SlotsCalendar attracts gamblers for various reasons, such as game reviews and comprehensive strategy guides. However, the primary reason people visit is to find the best platforms by reading our extensive reviews. These reviews, written by experts, are the core of this site and provide exhaustive information about each gambling site. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our dedicated page that details how we conduct reviews and evaluations of online casinos. Our standardised process ensures that all reviews are fair and based on consistent criteria. You can trust that you’ll receive unbiased and truthful information about any specific gambling site.

Discovering Our Goal: a Glimpse

At SlotsCalendar, we put your needs first by prioritising transparency, accessibility, and accuracy in the content we provide. To uphold these commitments, we have established a rigorous set of guidelines that are entirely independent of any business partnerships.

As a result, our in-house experts are the only ones authorised to review products and services. We stand by the integrity and objectivity of our products, ensuring that you receive unbiased and dependable content every time.

However, before trusting us with all your confidence, let us tell you some things about ourselves. Besides ensuring complete satisfaction, we always strive to keep up with the ever-growing industry every time for our community members. It all started with an exceptional idea.

SlotsCalendar was born to become the go-to platform for online slots, similar to IMDb’s stature in the movie industry. As we worked diligently to bring this vision to life, we realised the importance of keeping our customers satisfied.

Consequently, we have incorporated new features to enhance our users’ experience. Today, SlotsCalendar boasts an all-inclusive range of offerings, including:

  • + 20.000 Slots, with their play-for-fun mode, review, and offers
  • + 1.500 Casino Brands reviewed
  • +10.000 Bonuses for all categories of players
  • Giveaways with appealing prizes for our loyal customers
  • Social Tournaments where you can play for free your favourite slots and win amazing prizes
  • Hundreds of relevant blog post articles
  • Industry news and interviews

Our Purpose, in Short

Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the pinnacle of excellence, transparency, and player-centricity in the realm of online casino review websites, surpassing any previous benchmarks set in the history of the internet.

How will we get there? Well, let us explain.

We employ a distinct scoring system, serving a unique purpose, thereby offering you several criteria to consider when selecting a casino, all of which revolve around a singular objective: catering to the user.

Our primary scoring system evaluates casinos based on multiple criteria across different sections encompassing bonuses, games, and safety. Readers can see the verdict at the end of every review and balance the advantages and disadvantages.

What sets us apart is that we base our casino reviews on objective data and techniques rather than subjective personal opinions.

We are committed to revolutionising the affiliate industry by promoting transparency and honesty and helping players find the best deals at premium casinos.

This benefits players and motivates subpar casinos to up their game and compete with the best, ultimately leading to a better experience for players. Join us in our pursuit of a better and fairer gaming industry.

Surrounding Ourselves with Experts

Our content team, consisting of our editorial staff, thoroughly examines every product and service featured on our platform.

Alongside conducting reviews, our editorial team takes charge of generating various content types, such as guides, comparisons, and blog articles, exclusively for SlotsCalendar.

Through their involvement in producing such content, our editors acquire extensive expertise in their respective niches, utilising research, user reviews, and up-to-date industry news and trends.

Our content team operates autonomously, ensuring their impartiality regardless of any partnerships we may have with the companies associated with the products and services we review. Our experts have complete freedom in determining the ratings for each solution.

Although we appreciate and value feedback from the companies we review, our editors independently evaluate its relevance to our readers.

The opinions and experiences shared by our editors are solely their own and are not influenced by the creators of the products or services being reviewed.

However, behind an efficient and expert team is a dedicated leader who ensures everything is how it should be.

With a solid background of 14 years in both B2B and B2C leadership roles, Viorel Stan is a dynamic young leader who possesses an all-inclusive understanding of the iGaming industry from every angle.

Presently, he serves as chief editor, CEO and Co-founder of GSH Online Media, a company that boasts multiple iGaming affiliate brands focused on the UK and Romania markets. Among the notable brands under GSH Online Media’s umbrella are Slotscalendar, BetBrain, and SportXpert.

Together with his creative team, Viorel is looking to create a place where readers can learn everything about gambling, get a full understanding of responsible gambling and benefit only from valuable content.

This Is How We Review Casinos

As experts in online gaming, we understand the value of playing at a top-tier casino. With thousands of slots, table games, and live dealer options at your fingertips, you want to ensure you’re investing your time and money wisely.

