Cashback Bonus

When things are going badly, get your cash back!

Today Feb 20 2019

Cash Back Bonuses

Cashback Bonus

We’d love to say that playing online casino games is only going to bring you great times and loads of money, but as we all know this isn’t true. Unfortunately, you win some, you lose some and that’s just the way things are. There’s no way that you could only win, so we need to accept this and try to find the best possible outcome. Well, if you can’t win every time then you need an option where you lose the smallest amount, at least.

When you are playing online slots and there isn’t a lot of strategy and it depends on your luck and the Random Number Generator, then the best way to cut your losses is to practice responsible gambling and know where to stop or to get some of that money back.

The simplest and most effective way to get your money back when you are playing one of the games from our huge selection of gambling games is to use the cash back bonus.

A cash back bonus is a bit different than the rest of our many types of bonuses. This is because while most bonuses for online casinos focus on the potential win, it focuses on your potential loss. Other bonuses give you more money or more spins to play in the hopes that you will win, but the cash back bonus gives you back some of the money you’ve already lost. It’s awarded based on the total net loss over a specific period of time or even a specific game. It is calculated as a percentage. While this percentage varies from casino to casino, it’s usually somewhere between 5 and 25%. You can be given bonus money or real cash that can be used for a specific game or for anything you want.

There are two other things that make the cash back bonus special. The first one is that it has a set time, the period of time which is taken into account can be a day, a week, a month etc. The second thing is that while most bonuses have wagering requirements, cash back bonuses are the ones that usually don’t have any wagering requirements and you can do whatever you please with that money. Still, there are some that have wagering requirements so make sure you check them every time before deciding if the bonus works for you or not.

Take a look at our cash back bonus offers! See anything you like?

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