Norway Lottery 7/34 Online Review

Norway Lotto 7/34 came to be back in 2001. Since then it has risen to the top and has become a regular fan favourite.

Bonuses Norway Lottery 7/34
Norway Lottery 7/34

Norway Lottery 7/34 Specifications

Draw Time8:00pm
FrequencyEvery Saturday
Drawn Numbers7/34
Jackpot Win Chances90.000
Biggest WinNOK 47 million
Minimum BetNOK 2

Norway Lottery 7/34 Results (2021-07-17, 8:00pm)


Norway Lottery 7/34 Jackpot

15,000,000 NOK

Norway Lottery 7/34

The Norwegian lottery can be played in Norway, Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world. Because of its online ticketing practices, waiting for the Norway Lotto results has become a common gambling experience across Norway and the entire globe.

Placing Bets on Norway Lottery 7/34

A lottery player chooses four numbers from 1-34 to compete in the Norwegian lottery. For the offline version, players win by matching four or more of the winning numbers drawn, and you win the jackpot by matching all seven. 

in the online version, just one number if enough to get you a prize, but, of course, the more you get right, the more you win. Generally, these are the odds you should expect when you get between 1 and 5 numbers right: 

  • 1 – 4,50
  • 2 – 20,00
  • 3 – 120
  • 4 – 800
  • 5 – 7.000

Where Can I Bet on Norway Lottery 7/34?

You can gamble on the Norway Lottery on various bookmakers and registered online gaming sites, but you need to review the rules according to your jurisdiction to figure out precisely where you can play it.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Norway Lottery 7/34

The numbers 34, 28, 16, 12, 23, 10, 33, 7, 25 and 4 are drawn frequently in the Canadian lottery.

Cold Numbers on Norway Lottery 7/34

You can choose to play cold numbers because the chance that they’ll be drawn in the future is greater. Here are some suggestions: 31, 20, 13, 8, 6.

Lottery Draw and Results Norway Lottery 7/34

Norway’s Lotto draw takes place on Saturday evenings at 18:00 CET. You can see the results directly on the casino page or the bookmaker’s page where you’ve bet on the lottery. Also, you will also notice that if you win, the winnings will instantly be added to your account. 


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Norway Lottery 7/34 Winning Numbers

2021-07-17, 8:00pm|05,08,11,22,25,30,32,18
2021-07-10, 8:00pm|02,04,06,07,21,30,34,25
2021-07-03, 8:00pm|02,18,20,23,26,30,34,03
2021-06-26, 8:00pm|01,06,15,19,28,31,32,24
2021-06-19, 8:00pm|04,07,12,13,21,26,30,15
2021-06-12, 8:00pm|09,15,18,25,27,28,29,30
2021-06-05, 8:00pm|06,15,18,22,26,27,33,28
2021-05-29, 8:00pm|03,06,12,13,22,28,34,17
2021-05-22, 8:00pm|03,08,10,12,28,29,32,04
2021-05-15, 8:00pm|06,21,24,25,26,28,31,29
2021-05-08, 8:00pm|01,02,03,10,14,17,21,34
2021-05-01, 8:00pm|05,11,21,22,25,29,31,34
2021-04-24, 8:00pm|02,04,06,09,16,19,22,31
2021-04-17, 8:00pm|05,06,08,13,19,20,31,01
2021-04-10, 8:00pm|02,04,08,14,18,28,33,17
2021-04-03, 8:00pm|03,17,18,19,23,28,34,31
2021-03-27, 8:00pm|10,14,19,21,26,28,31,22
2021-03-20, 8:00pm|03,04,10,12,14,17,27,08
2021-03-13, 8:00pm|02,06,17,19,23,32,33,25
2021-03-06, 8:00pm|11,16,18,19,26,27,30,10

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the Norway Lottery 7/34 online?

    Yes, you can. You can only play the Norway lottery offline if you’re from Norway. if you’re from any other country you can only bet on it at licensed online casinos and bookmakers. 

  • What numbers are drawn most often on the Norway Lottery?

    In the Norwegian lottery, the numbers 34, 28, 16, 12, 23, 10, 33, 7, 25 and 4 are drawn frequently.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Norway Lottery?

    The biggest winner of the Norway lotto jackpot took home an unbelievable 47 Million Nkr.

    Rewards depend on the number of tickets sold and the number of players winning the prize at each stage, in the offline version. Online you can only get a multiple of the odds, according to your bet size.

  • Where can I play the Norway Lottery?

    The national lottery of Norway can also be played using physical tickets and throughout the world by online players.

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