Meet The Slots Creators – Gamzix’s Lead Account Manager Margo Redko Interview!

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your role at Gamzix?

My name is Margo Redko, and I am Lead Account Manager at Gamzix. I have found myself in this field a bit longer than 1 year ago, but fell in love almost immediately, and here I am. I know how young people can struggle with finding the right professional field/position, so I consider myself as a lucky person, who loves what she is doing, where she is working and with whom.

My responsibilities consist of 3 main directions: clients, team, brand. And these are about communicating with operators and game suppliers; assisting the team during the integration process, and collaborating with other team members to provide high quality support. I also represent Gamzix at various iGaming exhibitions like ICE, iGB, SIGMA.

How did you first start in the gambling industry? What were the initial challenges?

I started my career at Gamzix from the position of Account Manager. I have to say that the first months were about instant learning and following the rules of the IGaming world. But I felt it was more like a new amazing journey, so I didn’t actually have tough times doing my job. I think this is one of the reasons I felt super naturally in this and enjoyed my research period.

Few months ago I was promoted to Lead Account Manager and this also helped me to understand that I’m moving in the right direction.

With so many game studios on the market, what do you think is the biggest differentiator for Gamzix?

You are absolutely right! So many studios are on the market, so the only way to be recognizable among all of them is simply to be yourself. This may sound corny, but is exactly what Gamzix did for almost 3 years. And as distinguishing features we have chosen people, creativity and flexibility. I think people want to look at us not only because of our high-quality products, but because of our team, content, merch and social media life.

A lot of clients and colleagues mention our cool marketing activities, and we see real perspectives on this field too. I have no doubt that we couldn’t do it without being creative and open-minded about new ways of making the brand known. As a result of our work, Gamzix received an award from SIGMA “Industry Star of The Year” and “One to Watch” from Slotswise Awards in 2022. Happy to be a part of Gamzix!

Can you please tell us what is the slot with the Biggest Wins from Gamzix? We are sure our readers would like to give it a spin, if they haven’t already.

Nowadays, the biggest and most frequent wins are in the slot “3Х3: Hold The Spin”. This game is a mix of simple rules and fresh design ideas. Add some extra juicy sounds, and you get everything you need for the perfect gaming dinner.

Also, I suggest checking out the “Dogs and Tails” slot with 243 fixed pay ways that opens absolutely unexpected opportunities. I cannot but mention a lucky game for those, who are absolutely in love with a fruit topic – “Won Hundred” with 100 opportunities in every spin.

To tell you the truth, Gamzix’s portfolio has many games which are worth playing and promise big wins! 

What are your top 3 favorite slots from Gamzix? Can you please tell us the reasons behind your choices?

My personal TOP-3 for now:

1)    Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin” — an Egyptian theme slot with Bonus game, Buy Bonus feature and Jackpots inside. The game is popular not only among players, but also partners, as we have requests on branding constantly.

2)    Classic story “3X3: Hold The Spin” with bright contrast details, fast and smooth transitions, thematic juicy sounds. And all of this goes with Bonus Game. So this mix makes it popular among players.

3)    Dogs and Tails” — one of our latest games I fell in love with immediately, because of the cutest visual choice. The game is full of animated details and our favorite pets with different styles and personalities. I, as an aesthete, am charmed by slots with interesting art and a certain scenario.

What is the most important aspect of a slot from your perspective?

The most important aspect is knowing who your player is and what he wants to get from this exact game. This is one of the first things we do before even starting to think about plot, mechanics or promotion tools. Relying on marketing research and communication with clients, we can understand who is our priority player and after this we are ready to build game structure: from main idea to rate of minimum bet. Perfect slot catches attention from the first spin, and we always strive that our players get 100% pleasure from our games.

Is there any way to predict if a slot is going to be a hit or not?

I suppose almost everything can be predicted and all the risks taken into account. We have our own strategy and, so far, didn’t have any unsuccessful games. It says a lot.

As for me, a popular game is a mix of design, mechanics and sound effects. Also, I would add a drop of love, which has to happen after the first spin. And this is a part we can’t predict, that is why from the Gamzix side — to make everything as good as possible. And players will make a choice on their own. But, as I said before, it will work only if you make it for your target audience. Otherwise, even the best set will not put a game on top.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release Gamzix is planning?

This year will be busy! We plan to double the amount of games compared to 2022, and add new types, mechanics, reskins. All I can say about the closest Gamzix release is that we plan to release the second part of “Sunny Coin: Hold The Spin”, as this game isn’t just in my personal TOP.

As for other plans, I’m sure that you’ll hear about us many-many times. New games, popular exhibitions and worldwide events, big achievements — we are so ready to rock in 2023.

Do you have any advice for those who would like to work in the gambling/ e-gaming industry?

My vision in this question is pretty simple: If you want, you would, and find any opportunity. And there are no exceptions. For sure, someone has to put in more effort, someone less, but the result will be the same. So the only advice I can give — be braver and don’t be lazy.

If you are planning to start from scratch in the gambling/ e-gaming, it is better to learn first about industry, trends and companies. And, of course, to have at least basic experience in future responsibilities. But also remember that you always can learn, even without experience. Because it is all about how much you want something and what is motivating you.

If you weren’t in the gambling industry, what other industry would you want to work in?

To be honest, at the moment, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else, because Gamzix covers all my professional needs. I like what I do, where I do it, and with whom I share my working hours. The most important parts of any job are: to be passionately involved in duties and to be surrounded by good people. Time will tell, but now I am absolutely satisfied and want to continue my career journey here.

Is there anything you would like to transmit to those who support Gamzix, before we say goodbye?

You made the right choice, guys 🙂

Our team is so proud and thankful for the community we made and for everyone who supports our ideas and shares values. And we want to work smarter and harder for these people every day. Gamzix has prepared so many new, exciting and big releases. So, don’t miss it!

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