39,45,49,04
2021-04-19, 8:35pm|17,27,36,44,49,01
2021-04-17, 8:35pm|17,30,34,37,38,01
2021-04-14, 8:35pm|20,23,25,27,47,06
2021-04-12, 8:35pm|07,11,14,26,43,07
2021-04-10, 8:35pm|04,08,09,15,35,08
2021-04-07, 8:35pm|09,16,19,35,43,04
2021-04-05, 8:35pm|02,12,15,22,32,08
2021-04-03, 8:35pm|01,02,17,38,45,02
2021-03-31, 8:35pm|02,22,24,27,35,05
2021-03-29, 8:35pm|13,18,28,38,41,01
2021-03-27, 8:35pm|08,10,11,16,18,05
2021-03-24, 8:35pm|09,22,28,37,38,10
2021-03-22, 8:35pm|06,15,24,34,39,04
2021-03-20, 8:35pm|04,14,18,27,42,03
2021-03-17, 8:35pm|03,18,30,45,46,03
2021-03-15, 8:35pm|15,29,33,38,41,02
2021-03-13, 8:35pm|04,10,19,22,47,08
2021-03-10, 8:35pm|20,26,33,34,42,09
2021-03-08, 8:35pm|08,19,24,38,40,10
2021-03-06, 8:35pm|03,11,13,22,30,08

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Lotto France online?

    You can play the French lottery at physical agencies only in France. Players from all other countries can only bet online at various bookmakers and licensed online casinos.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on the French Lottery 5/49?

    When deciding how to play the French lottery, you need to keep in mind that the numbers that come out most often in Lotto France 5 out of 49 are, historically: 16, 38, 1, 13, 36, 35, 7, 20, 41 and 27.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on France Lotto 5/49?

    The biggest prize in the first category, for all 6 numbers, the 5 main ones + the bonus, awarded so far in the lottery France 5 out of 49 was 23 million euros.

    In the online lottery, the biggest possible prize depends on the odds and the level of your bet, up to 250,000 times your bet.

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