Best Online Casinos for German Players

Online Casino Deutschland 2023

We have a lot of players from Germany who choose us as their go-to place for playing free online slots, getting epic bonuses and checking out German online casino sites. That’s why we’ve decided to create a dedicated page with online casino Deutschland sites. 

Here you will find all the newest and best online casinos for German players, neatly organised so that you can easily check them out. It’s super easy to see what they are all offering, but we will make sure that this article tells you exactly how we pick the beste online casino sites Germany so that you know what to expect. 

There are plenty of new additions to this list every single month, and many online casino Deutschland legal 2023 sites were recently added. You can grab a no deposit bonus and take them for a test and see if they fit your needs. 

Germany Online Casinos for Android and iOS

It’s been a long time since the internet took over and made land-based casinos move out of the way to make room for top online casinos. 

With the strides in technology, online gambling has kept growing and evolving. Now that we have smartphones and tablets with the capacity to do almost everything you can imagine, it’s the logical next step to move gambling to mobile devices. 

While a couple of years ago, having the technical capabilities to offer players the chance to play on mobile devices was something that gave a casino a clear advantage, now it’s expected. 

Almost every single casino online you will encounter works on mobile. So the best online casinos 2023 for German players must work on all devices to make the list. With these sites, you don’t have to download any software unless you want to play on a dedicated casino mobile app. 

They work perfectly fine on Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry and other popular operating systems. You can easily play your favourite table games, and slot games and even try a live casino online Deutschland, on the go. 

Tested Top Deutschland Online Casinos 

If you’re ready for an online casino Deutschland test to see which ones are right for you, we have them all ready for you. We’ve already taken them out on a spin and given them our online casino test to see how they measure up. 

You can read a complete and in-depth review of each of them and see if they have the key points you are interested in. It’s up to you to decide what is of more interest to you and pick the one that gives you everything you need. 

Each player has different preferences and things that together would create the best online casino 2021 for them. It’s vital that you make sure to have all the elements that interest you, from the games and software providers available to promotions, customer support and payment options.

Is It Legal to Play at Online Casinos Deutschland?

At this moment in time, online gambling isn’t really legal, but it’s not quite illegal either. Yes, it sounds confusing. 

Long story, short, what we mean is that Germany is in a sort of grey zone where it’s illegal to have a gaming site, but although bets on online gambling and sports are also illegal, authorities will not enforce the law and get players in trouble. Not a single German player has ever had any issues while betting online. 

German players can play all they want, but right now, they need to do so at off-shore online casinos and online bookmakers. The thing to remember is to make sure that the gambling site you pick needs to be legal and properly licensed. 

You can go for one licensed by the UKGC, by Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, whichever, just see that it caters to German players. 

Until 2008, online gambling was unregulated at all in Germany. Things quickly changed, and the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG) passed in 2008, banning all forms of online gambling other than sports betting and horse racing.

These laws are in violation of the European Union’s rules on free trade and competition, and there have been several discussions on the matter.

At the beginning of 2020, Germany approved gambling regulations to legalise online casinos and online poker. The new laws will come into effect on the 1st of July 2021. From July onwards, the Gluecksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag will regulate online gaming activities.

There are still some hoops to jump through as the laws must be ratified by each state parliament in Germany and by the European Commission.

The new laws let online casino operators provide poker, slot games, and sports betting. Still, there will be some limitations regarding bet-sizes (no more than 1 EUR stake), and online table games (roulette and blackjack, for example) will not be allowed. 

If the law will be applied exactly, and what this means for German online casino gambling still remains to be seen. But it’s a step in the right direction, and we can only hope that soon spieler in Deutschland can enjoy online spielautomaten legally at local, legal sites. 

Looking for the Beste Deutschland Online Casino 2023?

You don’t have to look any further. In our extensive list, you’ll find all the options you need. There are plenty of epic casinos you can try. 

Whether you want the beste online casino Deutschland PayPal or PaySafeCard, or any payment methods you prefer, we have them all if you want thousands of games or generous promotions.

Here are just five of the best German online casinos we love at the moment:

Top Germany Live Casino Sites

While slots, poker and table games have been top favourites for a long time in Germany, in recent years, live dealer games have gained a lot of traction and have reached the top as well. 

German players are now looking to enjoy live dealer games at legal casinos, and we feel like it’s our duty to give them what they desire. 

And on our extensive list of casinos, you will see that most options also include live dealer games so that all types of players can enjoy themselves. Since they are off-shore casinos, you won’t have any limitations on bets, and you can stake how little or how much you desire. 

It should be a piece of cake to find an amazing live casino Deutschland 2021 to play at. And a casino that offers any type of gambling game, for that matter. From slots to the German lottery, everything is available.

Exclusive Casinos Online for Deutschland

We hope that the law will pass and even get improved as soon as possible so that we can offer you casinos from Deutschland with a German license. 

In the meantime, we’ll give you the best off-shore options we could find. But as soon as licenses start being issued, we’ll make sure to bring you the best local casinos right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is playing at an online casino allowed in Germany?

    Currently, online gambling is illegal in Germany. While operators will have to face serious consequences, however, there are no issues for players, and they can play at off-shore casinos with no worries. Theoretically, from the 1st of July 2021, gambling will become legal.

  • Do German players have access to a large selection of casinos online?

    You can play at many off-shore online casinos that cater their services to German players by offering the EUR as currency and also have the possibility of translating the website into German. 

  • Are online casinos with real money legally permitted in Germany?

    Real money gambling is tolerated even though it’s theoretically still illegal until July 2021. In the meantime, you can play at online casinos that have any EU license. 

  • How many Germans play at online casinos?

    A recent study found that more than 490,000 Germans aged 14+ played weekly in 2019, with around 370,000 playing several times a month and around 520,000 once a month.