That’s why we meticulously review every casino using a checklist that examines everything from security and licensing to gameplay. Here’s how we do it:

Security & Trust

It’s crucial to steer clear of any platform that poses even the slightest risk to players, no matter how visually appealing or entertaining it may seem. Game selection and a sleek design are secondary to player safety.

  • Gambling Licenses: It is of utmost importance for casinos to prominently display a license issued by a reputable licensing body on their website.

Holding a valid license ensures that a casino is operating within the bounds of the law.

We specifically seek out licenses from trusted authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and Danish Gambling Authority, among several others.

  • Games Validity: The authenticity and legitimacy of the games offered in a casino’s portfolio are crucial.

Unfortunately, there are instances where unlicensed casinos may feature replicas of well-known games, often with significantly lower Return to Player (RTP) rates.

We keep an eye on every portfolio we analyse to ensure fair play and player protection.

  • Games RTP Transparency: Our experts rigorously ensure the legitimacy and transparency of games’ Return to Player (RTP) rates, guaranteeing an accurate reflection of the game’s payout percentages.
  • SSL Encryption: SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a vital digital encryption method to safeguard data from unauthorised access.

We meticulously verify that the casinos featured on our site employ up-to-date SSL encryption certificates, assuring users that their financial information and login credentials remain secure while making deposits and withdrawals.

  • History of the casino on various forums: We thoroughly verify the casino’s history by examining various forums to ensure transparency and reliability.

This diligent process enables us to gather valuable insights from user experiences, helping us assess the casino’s reputation and make informed recommendations to our users.

  • KYC Process: We personally undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ensure its efficiency and user-friendliness.

By experiencing the process ourselves, we can assess the ease of providing required documentation, the security measures in place, and the overall user experience.

This firsthand evaluation allows us to recommend casinos prioritising user convenience and maintaining high compliance standards.

  • Data protection: Your privacy is paramount when sharing personal information; we prioritise this assurance.

Our recommendations for casinos are based on the confidence that they will not share your personal details with third parties without your consent.

To ensure this, we meticulously examine their privacy policies and encourage all players to do the same for complete peace of mind.

  • Generic T&Cs: Our team takes a encyclopedic approach to safeguard users’ rights by closely scrutinising casino T&Cs.

We thoroughly comb through these terms to pinpoint any deceptive clauses, hidden provisions, or questionable practices that could impact players negatively.

  • Security of your funds: Protecting your funds is paramount. That’s why we take security seriously when selecting recommended casinos.

We prioritise platforms that offer reliable financial safeguards, such as secure payment gateways, strong encryption protocols, and adherence to industry standards.

Our rigorous evaluation process helps you choose a casino that protects your funds, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access, fraud, or financial harm.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a critical factor that reflects a casino’s commitment to the welfare of its customers.

Gaming is an enjoyable and entertaining activity that should not cause any detrimental effects.

However, if it leads to harmful behaviour, a trustworthy casino website must respond effectively and assist those in need. For that reason, we make sure that all platforms we evaluate have:

  • Self-Exclusion tools: We prioritise player protection by offering details on the options for individuals to limit or cease their own access to gambling services.

As part of our commitment to responsible gaming, we regularly assess the effectiveness and accessibility of self-exclusion features to empower users and promote healthy gambling habits.

  • An educated customer support staff: Our company rigorously tests casino platforms by role-playing as problem gamblers and evaluating the responsiveness and effectiveness of their customer support staff.

We seek out educated professionals who are adept at handling potential gambling-related issues.

This evaluation enables us to gauge the casino’s commitment to player well-being, availability of responsible gambling resources, and appropriateness of assistance.

  • Articles on this topic: Our aim is to educate and empower online gamblers with reliable information.

To achieve this, we provide complete articles that delve deep into the various aspects of the industry, including player protection, responsible gambling, industry regulations, and tips for maintaining a healthy gambling experience.

Our goal is to foster a safer and more enjoyable online gambling environment for all users.

Games Offering

When it comes to casino websites, the games available should be absolutely outstanding as they are their primary attraction.

Given the multitude of game variations and software providers available, we want to ensure our readers that they will experience the utmost excellence at the casinos we recommend.

