Synot Games Found The Road to Success; Find Out How They Managed To Do It!

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Can you tell me more about your company?

We are Synot Games, we are an online provider, so we design online slots. We are more than seven years in the market, but we are a part of the Synot group, which has 13 years of experience. Our online portfolio boasts more than 100 titles, more like fruity thematic and so on. We have many many things prepared for this year, it will be nice and Marek will tell more about the portfolio.

How is the convention until now?

We like it, it’s very nice, it’s kind of intense, but it’s really nice and enjoyable.

What’s the most popular game from 2022?

I guess it’s our all-star game that’s Respin Joker. It’s an older game, but we did release Easter and Christmas themes which played very well during that time. Like X-Mas Secret, it’s a very nice slot.

And what do you think it will be the best game in 2023?

In 2023, we think it might be El Dorado. It’s a new one that’s going to come out really soon.

(Andrea Kolarcik): For me, my favourite one is Coins of Luck. It will be released very soon, next month. We also went out with our first megaways title.

(Marek Manczall): Oh yeah, Legends of Colosseum also with a Buy Feature and Tumble, so that’s definitely going to be a hit.

What’s the most played slot in history?

Marek Manczall: It’s Respin Joker, of course.

Andrea Kolarcik: Or Fruit Awards.

Marek Manczall: Oh yes, Fruit Awards or Respin Joker, but Respin Joker is released just 81 and 243 ways of Respin Joker and do perform, also, really, really well.

Can people cheat on the slots?

They can try, but no, they don’t really. It’s certified mathematics, so they really can’t.

Live games or slots?

Slots, for us slots.

Are you targeting a specific type of customer, and what would he be like?

Not per se, but we do have a little thinking on the subject of countries, and like, where to do what in game development, so there is some strategy behind it.

How do you know when a slot will be successful?

Knowing we always improve on our slots, and there is really some thought process in development in the maths way, so we try to do our best, and we learn from our experience. 

And the last question, what is your personal favourite slot?

Andrea Kolarcik: For me, I really love our Coins of Luck because of the graphics, it’s so stunning in fsum, and people can find there the theme of the Egypt, so it will be really nice when we go out with that slot.

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