Gods and Goddesses of Gambling: A List of Deities of Fortune

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From ancient times, people have worshipped various gods in the hopes of getting their favour, good luck and prosperity. Let’s check out some of the most famous gambling deities of fortune and prosperity.

If you’re interested in mythology and games of chance, then you’ve probably at one point or another wondered what the most famous gambling deities are. For several thousand years, people have prayed for good fortune, wealth and prosperity. 

To become a great gambler you had to gain the fortune of the god of wealth. Below you can read more about the lucky gods for five of the biggest ancient cultures.

Thoth – The Egyptian God of the Moon, Magic, Gambling and Time

In Egyptian culture, Thoth is the god responsible for a vast area of activities whose limitations are hard to determine. Still, what is known is that Thoth is the god of writing, wisdom, science, magic, art and luck. 

It is quite hard for us to understand how the deity of fortune, to say it more specifically, of luck and gambling, is the same as the one responsible for the rational activities of man. 

We might think that gambling has nothing to do with a specific art or science, let alone the will and rationality of man. Still, as we can learn from the Egyptians, the ancient cultures used to link these activities and view gambling and luck differently than how we do today. 

The figure of Thoth is the exact spot from which we can start perceiving gambling as not only a fate controlled activity but as a science or art that requires the rational activity of man to be successful. In other words, the god Thoth embodies the widespread belief in the ancient Egyptian culture that man is the only one responsible for his own fate and luck. 

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Tyche – The Greek Goddess of Fortune, Chance, Providence and Fate

In the Greek pantheon, Tyche was the goddess of fortune, fate and luck. By contrast with the figure of Thoth, Tyche was mainly responsible for the events that were inexplicable, such as natural disasters or unexpected outcomes in battles. We see that when it comes to Tyche, the rationality of man is not involved at all since the goddess controls only the unpredictable aspects of life. 

The worship of Tyche was of great importance in Greek mythology since the goddess looked out for the prosperity of the cities and their citizens. The stakes were high, and so, there were periodical rituals dedicated to the goddess, and her temple has been described as one of the most magnificent in all of ancient Greece. 

We must consider the fact that the Greek culture was extremely focused on the development of human knowledge and the understanding of the world through reason. Still, the Greeks admitted that some aspects of life are not in man’s control, and so, they needed a deity to increase their chances to live a good life. 

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Lakshmi – The Hindu Goddess of Luck, Wealth, Fortune, Youth and Beauty

Indian mythology sets a feminine figure above luck and fortune which speaks volumes. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and the main feminine deity of the Hindu culture, the wife of Vishnu who is the supreme God. It is not only fate that comes under the powers of Lakshmi. People used to worship her to be given beauty, joy, love and prosperity. 

It is beautiful how the Egyptian culture associated love, fortune and fate with gambling since it makes us feel like gambling becomes an activity directed by love and passion. We empathise with this view a lot nowadays since we are all driven to online casinos out of a passion for gambling and the love for winning. 

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Macuilxochitl – The Aztec God of Gambling, Luck and Beauty

Among the most beloved gods and goddesses of luck, Macuilxochitl is the most fascinating character. This god represented in Aztec culture the deity of gambling and luck, the one primarily responsible for one of the oldest games in America – patolli. 

This game was not only about luck, but it required strategy as well. The players used to gamble blankets, precious stones, gold adornments or food and worshipped Macuilxochitl for success. 

Macuilxochitl was represented in statutes with a flower that is believed to stand for the fulfilment and blossoming of the human spirit. To link it to the role the god played when it came to gambling, we might believe that through fortune, Aztecs believed that they could attain wholeness. 

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Lofn – The Norse Goddess of Gambling, Love and Luck

In Norse culture, Lofn is known as the goddess responsible for the well-being of players. The deity does not only bring luck, but it also makes sure that people have fun while playing, without being at risk to do something foolish in the name of their favourite games. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who did the Egyptians worship for good luck?

    Thoth was the god of good luck in Ancient Egypt. You will recognise him by his ibis or baboon head attached to a man’s body. His figure is still quite popular, especially among gamblers.

  • What god did the Chinese believe in for prosperity and wealth?

    The Chinese god of gambling, Fuk, was responsible for luck, health and happiness. Some people believe Fuk to be the Chinese representation of the Jupiter energies that stand for luck as well.

  • Why do Hindus pray at Lakshmi?

    Lakshmi is worshipped for her numerous powers over central aspects of human life such as fortune, love, prosperity, beauty and joy.

  • What superstitions do people have today in terms of luck?

    People nowadays still have some supernatural beliefs about luck, and so, they are trying to reproduce at a minimal level some of the ritualistic gestures from antiquity. Among them, there is knocking on wood, throwing salt over one’s shoulder, carrying around a rabbit’s foot or making a wish on a wishbone.