Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49 Online Review

Lotto Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries in Europe with a €3 million guaranteed minimum jackpot, and it has two draws per week becoming a cultural phenomenon and tradition within the country with 98% of Spanish citizens purchasing a ticket at least once a year.

Bonuses Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49
Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49

Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49 Specifications

Draw Time9:00pm
FrequencyThursday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers6/49
Jackpot Win Chances13.983.816
Biggest Win€101.7 million
Minimum Bet€1

Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49 Results (2021-07-22, 9:00pm)


Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49 Jackpot

36,000,000 EUR

Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49

The first draw was on December 10th 1763, and it had a very easy format at the time: players had to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 90, with no bonus numbers. The main gameplay now is different. it comes in a 6/49 format, which makes it possible for players to select 6 of 1 through 49 numbers, which is sufficiently easy.

Placing Bets on Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49

Do you want to know how to play the Primitiva 6/49 lottery? Here you go, read this short guide:

  • Each La Primitiva bet consists of a set of 6 numbers from a total of 49, and it costs €1. 
  • To play La Primitiva on the official website, please select the 6 numbers of each bet manually. Here you have the option to select the six numbers of each bet yourself or randomly, meaning that the system selects the numbers for you at random.

Then you will have two options:

  • A minimum of 1 bet and a maximum of 8 can be played on the same ticket, with each bet having 6 numbers. Mark the six numbers in the first block in order to make a bet. Mark six numbers in the first block and six numbers in the second, and so on, to play two. Every single bet costs one Euro per bet.
  • You can play more than 6 numbers for your bet if you like; please mark them only in the first block of your ticket to do so. Take into account that the greater the number of multiple selections, the higher the cost of your bet. 

Here are the odds that you will generally find online for this lottery:

  • 2 – 73
  • 3 – 730
  • 4 – 8750 
  • 5 – 225522

Where Can I Bet on Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49?

If you are a Spanish resident, you can play the Lotto Primitiva game via local land-based agencies but if you live outside of Spain the easiest and safest way to play is via the official Primitiva website or any other online lottery website – bookmakers, online casinos and other gambling platforms – with a license that’s legal in your jurisdiction.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49

Selecting the most frequent numbers would be a successful strategy, so here are some of the most drawn numbers at the Primitiva 6/49: 23, 31, 22, 37, 18 and 15.

Cold Numbers on Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49

Keep in mind that there are some unlucky numbers meaning numbers that are cold, they don’t get too many draws so take that into consideration by making combos with your own numbers or avoid them altogether: 26, 38, 12, 33, 9 and 17.

Lottery Draw and Results Lotto Spania Primitiva 6/49

La Primitiva draws take place twice a week in Madrid, the capital of Spain, at 9:30 p.m. CET on Thursday and Saturday nights and here are a couple of ways to check the results:

  • Check via the official Primitiva results page.
  • Check on the go – You can use the Primitiva Lottery’s official android app or iPhone app to see what you’ve won.
  • Check the results page of the casino or bookmaker where you’ve bet on the lottery.

You can choose to participate in daily or weekly draws.  

If you just want to take part in one draw, you can pick either the Thursday one or the Saturday one. You will compete in a Thursday draw if you validate your ticket between Sunday and Thursday; if you validate it between Friday and Saturday, you will participate in a Saturday draw.

If you would like to take part in all prize draws, please note that in all draws you will be competing for the same forecasts and bets. You may use this option to validate your bets between Sunday and Thursday.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49 Winning Numbers

2021-07-22, 9:00pm|06,07,12,27,28,41,40,5
2021-07-17, 9:00pm|01,05,14,26,27,29,43,1
2021-07-15, 9:00pm|05,19,23,34,36,37,29,7
2021-07-10, 9:00pm|15,20,21,25,32,42,10,3
2021-07-08, 9:00pm|02,05,16,21,34,35,31,0
2021-07-03, 9:00pm|05,10,18,19,34,35,17,5
2021-07-01, 9:00pm|01,02,06,22,29,34,08,8
2021-06-26, 9:00pm|01,04,22,35,39,40,34,0
2021-06-24, 9:00pm|01,09,12,26,28,34,25,0
2021-06-19, 9:00pm|08,15,19,29,38,48,37,1
2021-06-17, 9:00pm|08,15,21,25,37,42,44,3
2021-06-12, 9:00pm|01,19,23,31,38,48,40,3
2021-06-10, 9:00pm|02,19,26,29,41,42,45,4
2021-06-05, 9:00pm|01,25,26,28,34,45,49,1
2021-06-03, 9:00pm|01,02,09,19,30,49,16,8
2021-05-29, 9:00pm|06,07,19,21,31,42,10,0
2021-05-20, 9:00pm|02,13,15,17,32,40,28,6
2021-05-15, 9:00pm|03,08,19,20,44,45,17,3
2021-05-13, 9:00pm|03,14,23,29,35,48,06,8
2021-05-08, 9:00pm|04,07,10,18,27,31,01,1
2021-05-06, 9:00pm|01,14,21,26,35,49,32,9
2021-05-01, 9:00pm|15,23,29,33,37,41,19,0
2021-04-29, 9:00pm|01,04,36,37,42,43,15,5
2021-04-24, 9:00pm|02,26,32,37,40,43,23,9
2021-04-22, 9:00pm|08,15,19,23,27,33,05,5
2021-04-17, 9:00pm|01,06,13,21,26,40,12,9
2021-04-15, 9:00pm|14,19,20,23,24,29,15,2
2021-04-10, 9:00pm|06,08,12,30,40,41,32,6
2021-04-08, 9:00pm|10,18,26,35,41,48,02,8
2021-04-03, 9:00pm|01,08,10,17,27,31,34,1
2021-04-01, 9:00pm|06,11,20,24,36,41,44,4
2021-03-27, 9:00pm|07,22,34,44,46,47,30,9
2021-03-25, 9:00pm|05,18,19,26,39,49,30,4
2021-03-20, 9:00pm|11,13,23,24,41,42,07,7
2021-03-18, 9:00pm|02,26,28,44,45,47,20,8
2021-03-13, 9:00pm|01,12,27,32,40,48,44,9
2021-03-11, 9:00pm|01,02,17,28,36,42,16,8

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Lotto Spania Primitiva 6/49 online?

    Yes! You have the option to buy online the Primitiva 6/49 tickets from the official website or using the android and ios apps. You have to be over 18 years old, and you can also search for online bookmakers or any gambling platform that is under your local jurisdiction.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Lotto Primitiva 6/49?

    According to the official statistics page of Primitiva 6/49 regarding hot numbers here is a list that you can take into consideration: 12, 07, 23, 39, 19, 02.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49?

    Here are the three biggest Primitiva Jackpots in history:

    • €101.7 million: October 15, 2015
    • €78,585,995.56: January 3, 2019
    • €73 million jackpot: February 22, 2014

  • Where can I play Lotto Spain Primitiva 6/49?

    If you live in Spain, buying lottery tickets from local approved shops is very easy, and while selecting your key numbers, you can even get assistance with your tickets. For non-residents the best option is to play online at top bookmakers and online casino sites.

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