Rival Gaming Casinos

Our listed Rival casinos make perfect use of i-Slots, giving you the story and bonus rounds when you play your favourite games.

Today 05 21 2022

Rival Gaming Sites

Why Play at Rival Online Casinos? 

Rival has been climbing in popularity and more and more casinos are offering Rival Gaming slots nowadays. The fact that they offer casinos everything they need and are super easy and fast to implement really helps the whole process. That’s why there are so many different and amazing Rival online casinos. But here are the main reasons why you should play at Rival Casinos:

Interactive Slot Machines with new features 

Rival offers the I-Slots. They were the ones that invented this feature and they are still the only software provider to implement it which makes them special and unique. Each i-slot tells a different story and the user gets to affect the story. The mini-games are based on skills as well as luck making things a lot more fun and the meaning of the story different each time depending on how you interact with the slot game.

Device Compatibility for all smartphones

Rival Gaming offers you the chance to access the content instantly with the help of a browser, on both mobile devices and desktops/laptops, but also to download everything you need. Each option is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

Helpful Controls when it comes to game-play

This is a thing that you don’t really think about when picking a game, but it really comes in handy. You can adjust the volume of the sound, the speed of the game, but also the size of the screen, options you don’t usually have in games from other providers.

What do will Rival Casinos offer?

For now, we only have these casinos listed. But, rest assured, that more Rival casinos will come on SlotsCalendar. If you want to find out more about our top-rated casinos‘ list from other popular providers, you will know what to pick when it comes to games or offers. From our present Rival casino list, you can also get a bunch of really amazing bonuses to go with your favourite game. From no deposit bonuses to huge welcome packages, every Rival gift is at your disposal. Find your perfect Rival casino!