Casino Reload Bonuses

Find out all you need to know about reload bonuses and claim the best ones
Today May 20 2022

Casino Reload Bonuses

Reload Casino Bonuses on SlotsCalendar

Have you heard about reload bonuses? They are pretty much the next best thing after welcome bonuses.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t know a lot about the world of online gambling, we’re here to teach you everything you need to know. Today it’s all about reload bonus offers - what they are, who can get them and how, why they are worth trying and more.

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What Is a Reload Bonus?

After you’ve made an account at an online casino and claimed their welcome bonus, every successive deposit bonus from there on is basically a reload bonus.

This applies to the second, third, fourth etc. bonuses as well to some specific reload bonuses that are offered daily, weekly or monthly.

The bonus can take the form of a free spins bonus, a match/percentage bonus or bonus credits, depending on the online casino.

As opposed to welcome packages which are for new players, reload offers are for existing customers. Reload casino offers are usually offered as a percentage (50%, 75%, 100% etc) and are typically a bit lower than welcome offers, but you can still find some epic bonuses which offer even 500% on deposits.

The definition of reload bonuses as given by their name is that they are for players who have made a deposit or several deposits in the past at the online casino site in question, they have loaded their account, and now they are reloading it with funds to receive another promotion.

These casino bonuses are given to players by casinos to reward their loyalty and make sure that they keep coming back for more. If top online casino sites would only offer welcome deals no gambler would stick around and would just look for the next best deal at another online casino.

As generally reload offers are lower than other types of bonuses, the wagering requirements attached to them will be lower as well. This means that you actually have better chances of rolling over the requirements and being able to win and cash out.

On SlotsCalendar, you can find all the possible combinations of reload casino bonuses from many top casinos UK from around the world. We keep adding bonuses constantly so stay tuned for more and more to choose from. 

If you want to claim some amazing reload bonuses, but haven’t got a clue which casino to choose because you haven’t claimed any welcome bonuses yet, you should check our casino bonuses page to get some great introductory offers that give you the best value for different types of bonuses.

Why Choose to Claim Reload Bonuses?

Online casinos offer reload bonuses to keep people interested in them. This way players are happy and the casino gets some loyal customers. This means that you will get some exciting reload bonuses that have a lot of value for you as a player.

Be it extra spins, credits or cash, they are extra chances on your way to big wins. Another benefit of this kind of bonus is that the wagering requirements are usually quite low.

Compared to a no deposit bonus, for example, they should be half as high and you should find it easy to play through the bonus and withdraw your winnings.

If you make sure to always check the Terms and Conditions of the bonus, you should have no issues whatsoever. Remember that on SlotsCalendar we offer bonus reviews that explain in simple terms exactly how to claim them, how to use them and how to get all the way to the withdrawal process.

Also, reload bonuses are great because you get more bang for your buck. Take it this way, you were going to play anyway and you would’ve made a deposit to be able to do so.

So why not get a little extra something so that you can play for longer or with bigger bets? It’s the logical step when playing at an online casino.

And the more, the merrier totally applies in this case. Check out our selection of the best online casino reload bonuses and pick your favourites. Also, remember that some of them might be cyclical and you might be able to claim them again and again. Have fun and play responsibly!

Main Types of Reload Bonuses

Since there are many types of reload offers which you can claim we’ve decided to tell you about each and every one of them so that you can have a better understanding. Read the terms and conditions before claiming any kind of offer. T&Cs will always apply and if you do not take them into account you can end up losing the bonus or forfeiting any winnings resulting from those bonus funds.

Match Offers Reload Bonuses

The match bonus is the most common type of reload offered. It comes as a percentage bonus, percentages which might differ according to the bonus casinos you have an account on. there are many different sizes but the most common ones we've seen are between 25% and 500%.

This offer works exactly like a welcome bonus. if you claim 100% Reload Bonus up to £1000 and you deposit £1000, the casino shall give you £1000 which combined with your deposit will sum up to £2000 you can use to play your favourite casino games with.

Of course, you will have to complete the wagering requirements before you can cash out any winnings.

The process is the same no matter if you claim a 50% bonus or a 500% Reload Bonus. Just the amount of the bonus money you will receive with differ.

Free Spins Reload Bonuses

This type of offer can be either a standalone promotion or part of a bigger deal, combined with a match bonus. The free spins aren’t really free, they are just called that, they are in fact extra spins or bonus spins because of the deposit requirements.

You will make a deposit and receive usually between 10 and 500 extra spins (by themselves or on top of a percentage bonus). Generally these extra spins can be used on slot games from popular casino software providers.

Cashback Reload Bonuses

There are casino reload offers which can come as cashback offers. The cashback bonuses are very easy to understand they offer exactly what their name entails - cash back.

Basically the online casino site will take into account the money you’ve lost over a certain period of time, like a week for example, and give you money back as a percentage bonus. You can get 20% of your net losses back, as an example.

Daily Reload Casino Bonuses or Monthly Reload Bonuses

Some online casinos offer casino reload bonuses very often, some even monthly, weekly or daily. You can even get a special reload offer on your birthday or for certain holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and so on.

They are the same as all other reload offers, mainly percentage promotions, but the occasion or frequency varies.

VIP Reload Bonuses

As we’ve established, reload offers are for existing customers, to keep them happy. And this is the same reason why VIP promotions exist.

The only main difference is that generally VIP bonuses and VIP programs are for high rollers who don’t deposit $100 to get a 100% bonus, but those who make either deposits in the thousands or deposit very frequently and thus reach large cumulative sums.

Since you can become a VIP player and take advantage of special promotions by making small deposits frequently, this is the best route to get there if you don’t have huge sums that you don’t need and can afford to lose. It’s perfectly fine to always make the minimum deposit accepted.

Where & How to Get Reload Bonus Codes 

There are several ways in which you can claim a reload bonus offer. You can either get them automatically, you can ask the customer support to grant the reload bonuses you want or you can use casino bonus codes.

Most reload bonuses work with reload bonus codes and you can get as many of them as you want directly from SlotsCalendar. We have an impressive collection of top bonus codes you can choose from and you just have to copy and paste them to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to claim reload bonus offers?

    Existing customers who have previously made at least one other deposit at the online casino site offering the bonus they are interested in.

  • Are reload bonuses worth claiming?

    If you find offers that are from licensed and reputable online casinos, then the answer is yes. Check out the bonus’ terms and conditions and pick the ones with small deposits, low wagering requirements and high cashout caps.

  • Can I cash out winnings from a reload bonus?

    If the online casino site you’ve chosen to play at is legal then there should be no issues whatsoever. If you follow the terms and conditions then everything should be fine and you can cash out what you win.

  • Is it possible to claim more than one reload bonus offer at a time?

    While all offers from all online casinos are different, unlike other types of bonus offers, reload bonuses can generally be claimed several times. You will only be allowed to claim one bonus at a time from the same online casino. But you can claim several reload bonuses at the same time from different casinos.