Austria Lotto 6/45 Online Review

Lotto Austria 6/45 is the number 1 lottery in Austria and a favourite of many players across Europe. Let’s find out why the Austrian lottery is so popular.

Bonuses Austria Lotto 6/45
Austria Lotto 6/45

Austria Lotto 6/45 Specifications

Draw Time6:30pm
FrequencyWednesday and Sunday
Drawn Numbers6/45
Jackpot Win Chances90.000
Biggest Win€14 million
Minimum Bet€4

Austria Lotto 6/45 Results (2021-06-09, 6:30pm)


The Austrian lottery 6/45 was established in 1987 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. It has withstood the 3+ decades of activity brilliantly and has come to be appreciated throughout Europe.

The draws take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, from 7.30 pm Romanian time on Wednesday and from 7 pm on Sunday.

Placing Bets on the Austrian Lottery

The main reason why Romanian players choose to bet on the Austrian lottery is the minimum possible amount per ticket is the lowest ever and the fact that you can select how many numbers you want on the ticket. 

6 of the 45 balls will be drawn. While you can win a big prize offline only if you hit all or almost all the numbers, online you will receive prizes even for a single correct number.

You can bet on a number, on several numbers or on various systems. Odds for 1 to 5 numbers may vary depending on the online casino you choose, but they are generally like this:

  • 1 – 7.10
  • 2 – 62.00
  • 3 – 630
  • 4 – 7,000
  • 5 – 90,000

Where Can I Bet on Austrian Lotto?

Loto Austria 6/45 is available at many top licensed bookmakers and online casinos from Europe. You can choose which online casino you think suits your betting style, has better odds or offers a superior casino experience.

Just remember to first check if gambling on lottery games is legal in your country and that you can find trusted casino sites that work in your jurisdiction. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Austria Lotto 6/45

If you’re looking for the Austria lotto previous results, you should know that the numbers that have come out most often in the Austrian lottery in the last 100 draws are 4, 18, 3, 16, 26, 11, 28, 5, 32 and 34. 

Knowing what happened from a statistical perspective can make choosing numbers easier and better, and also improve your chances of winning.

Cold Numbers on the Austrian lotto 6 out of 45

The numbers that were chosen seldom or not at all in the last 100 draws in the Austrian lottery are 2, 37, 29, 13, 19, 38, 21, 43, 9 and 39.

Lottery Draw and Austria Lotto Results

You can watch the Austria lotto live draw at casinos or bookmakers where you made your bets. You can also look directly at the results on the same page. Moreover, you can easily see if you’ve won without having to check the Austria lotto 6 45 results as the winnings will be added to your account instantly. 


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Austria Lotto 6/45 Winning Numbers

2021-06-09, 6:30pm|03,09,24,38,39,42,29
2021-06-06, 6:30pm|24,27,29,32,35,45,06
2021-06-02, 6:30pm|10,12,23,26,32,40,16
2021-05-30, 6:30pm|04,10,17,28,42,44,14
2021-05-19, 6:30pm|03,04,17,22,27,41,44
2021-05-16, 6:30pm|05,06,08,16,22,42,10
2021-05-12, 6:30pm|03,04,08,18,27,34,35
2021-05-09, 6:30pm|03,07,16,25,39,45,18
2021-05-05, 6:30pm|20,29,30,40,44,45,19
2021-05-02, 6:30pm|04,06,07,17,18,38,19
2021-04-28, 6:30pm|09,11,12,14,24,26,22
2021-04-25, 6:30pm|09,11,13,14,37,38,26
2021-04-21, 6:30pm|11,13,15,16,38,39,07
2021-04-18, 6:30pm|03,15,21,22,29,32,17
2021-04-14, 6:30pm|03,04,06,12,40,43,45
2021-04-11, 6:30pm|01,04,07,17,36,38,06
2021-04-07, 6:30pm|12,17,26,27,43,44,02
2021-04-04, 6:30pm|11,18,30,31,44,45,03
2021-03-31, 6:30pm|01,02,13,18,22,42,39
2021-03-28, 6:30pm|03,11,24,27,29,45,35
2021-03-24, 6:30pm|04,06,08,13,19,27,15
2021-03-21, 6:30pm|08,26,35,39,40,45,21
2021-03-17, 6:30pm|06,10,18,21,32,33,29
2021-03-14, 6:30pm|15,16,18,23,25,35,34
2021-03-10, 6:30pm|05,13,25,26,37,40,15
2021-03-07, 6:30pm|11,14,15,18,25,32,36

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play on the Austrian lottery online?

    Yes, lotto Austria is available at several online bookmakers and licensed online casinos in Europe. 

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Austria Lotto 6/45?

    In the last 100 draws in Austria, the most frequently drawn numbers are 4, 18, 3, 16, 26, 11, 28, 5, 32 and 34. 

  • Where can I play Austria lotto?

    You can bet on the Austrian lottery at a lot of bookmakers and online casinos in Europe. While not all countries have legal access to the Austrian lotto, most European players can play them at casinos that are licensed in their jurisdiction. 

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