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Choose 200% Casino Bonuses for Slots

Did you come to the conclusion that online gambling would be so much more fun if you had the right bonuses? If you’re looking for the best first deposit bonus casino we have quite a few that would make your dreams come true, and to top it off, we also have some great bonus selections that will help you out.

Today, we’re discussing 200% deposit bonuses because getting 100%, a deposit match bonus, can actually be topped by this type of bonus. But we want to make things very clear for you so that you can take a conscious decision about what best fits your needs. Here’s all you need to know about 200% welcome bonus slots and how this type of deposit bonus trumps others.

What is a 200% deposit bonus?

When creating welcome bonuses, online casinos usually go for  match bonuses in which you deposit let’s say £200 and get a 100% bonus thus letting you play with £400, percentage bonuses like 50% up to £200 that for a £200 deposit give you 50% of £200 more totalling £300, or this type of deposit bonus. This one is better because for the same deposit you’ve made with the other 2, the deposit of £200, with a 200% bonus you will be able to play with £600. Using just simple maths, you will see that the 200% is better than the match bonus which is better than the percentage one.

Apart from the actual sum you get, this type of bonus works pretty much the same as the other too, the only other difference being that it might have higher wagering requirements. But not necessarily.

Why choose a 200% deposit bonus?

Because bigger is better, more is better, and when it comes to bonuses less is never more. Hunting for the best bonus package is half of the fun of gambling and this one would be in lame man’s terms “a steal”. When thinking about the benefits of a 200% casino bonus you will see that you get more bang for your buck, that you have a chance to play more casino games, you get more options and more time spent having fun.

The only downside is that you might get higher wagering requirements. This can be OK, if usually that casino offers a maximum bonus that’s a match up and has wagering requirements of 35x and for the 200% it has 40x wagering requirements.

There are casinos that will try to scam you and if you’re not careful and don’t read the Terms and Conditions and the wagering requirements you might claim this type of bonus that has a 99x play-through requirement, but at respectable online casinos this shouldn’t be an issue.

Where can I find this bonus with low wagering requirements?

You can find 200% deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements on SlotsCalendar because we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our selection and if you take a look at our latest casino bonuses you will see that our in-depth reviews tell you all you need to know about them. If you’re lucky, you might even find a bonus package that combines this type of bonus with some 200 free spins for your favourite slot game. . Subscribe or keep checking to see all the new bonuses we add every single day!

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