USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41 Online Review

USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41 is one of the most beloved American lotteries at the moment, so much so that it’s even popular in Europe. Let’s see what sort of prizes you can expect and see if it’s worth it for you to bet on it.

Bonuses USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41
USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41

USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41 Specifications

Draw Time3:00am
CountryUnited States of America
FrequencyMonday through Saturday
Drawn Numbers5/41
Jackpot Win Chances180.000
Biggest Win$54.000
Minimum Bet$1

Lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5

Arizona was the first state west of the Mississippi to approve a lottery when the initiative passed in November 1980. Lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5 was launched the following year. 

The Arizona Lottery ticket sales go to charity, to organizations that focus on health, higher education, the environment, as well as economic and business development. 

While it’s indeed impressive that they donate so much, players like it so much because of the huge jackpots that they give out. The jackpot of the AZ lottery game starts at $50,000 and just grows until someone claims it. 

You can bet as little as $1 and draws are held every day, Monday through Saturday. The ticket sales close at 6:59 PM MST and, right after, the draw will take place. If you buy your ticket after 6:59 PM you will be entered in the next draw.

Placing Bets on USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41

To start betting, choose five numbers from 1 to 41. You can also use the Quick Pick which will randomly generate numbers for you. With a single ticket, you can play the numbers you’ve chosen for up to 12 consecutive draws. Just enter the number you want in the number of draws box on your play slip.

You’ll win a prize for matching two, three, four, or all five winning numbers, in any order. Remember that one in 10 tickets will be randomly chosen as a doubler. Look for the doubler symbol on your ticket as this means that any non-jackpot prize you will win will be doubled.

These are the prizes and odds of winning on the Fantasy 5:

  • Match 5 of 5 – JACKPOT – 1 in 749,398 odds
  • Match 4 of 5 – $500 – 1 in 4,163 odds
  • Match 3 of 5 – $5 – 1 in 119 odds
  • Match 2 of 5 – $5 – 1 in 11 odds

The odds of winning any Fantasy 5 prize are around 1 in 9.62.

You can also use the Extra option to get an instant cash prize. Just $1 Extra can bring you up to $250 instantly, and a $2 Extra could get you up to $500. To win, at least one of your Extra! numbers has to match one of your Fantasy 5 numbers (not the drawn Fantasy 5 numbers). The more extra numbers you match, the more prizes you get. 

When you’re betting on SUA Arizona Fantasy 5 online at top online casinos and bookmakers, these are the odds you can expect: 

  • 1 – 7,75
  • 2 – 75,00
  • 3 – 900
  • 4 – 12.500
  • 5 – 180.000

Where Can I Bet on Lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41?

If you’re in the US you can bet at street agencies, but if you’re from Europe or anywhere else you will have to bet on the US lottery strictly online. There are several websites where you can choose to play. Just make sure that you pick an online casino site or bookmaker that’s licensed in your jurisdiction and that’s fair and legal. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5

The numbers that showed up the most, historically, since 2011 (yes, a decade), are 14, 8, 41, 39, 7, 30, 5, 18, 31 and 24. Chances are that if you use these numbers you get better chances of getting a prize.

Cold Numbers on Lotto Arizona Fantasy 5 USA

While on one hand, picking hot numbers might be the smartest way to go, there’s something to be said about going the opposite way. You can either stay away from cold numbers or take them on and see if you get lucky. In the last 10 years, the least picked numbers were 23, 2, 34, 9, 1, 29, 22, 38, 13 and 33. 

USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41 Lottery Draw and Results

The US Fantasy 5 lottery draws take place at 8:00 PM Arizona Time (GMT-7:00) every day, Monday through Saturday. You can watch the draw live at some online bookmakers and online casinos or wait for the results. 

The results will typically show up in a couple of minutes. You will also see the winnings added to your account right away so you will surely not miss a prize, even if you forget to check the results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41 online?

    Yes. Only American players have access to the US Arizona lottery in land-based establishments. Players from the rest of the world can easily bet on the lottery online at licensed sites.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41?

    In the last 10 years, the most frequently drawn numbers on the Arizona Fantasy 5 are 14, 8, 41, 39, 7, 30, 5, 18, 31 and 24.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Lotto USA Arizona Fantasy 5?

    The next estimated jackpot on the US Arizona Fantasy 5 lottery is $53,000, but online you could win even more as with odds of 180.000 and a large bet the only thing between winning big and you is luck.

  • Where can I play the American Lottery Arizona Fantasy 5 5/41?

    Most online sites that have lotteries will also offer this popular American lottery. The only thing to remember is to always check if that site accepts players from your region.

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