Add Card and Get Free Spins on Registration for the UK

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For a long time, adding a card at a top online casino site was the way to go if you wanted to get a free spins no deposit bonus. This is no longer the case as you can get free spins just because you made an account and done the KYC. You can still get 50 free spins when you add your bank card, but at most online casinos it’s not necessary anymore.

We’ll tell you how to get a bonus when you use a card, what bonuses you can get, and how everything works. Ready to rock some offers? We’re ready to answer all the questions you didn’t even know you had. 

What Is an Add Card Get 50 Free Spins Bonus?

There are a whole lotta reasons for which an online casino site will offer free spins. Also, what kind of noob player would ever make an account without getting some type of offer? 

A long time ago, one of the easiest ways to get free spins from an online casino site was to add a card to your account. And it’s still offered from time to time even to this day. It can be your lucky break if you use your head when you’re using the bonus.

This whole thing is pretty simple: an online casino will offer free spins in return for you just adding your card details to your account. 

It’s a no deposit bonus cause you’re not making a deposit, you’re just setting the account up so that when/if you want to deposit it will be much easier. You make the account; they offer 50 free spins. Just like that. 

There’s no need to use your money. No, really, 0 obligations. 

The online casino sites hope that if you have everything ready, you will be more likely to throw some money their way. That’s because it will take no time at all. But it’s up to you and what you want. 

How many no deposit free spins you can enjoy isn’t up to you, it’s up to the casino. If the casino is feeling super generous, you might get more. But you’ll probably get between 10 and 100. 

How Many Types of Add Card Bonuses Exist?

Usually, the casino bonus register card bonus works with no deposit free spins. You can also get cash with no deposit. Or even bonuses for when you deposit. 

This means that from all types of sign up bonuses to all kinds of first deposit bonuses, you can get a lot of perks just for entering your info. These are the main types of offers you can find:

  • 20 free spins add card no deposit 
  • £20 free no deposit bonus add card
  • 50 free spins add card no deposit UK
  • 100 spins on deposit add card
  • All sorts of match or percentage deposit bonuses

How to Claim a Card Registration Bonus

The process of getting bonuses is different depending on whether it’s just for registration or upon deposit. Here are the steps for a sign-up bonus with no deposit:

  1. Fill in the sign-up form
  2. Verify the account (SMS or email)
  3. Select the offer you want to claim from your account
  4. Add the bank card details 
  5. The offer will then automatically be granted to your account.

At trusted online casino sites even though you’ve provided them with your card information, you won’t be charged. 

If you want to claim a deposit bonus, many casinos will only offer them if the deposit has been made with a card. Finding T&Cs that don’t work for you is a thing. They’ll tell you that deposits with Skrill, Neteller or other e-wallets will nix you and make you forget about getting bonuses.  

Figured it out? All deposit bonuses can be for adding cards. Some casino sites have bonuses that can’t be granted unless you use cards to deposit, so, yeah, they all need cards to work.

While the available deposit methods can differ depending on the casinos, there’s one damn sure thing: bank cards are accepted at all of them. 

So go ahead and check out top bonuses on our site and pick what you need to help you win bigger and bigger!

Questions About Card Registration Bonus Casino for the UK

We will teach you how to pick your bonuses and be smart about it. Just claiming an offer that looks good? That’s not really smart. 

You can do much better than that. Reading the T&Cs is like knowing your A-B-Cs. 

You need to figure those out before you jump into anything else. If you didn’t take the time to check them out, then you might end up in unwanted situations. 

Like playing the wrong games that won’t help with the wagering at all and then you’ll have to start all over. Like your bonus expiring on you. Like not being able to cash out as much as you thought. Even having to play through a huge sum that you were so not ready for. 

So, here are the things you definitely should know if you want to be a boss player that turns the tides in his favour and wins consistently.  

Is my card information safe?

When you claim free spins for adding card details, your info is going to be protected by the SSL encryption used by the trusted online casino sites. Even your personal info is going to be safe at legit casinos. Only enter your info at websites that have the 🔒 next to the link.

Does a card registration bonus casino offer require payment?

This depends on the type of casino bonuses you want to get. There are two main options:

  • No Deposit Bonuses – You just enter your card details, and the bonus will be released with no payment needed.
  • Deposit Bonuses – Add your card info & deposit to get the bonus.

How many free spins can I get by adding a card?

It depends on the casino. The usual card free spins offer is the 20 no deposit free spins, but if you look harder, you can also find 50 free spins card offers. You can even find 100 spins, but 50+ are usually bonus spins on deposit. 

Do bonuses for registered cards work for UK players?

UK players can chill out because signing up at UK casino sites is just the same as anywhere else. Also, since May 2019, all UK players have to verify their age and ID before they gamble. Even when trying play for fun slots, they will have to prove they are 18+. 

Can I use credit cards to get a sign-up bonus UK?

Listen up cause this is important. Starting with April 2020, the Gambling Commission has banned using credit cards for gambling. This means that Brits can’t get free spins on registration UK using a credit card and they oughta use a debit card instead. 50 free spins when you add your bank card can be easily claimed with Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit.

Can I get a no deposit registration bonus at new casino sites?

Sure, because new casino sites are trying to impress you so they’ll pull up the best no deposit bonuses. You can quickly get 20 free spins add card offers and even more perks. 

What wagering requirements do free spins have?

No deposit free spins can have bigger wagering than deposit 10 get 50 bonuses, for example. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find low wagering requirements offers as well. While wagering for free spins is 30-50x and can even reach 99x, you can even find no wagering bonuses. Free Spins + No Wagering = Love.