Lotto Iceland 5/40 Online Review

Lotto 5/40 is an Icelandic national game that dates back more than two decades and is still popular to this day.

Bonuses Lotto Iceland 5/40
Lotto Iceland 5/40

Lotto Iceland 5/40 Specifications

Draw Time7:40pm
FrequencyEvery Saturday
Drawn Numbers5/40
Jackpot Win Chances658.008
Biggest Win1.000.000 $
Minimum Bet130 ISK

Lotto Iceland 5/40 Results (2021-07-24, 7:40pm)


Iceland 5/40

The Lotto Iceland Lotto draw takes place every Saturday night and offers all players the opportunity to win jackpots that start from a minimum of $50000.  But keep in mind that the top prize can grow if nobody matches all five numbers.

Placing Bets on Iceland 5/40

In order to play lotto Iceland, you must choose five numbers from a selection of 40 numbers. The ticket sales deadline is 18:40 Iceland time, and each line of numbers costs 130 kr.

Prizes are determined on a pari-mutuel basis, which means they are determined by the number of players who purchase tickets and the number of winners.

The prize distribution is as follows:

  • 5 matching numbers 57% of the prize fund
  • 4 + bonus matching numbers is 2.5% of the prize fund
  • 3 matching numbers are 17.5% of the prize fund
  • 2 + Bonus matching numbers is 8.5% of the prize fund 

The odds of winning any reward at the bookmakers are represented in the list below:

  • 4 numbers – 10.000
  • 3 numbers – 830
  • 2 numbers – 67.00
  • 1 number – 7.50

Where Can I Bet on Iceland 5/40?

You can bet your favourite numbers on the Iceland lottery using Icelandic betting sites if you reside outside the country, and if you are a resident, you can buy tickets from your local licensed retailers. The cost of a single entry is 130 Icelandic krona, or approximately 1.3 USD.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Iceland 5/40

The most often drawn numbers on the Iceland Lotto in the past have been 38, 29, 25, 34 and 17. Consequently, if you want to increase your odds of winning, you can pick these numbers.

Cold Numbers on Iceland 5/40

These ‘unlucky numbers’ seem to scare people away. These numbers are drawn very rarely: 12, 07, 23, 39 and 20. There are a variety of techniques that use cold numbers, so you can choose to use them or not, depending on your strategy.

Lottery Draw and Results Iceland 5/40

All results from draws of Iceland Lotto are available on the official website or on any licensed online lottery platform.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto Iceland 5/40 Winning Numbers

2021-07-24, 7:40pm|05,09,25,28,35,19
2021-07-17, 7:40pm|04,10,12,24,37,34
2021-07-10, 7:40pm|05,12,19,20,37,15
2021-07-03, 7:40pm|03,32,34,36,37,16
2021-06-26, 7:40pm|03,15,16,28,37,40
2021-06-19, 7:40pm|15,16,21,27,39,05
2021-06-12, 7:40pm|17,25,28,29,37,16
2021-06-05, 7:40pm|04,18,25,37,38,05
2021-05-29, 7:40pm|06,09,10,14,35,22
2021-05-22, 7:40pm|01,14,23,27,31,22
2021-05-15, 7:40pm|14,17,23,25,36,40
2021-05-08, 7:40pm|11,13,14,25,34,39
2021-05-01, 7:40pm|12,18,26,32,38,23
2021-04-24, 7:40pm|08,17,20,24,25,07
2021-04-17, 7:40pm|12,20,29,38,40,02
2021-04-10, 7:40pm|05,22,30,31,32,24
2021-04-03, 7:40pm|05,13,21,30,36,25
2021-03-27, 7:40pm|22,23,26,31,40,16
2021-03-20, 7:40pm|05,08,24,27,31,34

Frequently ASked Questions

  • Can I play Iceland 5/40 online?

    Yes, you have the option of choosing your favourite lottery gambling website or any bookmakers that are licensed to offer this lottery.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Iceland 5/40?

    The most frequent numbers drawn are 38, 29, 25, 34 and 17.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Iceland 5/40?

    The record for the biggest Lotto win in Iceland is 80 million kr. and 45% of the ticket sales is allocated for prizes.

  • Where can I play Iceland 5/40?

    First, you need to check out your local jurisdiction to see if online bookmakers or casinos are allowed to offer this kind of lottery, but usually, there are no limitations when it comes to popular games.

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