Lotto Poland Keno 20/70 Online Review

Lotto Poland Keno 20/70 is one of the most popular lotteries in Europe. You can bet on Poland Keno, find out everything you’re interested in from types of bets, hot and cold numbers, odds and more.

Bonuses Lotto Poland Keno 20/70
Lotto Poland Keno 20/70

Lotto Poland Keno 20/70 Specifications

FrequencyEvery 4 minutes
Drawn Numbers20/70
Jackpot Win Chances50.000
Biggest Win€30.000
Minimum Bet€1

Lotto Poland 20/70

If you decide to play the Polish lottery you should know that it’s one of the most popular lotteries not just in Poland but also in Europe. In this lottery 20 out of 70 numbers are drawn every 4 minutes, between 11:34 – 04:34 GMT.

Poland Keno is not only one of the main Polish lotteries, but also one of the most popular lotteries in Europe. By format, Poland Keno is identical to other lotteries such as Belgium Keno 20/70, Germany Keno 20/70, Finland Keno 20/70 or France Keno 20/70.

Poland Keno and Poland Multi are often confused by beginners because at first glance they are similar, but Kino Poland has a structure of 20/70, while Poland Multi is of the 20/80 type.

Moreover, Loto Keno Poland has draws every four minutes, while there are only 2 draws per day for Poland Multi – Poland Multi 1 at 12.00 and Poland Multi 2 at 19.40 GMT.

Placing Bets on Lotto Polonia Keno 20/70

Although the odds may be relatively different depending on the agency (lower or higher), in general in Poland 20/70 the odds for between 1 and 8 numbers are as follows:

  • 1 – 3.40
  • 2 – 12.50
  • 3 – 47
  • 4 – 180
  • 5 – 750
  • 6 – 3500
  • 7 – 12500
  • 8 – 50000

These odds can be used when playing single tickets with a single variant. You can also use all kinds of systems, up to 15 numbers on a ticket, in combinations of up to 8 numbers. Obviously, the odds will be recalculated according to the chosen system.

Where Can I Bet on Polish lotto 20/70?

Lotto Poland Keno is available at several street agencies and also online bookmakers and online casino sites although Europe. Please check if the game works for your jurisdiction before you start betting and also make sure that the casino you choose is legal. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Polish Lotto Keno 20/70

Before you bet on the Polish lottery, and any lottery in general, you should be aware of the numbers that have come out most often lately, but also historically. These are the top 10 numbers drawn over time: 14, 69, 2, 17, 18, 12, 23, 38, 41 and 62. 

Cold Numbers on Polish Keno

Whether your strategy is to use numbers that come out less often because you think it’s time they reappeared, or you want to avoid them, it’s also important to know what cold numbers you’ll find on Poland Keno. Historically, the numbers 40, 15, 30, 44, 66, 3, 68, 21, 47 and 65 are the least common.

Lottery Draw and Polish Lottery Results

Polish Keno is such a popular lottery because the draws are made every 4 minutes, between 11:34 – 04:34 GMT. As you can always place another bet, you can try more strategies and improve your chances of winning.

You can watch live draws at some online casinos, wait for them to be displayed on the page (which could take more than 2 minutes so you may miss the next draw) or you can keep an eye on your player account where the prize will be added instantly.


Lottery Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Polish Keno online?

    Lotto Poland Keno is available both offline and online at top bookmakers and licensed online casino sites.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Poland Keno 20/70?

    So far the most frequently chosen numbers in Poland 20/70 are 14, 69, 2, 17, 18, 12, 23, 38, 41 and 62.

  • Where can I play Polish Keno 20/70?

    There are a lot of online casinos that offer this popular lottery, but you must look for those that are available in your jurisdiction since every country may or may not have access to certain lotteries.

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