German Lottery 6/49 Online Review

Lotto Germany 6/49 is one of the most popular German lotteries, but also a beloved lottery in Europe. Let’s find out together how to bet on the lottery Germany, what numbers are drawn most often and many other things.

Bonuses German Lottery 6/49
German Lottery 6/49

German Lottery 6/49 Specifications

Draw Time7:00pm
Frequency Wednesday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers6/49
Jackpot Winning Odds139,838,160
Biggest Win€45.4 million
Minimum Bet€1

German Lottery 6/49 Results (2021-06-02, 7:00pm)


German Lottery 6/49

Lotto Germany 6/49 is a super popular lottery in Europe due to the fact that it does not cost much to bet on it, the German lottery prizes are good and the jackpot is won almost every week.

Buying a Germany lottery ticket is not expensive, it only costs one Euro per variant. Basically, the German lotto is pretty cheap compared to other similar European lotteries.

The German lottery draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The minimum prize guaranteed by the German lottery 6/49 is 1 million euros.

The German lottery rules are pretty simple. There are 9 payout categories and 6 numbers from the 1-49 range are drawn, then a seventh number (Zusatz-Zahl) and a bonus number (Super-Zahl).

To win the jackpot, you must hit all six numbers in the range 1-49 and Super-Zahl. If you hit the six numbers, but not the bonus number, you get the prize from the 2nd category.

Placing Bets on the German Lotto 6/49

Betting on the Germany 6/49 lottery is very simple. You can bet on a number, use systems, choose what you want, how you want. You just need to have no more than 15 numbers and no more than 8 numbers in a system.

If you want to bet online on the Germany lottery, here are the odds you can expect:

  • 1 – 7.77
  • 2 – 73.00
  • 3 – 730
  • 4 – 8,750
  • 5 – 225,522

Where Can I Bet on Germany 6/49 lottery?

If you live in Germany you can play the lottery 6 out of 49 from street agencies or at many offline or online casinos and bookmakers. If you bet from other countries in Europe you can safely bet online at top licensed bookmakers and online casinos, just make sure that they accept players from your jurisdiction. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on the German 6/49 lottery

It is important to be aware of the most common numbers for lottery draws in Germany. Historically, 11, 6, 42, 47, 18, 19, 1, 5, 38 and 31 are drawn most often, so theoretically you have more chances to win if you bet on these numbers.

Cold Numbers on Germany lotto

In the last 500 draws, the numbers 14, 26, 10, 23, 43, 28, 9, 21, 46 and 24 have appeared the least. You can make your own strategy if you think there are great chances for these numbers to turn up then go and bet on them, or you can avoid them altogether.

Lottery Draw and German Lottery Results

Germany 6/49 lottery draws and the latest German lottery results can easily be found online at most betting sites. The results will be displayed immediately after the draw is completed, in a few minutes. It is not even strictly necessary to check the results if you play online because if you’ve won, the winnings will appear in your account instantly.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent German Lottery 6/49 Winning Numbers

2021-06-02, 7:00pm|10,14,15,35,39,45,00
2021-05-29, 7:00pm|09,10,16,44,45,46,08
2021-05-19, 7:00pm|05,07,14,25,38,45,04
2021-05-15, 7:00pm|02,05,15,25,26,41,01
2021-05-12, 7:00pm|01,02,18,34,42,44,06
2021-05-08, 7:00pm|10,13,22,23,42,47,02
2021-05-05, 7:00pm|04,05,06,10,15,21,08
2021-05-01, 7:00pm|01,15,21,37,42,43,01
2021-04-28, 7:00pm|12,13,21,23,31,46,00
2021-04-24, 7:00pm|01,04,24,25,34,48,01
2021-04-21, 7:00pm|01,18,24,27,37,47,00
2021-04-17, 7:00pm|18,22,25,26,36,48,00
2021-04-14, 7:00pm|02,04,18,19,20,46,05
2021-04-10, 7:00pm|04,06,09,15,27,45,07
2021-04-07, 7:00pm|09,10,18,19,36,37,00
2021-04-03, 7:00pm|05,23,29,34,36,40,06
2021-03-31, 7:00pm|01,12,16,24,31,48,04
2021-03-27, 7:00pm|04,12,13,19,31,46,06
2021-03-24, 7:00pm|04,11,14,23,24,48,04
2021-03-20, 7:00pm|02,12,15,16,17,35,07
2021-03-17, 7:00pm|01,03,18,30,31,41,03
2021-03-13, 7:00pm|04,19,24,44,47,48,08
2021-03-10, 7:00pm|07,08,11,21,30,46,06
2021-03-06, 7:00pm|01,03,07,29,33,35,07

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I play the German Lottery 6/49?

    Players from Europe can easily access bookmakers and online casinos, where they can bet on Germany 6 out of 49. If you’re asking yourself how much German lottery costs to play it’s quite cheap, just one euro, and you can bet on it and any sites that offer lotteries and accepts your jurisdiction. 

  • How to play the German lottery online?

    Go to any website, either online casino site or bookmaker, that accepts your jurisdiction and offers lottery bets and pick your numbers. Make your ticket and you’re done. 

  • On what days are the German lottery draws?

    The German lottery draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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