A remarkable assortment of games should encompass the following elements:

  • Availability of top providers and games: Casinos distinguish themselves through their software, relying on the industry’s most distinguished providers, such as NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.

These providers are globally acknowledged for delivering awe-inspiring graphics, seamless sound quality, enthralling animations, and exceptional features that captivate players.

  • Number of total providers and games: The more providers and games a casino offers, the better. We seek out casinos with plenty of choices because it offers several benefits.

A wide variety of providers ensures access to diverse gaming experiences, each with its unique styles and features. An extensive selection of games caters to different preferences and interests, providing something for everyone.

Moreover, many providers and games often indicate a reputable and thriving casino, as it demonstrates their commitment to offering an enjoyable gaming experience to their players.

  • Enhanced RTP version: In some cases, casinos choose to enhance the RTP (Return to Player) version of certain games to provide a better customer experience.

This involves selecting a higher RTP option for games that offer multiple RTP variations.

  • Play for free version: Trying out a new game without risking actual money is an exciting experience. Many casino websites offer demo modes, but the game provider also plays a crucial role in this availability.

Despite this, having access to a demo mode is always beneficial. Our platform also has a demo version for all games you’ll ever want to try.

  • Jackpots: Progressive jackpots are captivating due to their enormous prize amounts, making them incredibly irresistible.

These games are usually given prime placement on the homepage and are a significant draw for casino sites.

The excitement around progressive jackpots is undeniable, and we acknowledge their popularity among players.


To ensure an inclusive experience for all players, payment methods are crucial. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of various payment factors to guarantee comprehensiveness. Join the game with ease, knowing your payment options have been carefully assessed.

  • Payment methods: Online casinos with multiple payment methods provide players with a range of secure and convenient options to choose from.

This allows them to cater to a broader audience, establish a trustworthy reputation, and ensure smooth transactions in case of any issues or limitations.

  • Deposit methods: To start playing, completing the payment process is necessary. However, lengthy and complex procedures are time-consuming and raise suspicions.

Therefore, an efficient and straightforward payment process is paramount to ensure players focus on enjoying their experiences – minus any unnecessary hassle.

  • Transaction Fees: We conduct thorough research and analysis of each recommended casino site to identify transaction fees.

We examine their terms and conditions, payment information, and user feedback to identify any fees associated with transactions.

Our goal is to present users with accurate and up-to-date information regarding transaction fees, enabling them to make informed choices that best suit their needs and budget.

  • Processing Time: Casinos usually take some time to process payments, as it involves manual procedures that verify withdrawal requests.

However, delays can be quite inconvenient. Hence, the casinos that offer faster payment processing have the edge over others by providing efficient and prompt services for their players.

Customer Service

When you’re playing at an online casino, there may come a time when you need some help from customer support.

That’s why we only suggest casinos that put their customers first and take steps to ensure their satisfaction. These measures include:

  • Communication channels: At SlotsCalendar, we prioritise the presence of diverse support channels for essential reasons. Players can easily access assistance in their preferred way by offering live chat, email, social media platforms and phone options.

Multiple support channels communicate that the casino values fast and efficient customer service.

This dedication assures players that the casino will promptly address any questions or issues, resulting in a positive and rewarding gaming experience.

  • Easy to access customer support: A player should have support at their fingertips. That’s why we experience the services ourselves to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Schedule: Our top priority is ensuring accessible customer support 24/7 and through various channels.

We look for casinos that provide telephone, email, and live chat support, as well as a detailed FAQ section on their website, to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

  • Customer support expertise: When evaluating the quality of an casino’s support, we reach out through multiple channels to test their responsiveness to inquiries.

Our aim is to assess their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve issues. The support team must also be fluent in the player’s chosen language to provide clear and effective assistance.

Bonuses & Promotions

Everyone cherishes a bonus offer as it adds an extra boost to their finances, and you can find them commonly offered at online gambling sites.

Our team of professionals actively searches for the most remarkable offers and ensures that they genuinely deliver the promised benefits. The finest casinos will meet the following criteria:

  • Free offers: We believe that free promotions should be inclusive of all members, not just new ones. Therefore, we closely monitor how often each casino rewards its existing members with bonuses, gifts, and freebies.
  • Welcome bonus: Welcome bonuses are the most top-rated bonus offers in online casinos.

Their primary aim is to attract new customers, making them a valuable feature on any casino website. Usually, welcome bonuses are given once you make your first deposit offering bonus funds.

