Which Slot Machines Offer The Best Bonus Games

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Why slot machines with bonus games are important for your winnings

Slot machines with bonus games are better than classic slot games with no features (no matter what nostalgics say) because they offer you more chances of winning. The reasoning behind this is simple. Bonus features give you better payouts, more spins for free and even surprise prizes. A normal, classic slot with no features will only give you the payouts that are stated in the paytable and that’s it.

Slots with bonus games, on the other hand, have free spins that are extra spins you don’t pay for and therefore free “money”, re-spins for the chance to make a winning combo if you didn’t get it on the first try, multipliers to make simple combination payouts better and many other benefits. All these extra points for slots with bonus features translate into more money in your pocket.

Also, you can get more winnings by knowing more about the game and you can do so by playing them here as free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration required. We’ve curated an exceptional list of free slots with bonus games where you will find all types of features, many kinds in a single game, thrilling gameplay and impeccable graphics.

How we order our slots with bonus games in the widget

So you’re looking for free slot machine games with bonus rounds and it’s important that you find all the best ones in the same place. We’ve worked hard to compile a list that has all the best games for you and to order them in a way that’s easy to understand and use. The main way in which we order them is by popularity and how many times the bonus rounds appeared for players. 

We’ve researched this thoroughly, checked what players want and enjoy, what bonus features are offered that players love the most and what games are altogether fun and productive.

This is the order in which you will find games in our widget. Remember that we constantly reassess the situation and add new free slots so that you will always find something new and exciting to play.

Also, remember that each slot game has a review and a play for fun option which will help you learn more about the bonus features and the overall feeling of the game, graphics, sound effects, winnings and more.

What themed slots are available with bonus rounds

Since most slots that have bonus rounds are video slots it’s only natural that you will find many different themes. Mythology is highly represented in slots filled with bonus features, but not just Greek mythology and Zeus themed slots, but also gods of Egypt and Cleopatra slots and even Norse mythology.

The fun doesn’t stop here because you can also enjoy vampires and Halloween slots, pirates, leprechauns, fairytales, music, tv shows, the Wild Wild West and many other unique titles that can’t really be placed in a category.

Where can I find casino slot bonuses

There are two ways to go about this and find top online casino slot bonuses. Te first one is to check the list of slots with bonus rounds and find the games you are interested in and, on each individual game page, you will find several bonuses from casinos that actually have that particular game. The second option is to go straight to the main casino bonuses category in the header, pick a bonus category and then browse through all the many different slot bonus offers until you find the best fit for you. Check out all the options and find the best possible ones.

Can these slots be used for bonus clearing?

Theoretically, all slots can be used for bonus clearing if the terms and conditions of the bonus allow it and if you’re lucky enough. Obviously, some slots are better than others and will give you better chances of winning and clearing the bonus.

Your best bet is to get the slot games that have the best payouts because the higher RTP and the more bonus features a slot game has, the better your chances of getting win after win and going through wagering requirements with no sweat.

This list of slots with bonus features also has some of the best payout slots on the market so you should start with those if you want epic winning chances.

Difference between bonus features for new and old slots

New and older slot games have some things in common, but also a bunch of differences. We’re not just talking about the themes and quality of graphics, but also about different bonus features. While most of the old ones only had wilds, scatters and some free spins, new online slot games have many other bonus features. These are the most beloved types of bonus features available in new slot games:

Free Spins

The most common and appreciated bonus feature of all, the free spins feature gets you more bang for your buck in the sense that for the price of a single spin you could get 5, 10, 50 or more free spins. In some rare cases, you can even end up getting unlimited free spins.

Progressive Jackpot

Randomly triggered in most cases, progressive jackpots add percentages from all the players that play the game all over the world to create one huge (and still growing) jackpot that can change your life.


Re-spins are related to free spins, basically the same thing, only fewer of them (1-5 usually) and you’ll get them as a second chance (when you have 2 scatters and need 3 to get to another feature for example) not because you made a triggering combination.


A simple and entertaining (often themed) mini-game where you pick objects to reveal prizes, free spins or multipliers.

Arcade Bonuses

Straight out of a video game, these features seem to require skill (they don’t since this is still a slot game) like shooting or catching objects to get a prize.

Instant Win

It’s just a cash win that you are awarded randomly or by landing a special combination or a certain symbol. These are the things you need to know about free slots with bonus features and where to find the best slots and the best bonuses for them. Find your favourites and start having a great time!

Are slots with bonus games predetermined?

This is a serious debate among slot players with points that might seem valid on each side. Forums are filled with hundreds of people trying to prove their opinions, but it seems as though people from the industry never weigh in on this.

Generally speaking, people can agree that slot games run on a RNG (random number generator) and have a given RTP that is predetermined as in it’s set and doesn’t change, but this concept is volatile in nature. As it is calculated over a huge period of time and taking into account many different factors, while three people are playing a game at the same time and making 100 £1 bets each one may get £95 back, another may get £25 and the third may get £2500. That’s because to keep the number some will lose and some will win.

People can agree on the RTP, but the dichotomy happens when it comes to the RNG. While some may argue that it exists and can’t be tricked and works perfectly all the time so you win if you’re lucky, others disagree and say that everything is predetermined, meaning that even before you start playing the casino knows if and when you will get a bonus round and if you do what amount you will win.

They say that bonus rounds that have choice

Based features or random features are predetermined and if you have to choose in a pick-em game or in several types of free spins, for example, no matter what you choose you will get the same thing.  This is arguably not true as many games show you the other possible options after you’ve picked and playing for a longer time will eventually prove that you can get all possibilities.

Even so, it depends here on what you believe to be the exact definition of predetermined. If by predetermined you mean that there are 3, 5, 10, 100 different options and you will get one of them then that’s true, but if you mean that is a single outcome or that even if you get different things (10 free spins with 5x multiplier vs 20 free spins with 2x multiplier) you end up with the exact same sum of money won, then that’s false.

Another theory is that not only can software providers manipulate the slot bonus games, but that online casinos can manipulate how bonus offers turn out, if you get to finish the wagering requirements and how much you will win or lose using the bonus.

This is definitely false as the only thing an online casino has any power over is the imposition of wagering requirements (how and if you finish them is on you), the max bet per spin and the max cashout, which will not modify your winnings, they will maybe affect the cashout (if you win £200 from a £100 max cashout bonus you only get £100), but you know that going in if you read the terms and conditions. But it doesn’t mean you can’t win, you can win as much as possible in that game if you are lucky enough and the random number generator is in your favour.

In conclusion, slot games, the bonus rounds on those slot games and even bonus offers are not predetermined, they cannot be manipulated, they are periodically checked for randomness and if you’re lucky you win, if not, then better luck next time.

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