Croatia Lotto 7/35 Online Review

Ready to play Croatia lotto? Learn everything you need to know about this lottery game from odds to the luckiest numbers, how to bet and where to do so.

Bonuses Croatia Lotto 7/35
Croatia Lotto 7/35

Croatia Lotto 7/35 Specifications

Draw Time7:30pm
Frequency Wednesday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers7/35
Jackpot Win Chances1/6.724.520 (7 numbers)
Biggest WIn79.719.634,53 HRK
Minimum Bet7 HRK

Croatia Lotto 7/35 Results (2021-08-04, 7:30pm)


Croatia Lotto 7/35 Jackpot

Lotto Croatia 7/35

The Loto 7 game  (Croatia Lotto 7/35) was introduced on the 3rd of January 1962 and is still very popular today.  

When Croatia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1993 the name of the organising company was changed from Lutrija Hrvatske to Hrvatska Lutrija, the one that’s still used today.

The tickets for Croatia Lotto 7/35 can be physically bought from local street agencies only in Croatia. Players from all over the world can bet on this lottery online at bookmakers and online casino sites.

Lotto 7/35 Croatia is played twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. 7 main balls will be drawn from 35. Another bonus ball (dopunski broj) will be drawn from the remaining balls.

To win the Lotto Jackpot, you will need to match all 7 main balls. The odds of winning the Jackpot is 1 in 6,724,520.

Placing Bets on the Croatian Lottery 7/35

You can make all sorts of bets online on the Croatian lottery. You can bet on systems of up to 8 numbers or on up to 15 numbers, depending on the online casino site or bookmaker where you’re betting. 

You can try basically everything you can think of. Remember that the odds you’ll most commonly find are around these values:

  • 1 – 4,75
  • 2 – 26,00
  • 3 – 170
  • 4 – 1.275
  • 5 – 11.000

Where Can I Bet on Croatia Lotto?

Croatian players can bet on the 7/35 lottery both online at land-based agencies. Players from the rest of the world can only bet on it online at top online casino sites and bookmakers. 

Just make sure that the site you choose is licensed and regulated and legal in your jurisdiction to always be safe when gambling online.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Croatian Lotto 7/35

It’s important that you know what numbers are drawn the most often in order to be able to make a strategy for yourself. Whether you choose the most commonly drawn numbers or those that you think are overdue is up to you. These are the most frequently drawn number on the Croatia Lotto 7/35, all-time: 22, 11, 27, 34, 29, 8, 17 and 3.

Cold Numbers on the Croatian lotto

Personally, we don’t think that any numbers are overdue and that since they haven’t come up in a long time they are bound to show up right now. But it’s up to you what you want to believe and how you build your strategy. 

We’re just giving you the information so that you can take an informed decision that fits your gambling style. The coldest numbers on the Croatian lotto are 12, 35, 33, 19, 5, 10, 14 and 18.

Croatia 7/35 Lottery Draw and Results

The draw takes place on Wednesday and Saturday at 19.30, Croatian time. At some online casinos and bookmakers, you get to see the draw live, but even if you don’t you can check the results right away.

In just a couple of minutes, you should see them listed. Also if you can’t look for the winning numbers at that time don’t worry. If you win, the winnings will be added to your account automatically.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Croatia Lotto 7/35 Winning Numbers

2021-08-04, 7:30pm|07,13,16,17,28,29,35,31
2021-07-31, 7:30pm|02,13,16,19,21,27,35,34
2021-07-28, 7:30pm|03,09,12,15,21,29,35,04
2021-07-24, 7:30pm|10,11,12,13,17,20,24,22
2021-07-21, 7:30pm|03,04,12,14,15,16,30,07
2021-07-17, 7:30pm|04,06,14,15,16,20,26,13
2021-07-14, 7:30pm|05,16,20,21,30,31,35,01
2021-07-10, 7:30pm|01,10,11,15,20,28,29,35
2021-07-07, 7:30pm|01,02,05,19,26,29,32,27
2021-07-03, 7:30pm|06,07,13,21,24,32,33,11
2021-06-30, 7:30pm|06,16,24,25,28,32,34,23
2021-06-26, 7:30pm|04,05,06,18,23,29,33,03
2021-06-23, 7:30pm|06,07,17,21,25,30,32,23
2021-06-19, 7:30pm|01,12,17,25,27,31,33,35
2021-06-16, 7:30pm|03,04,15,16,17,26,28,31
2021-06-12, 7:30pm|02,04,11,24,26,30,32,27
2021-06-09, 7:30pm|02,04,06,19,23,29,35,31
2021-06-05, 7:30pm|10,18,19,25,26,29,34,30
2021-06-02, 7:30pm|06,07,09,12,13,15,20,21
2021-05-29, 7:30pm|03,04,10,11,24,29,32,06
2021-05-19, 7:30pm|02,05,06,08,11,23,35,12
2021-05-15, 7:30pm|02,12,18,20,23,31,33,26
2021-05-12, 7:30pm|07,08,12,15,18,21,31,34
2021-05-08, 7:30pm|10,14,22,24,29,33,34,35
2021-05-05, 7:30pm|04,16,18,24,28,30,32,34
2021-05-01, 7:30pm|05,06,17,22,26,28,29,15
2021-04-28, 7:30pm|03,09,12,13,20,24,32,17
2021-04-24, 7:30pm|04,05,14,19,27,29,35,33
2021-04-21, 7:30pm|07,17,27,30,31,32,33,12
2021-04-17, 7:30pm|09,13,18,21,22,30,35,06
2021-04-14, 7:30pm|05,13,14,17,26,29,35,16
2021-04-10, 7:30pm|01,10,20,25,26,34,35,22
2021-04-07, 7:30pm|04,05,15,18,19,30,34,25
2021-04-03, 7:30pm|06,07,12,15,19,26,27,04
2021-03-31, 7:30pm|05,06,13,19,22,23,31,16
2021-03-27, 7:30pm|01,05,07,11,21,22,34,08
2021-03-24, 7:30pm|01,05,12,14,26,33,35,21
2021-03-20, 7:30pm|02,03,10,12,19,24,31,26
2021-03-17, 7:30pm|01,12,13,20,22,26,31,23

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Croatia 7/35 online?

    Yes. Unless you’re from Croatia, you can only bet on the lottery online at bookmakers and online casinos which are licensed to offer lottery betting in your jurisdiction.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on lotto Croatia 7/35?

    Lotto Croatia’s most commonly drawn numbers are 22, 11, 27, 34, 29, 8, 17 and 3, in all the years since its inception.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on lotto Croatia?

    The biggest jackpot to have been won in the history of Hrvatska Lutrija was a massive HRK 79,719,634.53 won in 2014.

  • Where can I play lotto Croatia 7/35?

    At any online casino site or bookmaker that offers this lottery and operates in your country following the local laws and regulations.

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