Polish Lottery 6/49 Online Review

Lotto Poland is one of the favourite lottery games of players from all over Europe. It has been around since 1956, but its popularity is still growing.

Bonuses Polish Lottery 6/49
Polish Lottery 6/49

Polish Lottery 6/49 Specifications

Draw Time2:00pm
FrequencyTuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers6/49
Jackpot Win Chances225.522
Biggest Win$15.5 million
Minimum Bet$2

Polish Lottery 6/49 Results (2021-07-22, 2:00pm)


Polish Lottery 6/49 Jackpot

3,000,000 PLN

Lotto Poland 6/49

Lotto Poland has been offering lottery games since 1956 and it is the oldest and most successful type of Polish lottery. The Polish national lotter was called In the beginning Toto Lotek, later in 1975 it changed its name to Duzy Lotek, and only in 2009, it became Lotto Polska or Poland Lotto as it is known today.

Lotto Poland 6/49 is played in the classic 6/49 style. The Polish lottery has several draws a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.50 pm Warsaw time. 

Placing Bets on the Polish Lottery 6/49

People choose to play the Polish lottery and it got so popular because you can bet small amounts, make combinations and win quite a lot compared to how much you bet.

To play lotto Poland you will have to choose 6 numbers out of a total of 49 numbers. You can bet on one or more numbers, play systems like 3/15 or whatever combination you want with up to 15 numbers.

These are the odds you can expect, even if some bookmakers or online casinos have lower or higher odds, they are generally around these values:

  • 1 – 7.77
  • 2 – 73.00
  • 3 – 730
  • 4 – 8,750
  • 5 – 225,522

Where Can I Bet on the Poland Lottery?

You can play the Polish lottery at a lot of online casinos and online bookmakers, as you can at some street agencies, depending on your country’s regulations. 

You must first check what your jurisdiction’s stance on online lotteries is and then find an appropriate online casino site or bookmaker that offers you the chance to play it. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Poland Lotto 6/49

If you want to always have the best results and chances of winning you should have a strategy. Of course, you can go strictly by chance, bet on your lucky numbers or you can use statistical data.

Of all the 49 numbers, the ones that from a historical perspective are drawn most often on lottery Poland 6 out of 49 are 27, 25, 16, 19, 10, 38, 15, 43, 40 and 1, so using these numbers you theoretically get more chances to win.

Cold Numbers on Lotto Poland 6/49

To have the complete picture, you should also know which numbers come out the least in this lottery. In the last hundreds of draws, 34, 29, 44, 42, 36, 45, 18, 32, 7 and 47 did not come out much.

Lottery Draw and Polish Lotto Results 

Lotto Poland 6/49 has three draws per week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 9.50 pm Warsaw time. 

You can see the live draws at the casinos where you bet, you can see the Polish lottery results directly with only a few minutes delay or you can look in your player account where you will see the instant winnings (if you’ve won, of course).


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Polish Lottery 6/49 Winning Numbers

2021-07-22, 2:00pm|14,17,19,23,28,44
2021-07-20, 2:00pm|03,07,11,16,34,47
2021-07-17, 2:00pm|02,08,13,21,22,30
2021-07-15, 2:00pm|05,12,19,24,33,45
2021-07-13, 2:00pm|01,08,11,26,37,47
2021-07-10, 2:00pm|01,04,16,31,36,45
2021-07-08, 2:00pm|04,08,18,24,29,47
2021-07-06, 2:00pm|02,03,32,33,42,44
2021-07-03, 2:00pm|17,29,33,40,43,49
2021-07-01, 2:00pm|03,10,19,33,38,44
2021-06-29, 2:00pm|01,16,25,34,36,39
2021-06-26, 2:00pm|02,14,30,34,44,49
2021-06-24, 2:00pm|14,19,29,35,39,47
2021-06-22, 2:00pm|09,10,14,23,25,44
2021-06-19, 2:00pm|03,13,31,34,43,47
2021-06-17, 2:00pm|17,19,20,24,46,48
2021-06-15, 2:00pm|01,02,24,30,46,49
2021-06-12, 2:00pm|01,16,19,21,22,37
2021-06-10, 2:00pm|03,04,14,31,41,46
2021-06-08, 2:00pm|03,19,20,27,29,40
2021-06-05, 2:00pm|01,02,03,22,24,43
2021-06-03, 2:00pm|01,02,15,36,41,49
2021-06-01, 2:00pm|16,28,38,39,44,45
2021-05-29, 2:00pm|03,14,15,22,41,46
2021-05-20, 2:00pm|30,35,43,45,46,48
2021-05-18, 2:00pm|03,23,34,41,45,49
2021-05-15, 2:00pm|05,13,15,26,37,42
2021-05-13, 2:00pm|02,03,06,13,15,17
2021-05-11, 2:00pm|19,22,29,31,34,42
2021-05-08, 2:00pm|08,10,13,36,44,47
2021-05-06, 2:00pm|03,16,24,42,46,49
2021-05-04, 2:00pm|10,11,24,27,31,37
2021-05-01, 2:00pm|03,11,15,22,43,44
2021-04-29, 2:00pm|05,31,42,43,44,49
2021-04-27, 2:00pm|02,05,27,36,43,48
2021-04-24, 2:00pm|21,23,38,39,41,47
2021-04-22, 2:00pm|01,10,11,26,30,44
2021-04-20, 2:00pm|01,05,10,12,33,45
2021-04-17, 2:00pm|04,14,16,29,36,41
2021-04-15, 2:00pm|05,14,22,42,45,49
2021-04-13, 2:00pm|05,12,25,29,30,38
2021-04-10, 2:00pm|29,32,34,38,41,44
2021-04-08, 2:00pm|31,33,36,41,42,45
2021-04-06, 2:00pm|08,17,24,26,28,29
2021-04-03, 2:00pm|08,09,30,31,45,47
2021-04-01, 2:00pm|07,27,30,32,36,44
2021-03-30, 2:00pm|06,09,10,11,36,38
2021-03-27, 2:00pm|02,25,31,34,38,46
2021-03-25, 2:00pm|05,19,34,43,44,46
2021-03-23, 2:00pm|07,11,12,16,19,48
2021-03-20, 2:00pm|02,03,05,09,31,48
2021-03-18, 2:00pm|01,05,18,24,43,47
2021-03-16, 2:00pm|03,04,24,27,28,48
2021-03-13, 2:00pm|08,14,17,42,43,47
2021-03-11, 2:00pm|02,05,17,18,33,40

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the Polish Lottery online?

    Lotto Poland 6/49 is available both online and offline in certain locations. It’s a lot easier to bet online and you can do so at many online casino sites and bookmakers that usually offer lottery games.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Lotto Poland 6/49?

    Most often in the Poland lottery the numbers 27, 25, 16, 19, 10, 38, 15, 43, 40 and 1 are drawn.

  • Where can I play Lotto Poland?

    You can bet on the Polish lottery at most online casinos in Europe that offer lotteries. Just check your countries regulations beforehand. UK players can enjoy Polish lottery at all UKGC-approved casinos that offer lotteries.

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