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Picking out a casino that’s completely worth it and perfect for you can be a hard task when you’re on your own. But there’s no need to worry about anything because SlotsCalendar is ready to help you out and guide you to the new casinos. We’re here to destroy myths and show you that new casino sites can be a lot better than established casinos.

What to expect from the newest online casino sites?

No matter if you’re a new player or an experienced one, it can be complicated to figure out what to expect from casino sites. While things differ from casino to casino, there are things that stay the same, because these are the things that no casino old or new should lack.

  • Legit license/licenses for UK sites
  • Entertaining loyalty programs
  • Customer support, with live chat
  • New 100% deposit bonus offers 
  • Faster pay out times 

Why choose a new online casino?

Why not? New casino sites have a point to prove and they want to be remembered and make their way through the industry and climb to the top. Thus, they will try really hard to entice you and give you anything you might want so that you will pick them over other many casinos.

This means better games, better promotions, better customer support and altogether a better experience for players.

PROs and CONs: are new casino sites better than established ones?

Yes! Well, you can’t really generalize for all of them. But a lot of them are. The reason for this is simple. Established online casinos might take their success and the players they have for granted at some point, while the new casinos are just starting out and want to impress you. It’s just like it is with every relationship, new casinos are in the courting phase and they will do anything to land you because you are a catch.

This means that they will be a lot more attentive of your needs and give you whatever you want. So, promotions with low wagering requirements or even the exclusive bonuses with no wagering requirements and all the newest and most amazing games with bonus features.

Plus, the interface should be a lot better because it has all the advantages of the highest technology and should be completely mobile and user friendly.

Which are the best casino sites for 2017, 2018 and 2019?

On SlotsCalendar you will find the best casinos complete with detailed reviews about them. Each of them also comes with latest casino bonuses, so make sure you check them out too on the casino bonus page.

There have been a lot of great casinos launched every year since 2017 and we’ve created some tops for you for every year. Browse through them to see which one you like best and is the one that fits all your needs. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect match!

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