What is Online Slots Volatility & How it Impacts Winnings

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If you are passionate about online slots and want to know how to win more often then read our article on volatility. Play with a strategy in mind and learn how to choose the best slot games.

Some of the most popular online casino games are slots. Most players prefer to spend their free time playing a multitude of versions of slots that are differently themed, such as 777 slots or movie slots. Some choose games that vary in reel setups, software providers or RTP numbers.

Online casinos know this very well and this is the exact reason why they try to bring as many slots as possible in their collections to have a diverse selection. 

Few players consider the fact that choosing a slot game is a decision that requires some knowledge about online slots volatility, online slots RTP and the connection between these two. 

We want to make sure you make the most out of the casino experience with a slot game and that you are fully informed before accessing it. 

You also have the option of trying some free slot machine games without downloading or registration, such as Book of Ra or any bonus game, after reading this article in order to see exactly how volatility and RTP work on slot games. 

This rule also applies to classic slots and slot machines as well if you choose to play them online or in real life at land-based casinos.

This is why today we want to discuss volatility and its status in the outcome of your winnings. It is very important to have the information at hand and to be able to determine how a certain type of volatility can affect your experience.

Everything You Need to Know About the Volatility of an Online Slot

What does volatility mean when it comes to slot games? The volatility of a game determines how much and how often you can win playing a certain slot game. There are three types of games depending on their volatility: low, medium and high volatility games. 

We will discuss each of them and tell you the precise advantages and limitations of each one of them to try to help you determine what games are suitable for you and your budget.

Low Volatility Games

The biggest advantage when it comes to low volatility games is that they offer prizes often. Slots which enter this category are more suitable for low budget players or the players who have limited their budget to a certain amount of money. 

The low volatility games are usually chosen by smart players because they give you better chances of winning, generally. 

You can also try them if you decide to play slots from time to time. You may simply want to have a good time and enjoy the money you have spent by increasing your chances of winning. 

The number 1 disadvantage when talking about low volatility games is that the biggest prize is between 500x and 1000x the stake, usually. You may not win as much as you have expected, but the chances that you take a prize are higher than usual. 

Medium Volatility Games

Medium volatility slots are for those who do not want to cheat fate by expecting anything other than simply having a good time. Players who choose to play medium volatility games don’t usually expect to win big prizes or even to win at all. Everything is in fate’s hands. 

The medium volatility games can prove to be great fun but some players prefer to avoid them for obvious reasons. Yet, the amounts of money you can win are not as low as those of low volatility games and you may really have a chance to get your hands on it. These titles also have a low house edge and higher RTPs so they are a great combo.

High Volatility Games

When it comes to high volatility games, the main advantage which is quite obvious is that the prizes exceed 10,000x. Do not get too excited about this, since the high prizes come with some consequences. 

Winnings turn up rarely, which means that in most cases than not, you may have an unpleasant experience if you expect to win. Still, there are suitable players for this kind of game. 

High rollers usually enjoy high volatility games, since they do not mind spending large amounts of money expecting a huge win.  

Slot Volatility and How It Influences the Game

As we have already mentioned, volatility greatly influences games and winnings and this is exactly why you should pay extreme attention when choosing a slot in order to know what to expect. 

High volatility games have high risks. You can play the slots using large amounts of money but it would be a mistake to have high expectations to win something. 

The payments are higher, but they rarely pop up. For some, this may be exciting considering the large amounts of money that you can get your hands on. 

Still, players that are not high rollers are usually frustrated by this type of game. So, if you want to spend less time playing and a smaller amount of money you should opt for low volatility games. 

Low volatility games imply a lower risk. Players who have a limited budget often opt for this type of game or those for whom winning is more important than the amount of time in which they have fun. 

Low volatility games offer small and frequent payments which increase the chances of winning for every player.

Find Out the Difference Between RTP and Volatility

The RTP of a slot determines how much you get back as a win, with the average value being 95% – 96%. Every slot with an under 95% RTP should not be played if it is not a progressive jackpot slot. 

Everything that’s above 97% is in the highest payout slots category. Blood Suckers from NetEnt and White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming, for example, are these types of slots.

The relation between RTP and volatility is crucial for the outcome of your experience. Usually, big RTP slots have low volatility and low RTPs are paired with high volatility.

While the RTP is stated in percentages, the volatility will be placed in one of the categories we have mentioned above: low, medium and high. Slot players should pay extreme attention to these aspects before choosing a slot game. 

Depending on the type of slot they choose, the experience may be different. Truth be told, the RTP and the volatility, are more important than any other, even than the bonus features of the game. 

Of course, you can pay more attention to your winning combinations, but it is important to know exactly what the limitations of the game that you chose are. The RTP and the volatility of a game will determine whether you can get big wins rarely or small wins more frequently. 

It is important to have fun, but you also need to know some gambling mathematics to have more fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is high volatility good in slots?

    It depends on what you expect from the game that you choose. If you are a high roller and do not mind spending more time playing for larger sums of money, then high volatility games are suitable for you. Yet, we recommend players that do not want to spend a large budget on games to choose low volatility games which increase their chances of winning more often.

  • What is the connection between volatility and RTP?

    RTP – the return to player number – is usually connected with the volatility level. A big RTP number is associated with low volatility, while high volatility games are associated with low RTP slots.

  • If I take into account volatility and RTP will I be able to get bigger and more frequent gains on online slots?

    It may be possible. Knowing exactly what are the determinations and characteristics of the game that you choose to play increases your chances to win.

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