Canada Lotto Max 7/50 Online Review

Lotto Canada Max 7/50 debuted in September 2009 to replace the Lotto Super 7 lottery, and it is one of Canada’s three national lottery games. This lottery attributes its success to the large prize pools and the fact that there is a $1 million prize every time the jackpot reaches $50 million.

Bonuses Canada Lotto Max 7/50
Canada Lotto Max 7/50

Canada Lotto Max 7/50 Specifications

Draw Time3:30am
FrequencyTuesday and Friday
Drawn Numbers7/50
Jackpot Win Chances38.000
Biggest Win$70 million
Minimum Bet$1

Canada Lotto Max 7/50 Results (2021-05-21, 3:30am)


Canada Lotto Max 7/50

Lotto Max, 7 out of 50, is a very successful lottery game because it has managed to secure high revenue very quickly, right from the beginning. This lottery was first introduced to Canadian residents back in September 2009 to replace the Super Lotto.

Placing Bets on Canada Lotto Max 7/50

Lotto Max 7/50 is easy and pretty quick to play, and it only costs $5 to play three sets of numbers of which each consists of seven numbers that fall between the range of 1 and 49. 

You have the option of a Quick Pick which will choose seven numbers for you randomly, or you can choose them yourself using the Selection Slip option. Also, there is the Advanced Play option which lets you choose your numbers in advance for up to 26 weeks.

Here are the odds that you will usually find at online casino sites when playing Lotto Max online: 

  • 1 – 6,75
  • 2 – 53,00
  • 3 – 380
  • 4 – 3.800
  • 5 – 38.000

Where Can I Bet on Canada Lotto Max 7/50?

Canadians can buy Lotto Max tickets from local retail stores and foreigners can bet online from gambling websites like bookmakers, online casinos and other licenced online platforms.

Remember that each country has its own gambling rules and casinos have the legal right to offer their services to just some jurisdictions, so check if the online casinos you’re interested in accept players from your region.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Canada Lotto Max 7/50

According to, the most common Lotto Canada numbers are 2, 17, 31, 39, 4 and 46. The most famous number of the Lotto Max is 3.

Cold Numbers on Canada Lotto Max 7/50

Bear in mind that you can still select this approach, that is, look for the numbers that are least drawn and don’t play them or do the exact reverse if you assume they’re going to be drawn at any point in time. 33, 27, 19, 2, 18, 10 and 21 are the numbers less likely to have been drawn in the last 300 draws.

Lottery Draw and Results Canada Lotto Max 7/50

Lotto Max 7 out of 50 draws take place twice a week in a very secure location in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday and Friday evening at 7:30 pm PT/8:30 pm MT9:30 immediately after the ticket time cut-off.

Winning numbers are drawn randomly using a ball machine. For Daily Grand, Keno Atlantic, Bucko, Salsa Bingo, Atlantic 49, TAG and MAXMILLIONS, the electronic draw machine uses a random number generator to draw.

You can check out the results online as soon as the draw is over, directly at the online casino site where you’ve made your bets.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Canada Lotto Max 7/50 Winning Numbers

2021-05-21, 3:30am|05,06,25,31,32,44,48,39
2021-05-18, 3:30am|05,09,18,27,32,38,40,34
2021-05-14, 3:30am|03,18,19,24,26,27,45,20
2021-05-11, 3:30am|14,15,20,32,35,38,50,46
2021-05-07, 3:30am|01,08,17,21,35,39,46,31
2021-05-04, 3:30am|01,23,27,33,39,45,49,40
2021-04-30, 3:30am|02,14,27,30,31,35,43,38
2021-04-27, 3:30am|07,11,14,26,27,29,36,02
2021-04-23, 3:30am|01,03,04,11,19,24,42,27
2021-04-20, 3:30am|07,10,11,19,22,30,37,18
2021-04-16, 3:30am|01,13,19,27,42,49,50,32
2021-04-13, 3:30am|15,16,18,19,22,44,47,28
2021-04-09, 3:30am|01,19,28,29,31,33,43,17
2021-04-06, 3:30am|02,14,24,25,35,44,45,11
2021-04-02, 3:30am|30,32,33,34,37,45,49,25
2021-03-30, 3:30am|12,22,25,30,37,38,45,02
2021-03-26, 3:30am|02,04,16,24,25,27,49,29
2021-03-23, 3:30am|05,06,12,28,29,36,46,40
2021-03-19, 3:30am|02,07,08,26,30,43,48,25
2021-03-16, 3:30am|08,15,25,27,33,39,44,20
2021-03-12, 3:30am|05,12,15,23,28,38,39,46
2021-03-09, 3:30am|03,07,16,22,29,31,42,15
2021-03-05, 3:30am|06,09,23,25,31,36,48,30

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Canada Lotto Max 7/50 online?

    Yes! This lottery game is available to players outside of Canada, to just about anyone in the world and the only rule is that all players must be 18 years of age or older and respect the local jurisdiction or any other gambling rules.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Canada Lotto Max 7/50?

    Historically speaking, the numbers most commonly drawn at Canada Lotto are 2, 17, 31, 39, 4 and 46. To summarise, if you want to have a better probability of winning, you can pick these numbers.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Canada Lotto Max 7/50?

    Lotto Max has a minimum jackpot starting at $10 million and will reach a limit of $70 million. When the main jackpot is won, all non-winning Max Millions will be immediately added to the next minimum Lotto Max jackpot of $10 million. 


    As of January 2020, the biggest winner is Adlin Lewis of Brampton, Ontario, who won a $70 million jackpot.

  • Where can I play Canada Lotto Max 7/50?

    Canadian people can conveniently purchase Lotto Max tickets on the official websites of the regional lottery retail stores, and foreigners can buy it from the majority of other third party online lottery websites, bookmakers or online casinos that provide this game.

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