However, several other options exist, such as no deposit bonuses and free spins for particular slot games.

  • Reasonable bonus T&C: Not all bonuses are created equal, particularly when it comes to their terms and conditions. For instance, a no deposit bonus may have excessively high wager requirements.

Additionally, certain bonuses may expire quickly, while others offer more extended periods for wagering.

At SlotsCalendar, we prioritise listing bonuses that feature reasonable terms and conditions, allowing players a genuine opportunity to reap the benefits.

  • VIP&Loyalty program: Although welcome packages target new players, VIP and loyalty programs are designed specifically for existing customers.

These programs are crucial for any online casino, as they incentivise returning players to stay and greatly increase the value of their experience on the site.

As such, a well-crafted loyalty program can make all the difference for those looking to stick around for the long haul.

Overall website UI & UX

Our goal is to make browsing for online casinos a seamless and enjoyable experience for our readers. We assess the design, navigation, and overall performance to ensure that readers can easily and efficiently find the information they need.

By evaluating the user experience of the casinos we recommend, we aim to provide our readers with a hassle-free journey. Here are the elements that help us decide if the platform is suitable for our readers:

  • Account creation process: Creating easy-to-use registration processes is crucial for casino sites to improve convenience and attract a larger pool of players.

Introducing straightforward and uncomplicated procedures minimises complexity and streamlines onboarding, ultimately saving time and effort for first-time users.

Not only does this bolster customer satisfaction, but it also helps casinos to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

This approach increases the probability of retaining players and maintaining consistent engagement.

  • Usability of the platform: For online casinos, having a user-friendly interface is vital to presenting a professional image.

It improves the overall experience for users and increases their satisfaction, leading to a greater likelihood of return.

By providing intuitive navigation, effortless feature access, and a smooth gaming experience, online casinos can broaden their user base, ultimately boosting revenue and staying ahead in this competitive industry.

  • Availability across multiple platforms: Our focus when assessing online casinos is ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience regardless of the device.

All games must function properly and maintain superior graphic quality. Moreover, users should have convenient and uninterrupted access to all sections and functions of the site, regardless of the device they choose to use.

  • Accepted countries: Creating an enjoyable experience for all casino players is paramount.

To meet this goal, it’s crucial for casinos to offer personalised options, like language and currency preferences, for customers from diverse backgrounds.

Our team has grown to include experts from a range of countries and languages, giving us the ability to evaluate how effectively each casino caters to a global audience.

With this exhaustive understanding, we’re able to identify which venues excel in meeting the needs of players from various regions.

Casino Platform

In the world of casinos, most establishments prefer to use third-party platforms for their operations, while a few choose to develop their own in-house solutions.

Third-party platforms offer ready-made, feature-rich software developed by experienced gaming industry specialists.

They provide extensive support and maintenance services, allowing casinos to focus on other aspects of their business.

On the other hand, some casinos opt for in-house platforms to have greater control, customisation options, and a unique user experience.

Developing an in-house platform requires significant investment but is worth it for casinos prioritising control and differentiation.

The choice between the two depends on factors like budget, technical capabilities, and target audience needs.

Blacklisted Casinos: Explained

At times, a casino’s reputation may not live up to its expectations. To ensure a positive user experience, we prioritise avoiding promoting any casinos that fall short of our standards.

That’s why we take user feedback seriously and use it to guide our decisions. The following factors are considered unfavourable indicators for a casino:

  • Inadequate customer support.
  • Insufficient transparency.
  • Improper licensing.
  • Delayed withdrawal processing beyond typical timeframes.
  • Ambiguous terms and conditions.

All of these factors are rigorously considered during our review process. If we determine that any aspects render a casino unsafe, insecure, or subpar in quality, our ratings will reflect such evaluations.

We diligently strive to maintain up-to-date scores based on the current service offerings of the casinos.

A casino that exhibits substantial deficiencies will be designated as “Blacklisted” by our team.

Moreover, casinos found to be involved in misconduct and neglecting player safety will be designated as “Blacklisted.”

For further details regarding the blacklisting procedure, please visit our dedicated page on unsafe online casinos.

Online Casinos Rated & Approved

Once the online casino meets all the mentioned criteria, we will assign a final score and generate a exhaustive review.

