Monopoly Slots


You probably remember playing a lot of fun board games in your life, but very few raise to the awesomeness as well as the annoyance of Monopoly. This trading game and game of “family war” was beloved by entire generations so why not make some amazon Monopoly slots as well?

There are dozens of Monopoly slots free coins you can try online in demo mode as well as for real money. We’re here to tell you all about online gambling and Monopoly together at last.

What to Expect from Monopoly Slots

So if you remember the classic Monopoly game you probably have in mind the Monopoly game and logo, the board and playing pieces, corner squares, elements of the board and even the Free Parking sign. 

In the free slot games with this theme, you will see all the elements of the Monopoly board game. Everything is almost the same. The playing pieces are trademarks and although it has reels it still feels like a property trading game.

But add bets, bonus features, reels, rows and paylines (sometimes even megaways) and you have a different game. Some might argue that it’s even better because now when you win, you don’t just get acknowledgement, you get real money. 

What Makes Monopoly Slot Machines So Great?

There are several things that make these games so incredibly fun that everyone wants to try them at least once. First off, it’s the design that makes you reminisce. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that all different Monopoly games have many incredible bonus features. 

You’ll find the Community Chests and Chance cards that are transformed into themed bonus features, but also a special bonus for each square where you would generally get an advantage (utilities, train stations, Start, Parking etc).

Some of the Monopoly games are even in the Jackpot slots category so you can look forward to some huge jackpots as well. 

If you’re unsure what the best Monopoly slots are, here is a top/list of games currently launched, the ones with the best RTPs, although we’re sure we’ll be seeing even more of them in the future. 

  • Monopoly Big Event – 96%-99% RTP
  • Monopoly Once Around Deluxe – 95.95%-97%RTP
  • Monopoly Mega Movers – 96.05% RTP
  • Monopoly Plus – 96.71% RTP
  • Monopoly Paradise Mansion – 96.2% RTP
  • Epic Monopoly II – 96.01% RTP

How many have you played? Pick your favourite today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get free money on Monopoly slots online?

    If by free money you mean that you can play Monopoly for free online and test the game, then you can play a free game session anytime you want on our website in demo mode. If you mean free money in the casino bonuses sense then worry not because we have several amazing bonuses which will work on Monopoly titles. Just click the claim it button and you’ll be taken to the casino site where you register and get the bonus.

  • How to play a Monopoly online slot machine?

    You can play them for free in demo mode on our website to practice, but if you want to try them for real money you must pick the online casinos you prefer, click on Play Here, make an account at the casinos you’ve chosen and start playing. Each Monopoly game is different so make sure you practice before playing for real.

  • Can you win real money on Monopoly casino games?

    It’s definitely a possibility since it’s a game of luck and if you play it at top online casino sites that are legal and fair you won’t have any issues. Try well-known casinos with a good reputation like Casino Empire or Wink Slots.

  • What casinos have Monopoly slot games?

    Monopoly slots are available at many top online casino sites. As variations of the slot machine were created by well-known software providers like Williams, SG, NYX and Big Time Gaming, you will find them at casinos that offer these providers. And in free-play versions on our website if you’re looking to try them all and decide which one you like best.