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We thought that when it comes to the lottery online, it’s awesome to know which casino site have lottery games and bonus codes, increasing your chances to win today with an easy ticket.

Today 08 16 2022

Online Lottery Sites With Bonus Codes

Lottery Online Played On Trusted Casino Sites

Playing the lottery online is a true possibility and lottery sites are becoming more and more numerous. Even in the UK, we can talk about a whole lot of amazing lottery online UK sites that can give you the sort of choice of games, choice of payment methods, safety and security, accessibility and promotions you’re looking for, just a click away.

But what makes a great online lottery UK site? Continue reading to find out what to look out for and get an answer to the most frequently asked questions about this amazing game.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Lottery UK Site

Whether we’re talking about the Irish lottery online, UK online lottery or any other country’s lottery or independent lottery casino games, it’s important that you know how to play online lottery. While the games might differ a bit, if you know the general rules you can quickly adapt and have much better chances of winning.

Plus, the online way to gamble responsibly is to know what you’re getting yourself into, what to expect, how to play the game, what promotions to get and what to avoid.
So assuming you’ve ticked all the boxes and know everything there is to know about how to play lottery online, then it’s time to find out what things to consider when choosing the best site to play lottery online UK.

Instant Win or Number Draw?

This is probably the biggest choice you will have to make when you decide to play online lottery. You can either go for an ‘instant win’ game or a game where you wait for the numbers.
Instant win games, also known as scratch cards, have the advantage of telling you right away if you have won something or not, as opposed to the number draw games where you will wait for the weekly or bi-weekly draw.

Leading lottery operators added the scratch card ‘side games’ a long time ago and they even have partnerships with huge names of the movie industry, famous games (Monopoly) etc and you can even play them directly online when you’re entering their weekly lottery draws.
While the odds of winning on a scratchcard are higher than the ones on the conventional lottery, it all depends on what sort of volatility you prefer actually.

So for low volatility – small prizes often – you should go for scratchcards, while for high volatility – huge prizes seldom – definitely the conventional lottery.

Jackpot Size Matters

The jackpot size can be super different depending on the online lotteries you choose. We’re talking about differences between thousands of pounds and millions of them. Let’s take some examples so that you better understand what we’re saying. The UK’s National Lottery has draws which are worth millions, while the Health Lottery jackpot goes up to £100,000. Smaller options for UK players include Thunder Ball and Lotto Hotpicks draws as side to the main Lotto draw.

Transnational lotteries have the highest lottery jackpots of them all. European players can enter the EuroJackpot or the EuroMillions, which have jackpots of €10 to €90 million, €15 to €190 million respectively.

Of course, values will vary depending on rollovers but more often than none they grow to huge amounts, higher than national jackpots.

The great thing online is that now, with the help of online concierge services, you can see a much wider market and can even bet on overseas lotteries by buying tickets to foreign lotteries with some amazing jackpots. So, you could, for instance, try the US multi-state Powerball or the super famous Mega Millions with jackpots that have gone past $100 million several times.

What Are the Odds of Winning?

If you haven’t checked out our article on the probability of winning the lottery, you should. The thing is that while the jackpot size is important you should also remember that your odds of actually hitting the jackpot in a huge lottery with gigantic jackpots is pretty slim.

Thus, you need to think of a strategy like playing smaller lotteries and taking into account prize tiers.
Lotteries are pretty similar when it comes to selecting a main set of numbers and maybe one or two bonus balls which can with the main ones to get you to a higher tier prize, but there are differences between online lotteries when it comes to both how they work exactly and what your odds of winning are.

So if we take, for example, the UK’s Lotto you will have to select 6 numbers out of 59 and you can have a bonus ball. Your odds of matching 6 numbers and getting the top prize are 1 in 13,983,816 (which is a much higher chance than hitting the jackpot on other European lotteries). Even so, the UK’s Health Lottery has even better odds. You are 21 times more likely to win here than in the National Lottery’s main draw.

Keep in mind that while you might not get the full six numbers it doesn’t mean that you won’t be winning at all. Prize tiers are important when picking the online lottery to play. And odds go up in your favour for matching three, four or even five numbers and bonus balls.

Safety and Security

As is the case with all online casino sites, safety and security are crucial. The only way to gamble, no matter what type of online casino game you’re going for, is responsibly and to do so you need to make sure that the site you pick is fully licensed, regulated and encrypted.
All the online lottery sites that you will see on this page are part of the all-around trusted gambling sites because, among other things, they are fully safe.

If you’re looking for a UK lottery site then you need to look out for a UK Gambling Commission license for things to be completely legal and safe. Players from other jurisdictions should look for Malta, Curacao, Swedish, Gibraltar and other licenses.

Also, SSL encryption is important because this encryption technology is what will keep your personal and financial data safe. Both these things should be easily seen on the casino’s website and stated in our full reviews of the online casino sites.

Mobile Accessibility and All-Around User Experience

We live in the era of speed and ease of access so having an online lottery site that’s available across all device is important. Sure, it’s great to play on a desktop computer or a laptop from the comfort of your home, but what’s even better is having full access to anything you need on mobile devices as well.

A great online lottery site will work just as great no matter what device you choose, including tablets and smartphones that run on all major operating systems like Android or iOS.

What is more, the design of the platform should be simple, yet nice, and make the website fast, easy to use and intuitive so that your overall experience is seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between playing the lottery online and offline?

    The main difference is that you don’t need to physically go somewhere to play, you can enjoy your favourite lottery games from your home or even on the go on a mobile device. The way of playing is pretty similar, only you have a lot more control, flexibility and ease of access online. Also, you have many more options online and can pick from a wider range of lottery games.

  • How many lotto winners have played online?

    This isn’t an easy question to answer as this data is hard to find as not all winners will give this information. But one thing is for sure, there are a lot of them and some have even gotten some historic wins. In the UK alone there are more than 32 million players a week that play lottery games.

  • How can I buy lotto tickets online?

    The first thing to do is to make an account at one these online lottery sites listed here. Then you will need to make your first deposit so you can participate in the draw. Buy a ticket for the game you want to try, pick your numbers and wait for the results. If you win, the winnings will be added to your account.

  • What is the best online lottery site?

    Since every player is different, preferences on this matter might differ as well. Check out our selection of the best online lottery sites. We have reviews for all of them where you can find out what games are available, what promotions they have, what payment methods can be used, how the website works in general and even if there is a lottery app available. Then you can make an informed decision and pick what works best for you. If you remember to practise responsible gambling then all you need is luck and you’ll have a great time.

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