This review carefully analyses each aspect to assess the advantages and disadvantages.

Regular evaluations are conducted on the casinos, and ratings are updated whenever new information is received.

We strongly value honesty and transparency, which is why we provide a balanced depiction of every casino’s positive and negative aspects.

Moreover, we strive to include as much relevant information as possible to assist players.

Our editorial principles emphasise the transparency of our review process, shedding light on the procedures we follow behind the scenes.

We would like to mention that SlotsCalendar operates as an affiliate website, which means that certain links we recommend are affiliate links.

Specifically, when users visit a website through our provided link and make a deposit, we receive a commission at no additional cost to the user.

While this may impact the placement of products on the page, it does not affect our evaluations.

All reviews and product recommendations are impartial, as our editorial standards are commercially independent and adhere to a clearly defined methodology.

The information on this page is regularly updated, but please note that modifications can occur without our prior notification.

We strive to provide users free of charge services while ensuring the highest possible quality.

However, to sustain our operations, we do charge advertising fees from the casinos featured on our platform.

To be more specific, we receive fees when users of our site sign up, make deposits, or engage in gameplay at any of the listed casinos.

While these fees may influence the positioning of the casinos on our platform, they are not the sole determining factor in our reviews and ratings.

We maintain a strict policy of never listing unreliable or untrustworthy gaming platforms, just as we refrain from featuring casinos with consistently negative user feedback.

We do not receive any financial compensation from brands that fail to meet our rigorous evaluation process.

Only casinos that meet our criteria are eligible for priority display, ensuring that our users have convenient access to top-quality establishments with just a click.

We Always Ensure Reviews Are Up-To-Date

Similar to any other website, online casinos continuously evolve by introducing new features to enhance the player experience. However, certain casino review sites fail to update their reviews, resulting in outdated and irrelevant information.

In contrast, we diligently revisit our reviews, ensuring they consistently incorporate the latest and most accurate information.

Rest assured that we are committed to keeping you well-informed. If there are any changes to bonuses, we’ll promptly notify you, and you’ll be among the first to be informed when new games are added.

We even pay attention to seemingly minor modifications, like alterations to bonus terms and conditions, as they can significantly affect the quality of an online gambling site.

Once we publish a review, you can trust that it will always remain relevant to you, regardless of when you access it.

Due to the ongoing updates we provide, we highly recommend checking our reviews frequently.

It is particularly important to review the sites where you are already a member, ensuring they continue to be the optimal choices for your gaming experience and to verify if any changes have been made that could impact your enjoyment on the platform.

NOTE: When it comes to offers, it’s important to be aware that brands may modify them without prior notice. However, it’s advisable to rely on our dedicated team, as we consistently strive to stay updated on the validity of the offers and their terms and conditions.

What Makes Us Different from Other Review Sites?

We are passionate about the SlotsCalendar project as we deeply believe in our mission. Our unwavering commitment to transforming the iGaming industry drives us to explore groundbreaking strategies to achieve our goal continuously.

Our casino reviews surpass the traditional approach by offering a full checklist of criteria for a thorough comparison.

Unlike others, our unique rating system allows us to dig deeper and provide in-depth analysis, revealing a concrete and transparent evaluation of each casino.

Expect nothing less than detail-oriented and extensive reviews from us. To clearly understand how we operate, here’s a visual comparison of our system:

SlotsCalendar Reviews  Average Casino Reviews
✅Each score reflects genuine distinctions ✅You get a more subjective perspective regarding personal experiences, recognising their significance for certain players
✅We ensure overall coverage by addressing all aspects of each review, including the negatives 🛑Has the option to disregard weaker aspects
✅Accurate casino comparisons can be made by evaluating specific sections 🛑Prone to exaggerating casinos to generate more clicks
🛑Less emphasis on subjective experiences and more focus on objective analysis 🛑Lack of consistent organisation makes it more challenging to locate relevant information
🛑Our reviews tend to be more extensive to provide thorough information

It’s Time To Find Your Next Gaming Place Today!

After learning about how we craft our casino reviews, you’ll better understand why some sites receive praise and others are rejected.

Now, head over to our reviews section to browse through our assessments of different online casinos.

Once you find one that suits your style, it won’t take long to start playing your favourite games and winning big. Get ready to experience online casino gaming at its finest!