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1×2 Gaming is one of the smaller online casino software providers but this doesn’t mean that they’re not good. They’ve come a long way and they’ve bettered themselves, but they are still quite far away from the top three software providers. If they keep up the pace and start innovating the world of online video slots they might go up a few positions in the top.

1×2 Gaming slots are not particularly beautiful in design, actually, they are quite simple, sometimes cartoonish, but this doesn’t make them ugly or similar to the classic slot machines. The new 1×2 Gaming slots are prettier than the older ones, and you will find better graphics in some of them. This isn’t because they can’t use them, but because they don’t want to. They’ve created a look that works for 1×2 Gaming free slots and they are sticking to their cartoon-inspired look.

Best 1×2 Gaming slots

  • Puppy Payday
  • Justice Machine
  • Sherlock’s Casebook
  • I am the Law
  • Faerie Nights

1×2 Gaming slots’ RTP is usually between 96% and 98% which means that you should have plenty of chances to win. So if you’re looking for something fun, but not overly complicated, something that you haven’t played before then you should definitely try the 1×2 Gaming slots.

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