Lotto USA Powerball 5/69 Online Review

Powerball 5/69 is an American lottery which has extended to allow players from all over the world to bet on it. Let’s find out how you can also bet on Powerball. 

Bonuses Lotto USA Powerball 5/69
Lotto USA Powerball 5/69

Lotto USA Powerball 5/69 Specifications

Draw Time5:00pm
FrequencyThursday and Sunday
Drawn Numbers5/69
Jackpot Win Chances630.000
Biggest Win$1.5 billion
Minimum Bet$5

Lotto USA Powerball 5/69 Results (2021-06-09, 5:00pm)


Lotto US Powerball 5/69

Powerball 5/69 is an American lottery that has been operating since 1988. When it was launched it was called Lotto American, but since 1992 it has rebranded into Powerball. This is one of the most popular lotteries in the world with agencies in 45 US states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Until recently, the Powerball lottery was only available to American citizens and other people in the United States. But now that has changed and it doesn’t matter if you are from Africa, Asia, Europe or anywhere else. You can play the Powerball lottery from anywhere.

Since the first Powerball draw, things have changed. If at first, you had to choose six numbers out of 40, then a bonus number from a smaller series of numbers was added.

The total number of balls changed several times until now. Now it reached the current format of 5 out of 69 numbers and one of 26 Powerballs. Remember that a number in the main category can be identical to the one chosen in the second draw of Powerballs.

Placing Bets on USA Powerball 5/69

The draws for the US Powerball 5 out of 69 are made every Thursday and Sunday at 10:59 EST. You can bet until 10 pm on the day of the draw.

The game is very simple. There are two sets of balls. Five normal balls will be drawn from the first category of 69 balls, and then one ball will be drawn from a series of 26. You can focus on normal or bonus balls or all variants.

You can choose your lucky numbers yourself or use the software to place bets on random numbers. Most licensed bookmakers and online casinos allow up to 15 numbers per ticket and any combination you want.

These are generally the odds to expect when betting online on Powerball 5/69 USA:

  • 1 – 12,00
  • 2 – 200
  • 3 – 3.300
  • 4 – 90.000
  • 5 – 630.000

Where Can I Bet on the US Powerball 5/69?

In other jurisdictions outside the United States, you can bet on Powerball only online at online bookmakers and licensed online casinos. There are many great options, but we recommend you try Lucky Red Casino.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Powerball 5/69

If the chances of taking the jackpot offline are very small, if you play online and only take the prizes for 1 to 5 numbers, your chances are much higher. 1 in 25 tickets will most likely be the winner.

To improve your chances of winning, use statistics and bet on the hot numbers, which are most often drawn in Powerball, namely: 53, 14, 59, 23, 32, 8, 21, 27, 6 and 68.

Cold Numbers on Powerball US

When creating your ticket, it is important to use cold numbers as well. In the sense that, knowing which they are, you can avoid them to try to improve your chances of winning. The numbers that come out the least, historically, in Powerball are 22, 26, 25, 24, 28, 46, 9, 13, 54 and 51.

Lottery Draw and Results Lotto Powerball USA 5/69

The draws for USA Powerball 5 out of 69 are made every Thursday and Sunday at 10:59 EST. You can bet until 10 pm on the day of the draw.

If you do not follow the extraction, do not worry because you can find out the results anyway. You can see them at the bookmaker or the online casino that offers the online betting option. You can also see in your player account if you have won because you will be notified and the money will automatically go into your bettor account.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto USA Powerball 5/69 Winning Numbers

2021-06-09, 5:00pm|19,28,46,50,54,09,2
2021-06-05, 5:00pm|44,52,54,64,69,26,3
2021-06-02, 5:00pm|06,07,11,66,67,19,3
2021-05-29, 5:00pm|11,13,22,27,46,20,2
2021-05-19, 5:00pm|11,13,55,56,69,04,2
2021-05-15, 5:00pm|04,10,37,39,69,24,3
2021-05-12, 5:00pm|01,19,20,38,54,17,2
2021-05-08, 5:00pm|12,17,20,21,26,08,3
2021-05-05, 5:00pm|16,23,28,40,63,01,2
2021-05-01, 5:00pm|35,36,47,61,63,03,3
2021-04-28, 5:00pm|16,18,35,39,53,21,3
2021-04-24, 5:00pm|22,36,48,59,61,22,3
2021-04-21, 5:00pm|21,25,32,63,67,06,2
2021-04-17, 5:00pm|10,21,26,41,49,25,2
2021-04-14, 5:00pm|13,30,33,45,61,14,2
2021-04-10, 5:00pm|14,16,23,50,53,03,3
2021-04-07, 5:00pm|27,35,39,51,66,16,5
2021-04-03, 5:00pm|01,12,17,39,53,05,2
2021-03-31, 5:00pm|03,10,44,55,68,24,2
2021-03-27, 5:00pm|06,14,38,39,65,06,3
2021-03-24, 5:00pm|04,09,17,27,38,18,2
2021-03-20, 5:00pm|01,06,22,42,61,04,3
2021-03-17, 5:00pm|34,38,42,61,62,19,2
2021-03-13, 5:00pm|05,11,51,56,61,02,2
2021-03-10, 5:00pm|17,18,37,44,53,18,3
2021-03-06, 5:00pm|11,31,50,52,58,18,4

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play US Powerball 5/69 online?

    Yes, only US players can bet at street agencies, players from all other jurisdictions can bet strictly online.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on USA Powerball 5/69?

    The numbers that come out most often during Powerball are 53, 14, 59, 23, 32, 8, 21, 27, 6 and 68.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Powerball 5/69?

    The biggest real win in the physical lottery was $ 1.5 billion, but online you can only win in proportion to the odds so up to 630,000x for five numbers.

  • Where can I play Lotto Powerball USA?

    You can bet on Powerball at several bookmakers and online casino sites that have appropriate licenses.

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