Meet The Slots Creators – Lucksome talks about 2023’s release: Treasures of the Dead Hyperlines!

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Where did the crazy idea for Saint Nicked come from?

As a new and small studio we are always looking for ways to stand out and this was the initial thought, but really the story was something we have wanted to do for a while – something a bit naughty and hilarious.  The idea that Santa and Rudolph wanted to do something else (namely getting a little tipsy) rather than their Christmas duties made us chuckle, so we went with it full force.

We really enjoyed the performance by the ‘bad Santa’. Was everything scripted or did he improvise much of what was said?

We came up with the script, but he just went for it, burps and all!  Some of the versions are so funny, we were falling off our chairs in the studio when we first heard them!

What do you personally like the most about Saint Nicked?

The Advent Calendar is my favorite.  When you complete it and get an even better Free Games trigger forever – it just seemed awesome.  The different prizes for the different coloured baubles created an interesting Christmas journey, unique to each player too.  We also love the Santastic Multipliers, when Santa and Rudy are part of a win then all winnings are multiplied when they “clink!”, Christmas cheers for all!

Do you have more ‘unusual’ concepts in mind for 2023 now Saint Nicked has ‘broken the mold’?

Yeah, we have recently just had a story workshop and had some superb ideas and as usual want the games made immediately, but we have to work them into our roadmap and be patient!  We have a new game coming after Treasures of the Dead: Hyperlines called Hyperstream 4-Tune with a brand new mechanic (you heard it here first) that is new and very different in terms of how we award wins.  Stay tuned for its 80’s glorious musicalness!

Lucksome has become well-known for its particularly attractive presentation. What can you tell us about your artists and their backgrounds?

Our team is multinational.  India, Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Malta and the UK are represented and that brings a lot of different views and brings up the standard of our games in every aspect.   We have people from GSN, Yggdrasil and Gameloft who have worked on many different themes and game types.  As Lucksome, we truly can do anything and we’re proud of it.

What was your personal favorite release of 2022?

We loved Saint Nicked (the funnest game to work on so far) and we really are proud of the success of Bon Bomb Luxpots and the visual rich darkness and win potential of Voodoo Temple.

We’re excited about your first release of 2023 – Treasures of the Dead Hyperlines. Please tell us about this game.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… yes, it’s a Book of Game.  We’ve kept to what makes those games amazing to play, the Expanding symbols in Free Games, the wild bonus scatter etc. BUT (and this is a big BUT) we have added our new HyperLines mechanic to it.  Why on earth is that a good thing you say?  Well Book of games are low liners, we added 3 more Hyper powered lines on top, taking it to 13, so not much more, not enough to dilute the play style of these games, in fact the opposite.  HyperLines are activated with the Books (so the books are even MORE powerful) and these HyperLines have escalating multipliers.  Now low line wins can be even more punchy.  HyperLines stay active until you win on them – which is really exciting to watch them increase during play when those books with Scarabs land.

In Free Games the HyperLines are always active so the Multipliers can get pretty big, but even better they also multiply those Expanding Symbol wins as well as HyperLine wins – so Treasures of the Dead can pay out 4, yes 4(!) different types of pays in a single Free Game! 

Are you planning to release more games featuring Hyperlines during 2023?

Yes!  We have another in the works.  It will be another funny one with amusing voice-overs!  Stay tuned, we should be talking about that one in a few months.

Is there anything specific you can tease us about as far as Lucksome and 2023 goes?

So much going on.  We now live in 12 Jurisdictions including the UK, Italy, Germany and Greece, with more to come.  We have a full roadmap and an extra special launch of a new system coming very soon.  We have two new Mechanics – one with increasing ways, a super high payout game for those with an appetite for volatility, and a follow up to our hugely successful Bon Bomb Luxpots title.  We are also firmly looking forward to Lucksome’s official debut at the ICE show in London this month where we will be showing customers new sneak peaks of games we have in progress!  2023 is going to be a big year for Lucksome and we are really looking forward to it.

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