Alexandra Munteanu
Alexandra Munteanu
Preferred Product
Area of Expertise Slot Review, Casino Review, Responsible Gambling, Bonus Analysis, Gambling addiction, Legislation
Gambling Experience 7+ years
Studies Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Master’s Degree in English Translation from the University of Bucharest
Alexandra has been writing SEO content for the online gambling industry since 2015, and writing in general since she was 14 (2005). While she’s dabbled in all types of articles, long-form, in-depth articles on important topics, tips & tricks, and responsible gambling, are the ones that bring her personal and professional fulfilment. Her main priority is to help players get a better understanding of the industry and make sure that they are always safe and practising responsible gambling. Obsessed with proper grammar, and super competitive, Alexandra has a passion for writing and strives to improve her articles and always reach the top of Google results. She also cares deeply about players and tries through her writing to steer them in the right direction, help them become better players, make smarter decisions and stay safe.

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