Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90 Online Review

Let’s find out everything about the Lottomatica Italy Venezia 5/90 lottery. It’s just one of many epic Italian lotteries but it has a lot to offer.

Bonuses Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90
Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90

Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90 Specifications

Draw Time8:00pm
FrequencyEvery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers5/90
Jackpot Win Chances 43.949.268
Biggest Win 225.000x bet
Minimum Bet€1

Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90 Results (2021-07-31, 8:00pm)


Italy Venezia 5/90 Lottomatica Lotto

Italy Venezia 5/90 (also known as Venice) is one of the many popular 5/90 lotteries of Italy. Today we’re here to talk about the Venezia 5/90 lotto, but you can also check out the other fun Italian lotteries:

  • Lottomatica Bari Lotto
  • Lottomatica Cagliari Lotto
  • Lottomatica Firenze Lotto
  • Lottomatica Milano Lotto
  • Lottomatica Napoli Lotto
  • Lottomatica Nazionale Lotto
  • Lottomatica Palermo Lotto
  • Lottomatica Roma Lotto
  • Lottomatica Torino Lotto
  • Lottomatica Genoa Lotto

There are, in total, 10+1 Italian lotteries (10 regional lotteries and a national ones). They all function pretty much the same way, but they all have individual draws with individual prizes.

The Lottomatica Venezia Lotto organizes three draws every single week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They take place between 8:00 and 8:30 PM CTE.

Once you’ve decided on Lotto Venice or whichever other Italian lotto you like (or all of them, we don’t judge), pick between 1 and 10 numbers from 1 to 90. You can win the Lottomatica Venezia Lotto jackpot if you get the 5 drawn balls right.

Placing Bets on Lottomatica Venezia 5/90

You have 1 in 43,949,268 chances to win the jackpot. Don’t worry because all huge jackpots are pretty hard to win but you still have plenty of chances of matching a couple of numbers and getting a smaller prize.

If you want to bet on the Venezia 5/90 lottery, there are several types of bets you can try: 

  • Estratto: guess 1 number correctly
  • Estratto Determinato: guess 1 number correctly, in the exact position in which it’s drawn
  • Ambo: guess 2 numbers correctly
  • Ambetto: guess 2 numbers – 1 number correctly and match either the previous or the following number of the second number
  • Terno: guess 3 numbers correctly
  • Quaterna: guess 4 numbers correctly
  • Cinquina: guess 5 numbers correctly

If you’re betting on this lottery online, you can expect these odds: 

  • 1 – 17,00
  • 2 – 375
  • 3 – 8.000
  • 4 – 225.000

Where Can I Bet on Lottomatica Venezia Italy 5/90?

Players from Italy can play both online and offline. You get to buy Venezia 5/90 lottery tickets at street agencies or play at online casino sites, bookmakers or even the official lottery website.

If you are from other countries, then you will be able to bet online. Many online casino sites and online bookmakers offer Italian lotteries. You just need make sure that the casinos you pick are licensed in your jurisdiction. 

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Lottomatica Venezia Lotto

Take a look at previously drawn numbers and try to create a strategy for yourself, even though with games of chance there are no guarantees. Historically, since the launch of this lottery, the numbers that have appeared the most frequently are 65, 86, 89, 53, 68, 74, 55, 51, 56 and 7.

Cold Numbers on Italy Venezia 5/90 Lotto

While you can choose to use the most frequently drawn numbers, you can also do the opposite can use the numbers that have historically been picked the least. These are the coldest numbers of the Italian lottery: 2, 4, 39, 13, 36, 80, 52, 9, 62 and 28.

Lottery Draw and Results Venezia Italy 5/90

Lottomatica Venezia are extrageri de trei ori pe săptămână, marți, joi și sâmbătă între orele 20:00 – 20:30 CTE. Puteți vedea extragerea în direct la televizor dacă sunteți din Italia sau la site-uri de cazinouri și case de pariuri prin streaming live. Dacă ratați extragerea, puteți verifica rezultatele imediat după încheierea acesteia.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Italy Lottomatica Venezia 5/90 Winning Numbers

2021-07-31, 8:00pm|30,34,80,84,86
2021-07-29, 8:00pm|29,40,44,63,76
2021-07-27, 8:00pm|24,28,59,64,84
2021-07-24, 8:00pm|29,45,67,83,85
2021-07-22, 8:00pm|09,26,31,69,81
2021-07-20, 8:00pm|19,56,70,85,89
2021-07-17, 8:00pm|03,08,47,82,88
2021-07-15, 8:00pm|35,71,76,82,89
2021-07-13, 8:00pm|04,14,30,62,67
2021-07-10, 8:00pm|04,18,25,46,50
2021-07-08, 8:00pm|30,44,46,66,74
2021-07-06, 8:00pm|01,17,34,48,70
2021-07-03, 8:00pm|39,50,60,71,87
2021-07-01, 8:00pm|11,28,52,59,76
2021-06-29, 8:00pm|06,15,27,46,47
2021-06-26, 8:00pm|06,11,24,54,76
2021-06-24, 8:00pm|37,42,59,79,90
2021-06-22, 8:00pm|21,27,53,63,64
2021-06-19, 8:00pm|21,36,37,48,58
2021-06-17, 8:00pm|42,47,74,78,85
2021-06-15, 8:00pm|06,13,30,66,83
2021-06-12, 8:00pm|07,38,50,61,72
2021-06-10, 8:00pm|14,25,35,54,74
2021-06-08, 8:00pm|20,44,65,66,89
2021-06-05, 8:00pm|23,49,71,73,88
2021-06-03, 8:00pm|12,14,36,52,79
2021-06-01, 8:00pm|29,34,47,69,76
2021-05-29, 8:00pm|10,53,54,81,85
2021-05-20, 8:00pm|05,19,35,55,63
2021-05-18, 8:00pm|04,10,49,63,85
2021-05-15, 8:00pm|06,13,18,28,67
2021-05-13, 8:00pm|41,44,62,63,76
2021-05-11, 8:00pm|28,53,59,71,76
2021-05-08, 8:00pm|11,14,17,35,46
2021-05-06, 8:00pm|11,31,71,79,87
2021-05-04, 8:00pm|15,58,75,83,88
2021-04-29, 8:00pm|20,28,45,68,88
2021-04-27, 8:00pm|02,08,09,10,84
2021-04-24, 8:00pm|09,56,60,86,90
2021-04-22, 8:00pm|23,45,54,86,90
2021-04-20, 8:00pm|07,12,21,48,80
2021-04-17, 8:00pm|04,35,42,81,84
2021-04-15, 8:00pm|04,25,27,37,51
2021-04-13, 8:00pm|01,22,55,61,82
2021-04-10, 8:00pm|27,29,32,54,70
2021-04-08, 8:00pm|28,34,76,78,90
2021-04-06, 8:00pm|01,11,21,40,44

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Lottomatica Venezia 5/90 online?

    You can play the Italian lottery offline if you’re from or in Italy. But if you’re from any other country, you can only bet online.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on the Italian Venezia lottery?

    The numbers that were historically drawn the most often on the Venezia lottery since its launch are 65, 86, 89, 53, 68, 74, 55, 51, 56 and 7.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on the Italian lottery?

    It depends on your preferred bet size, but for just a €1 bet, you can get prizes that start at €1.12 and go up to €6 million.

  • Where can I play Lottomatica Venezia 5/90?

    Lottomatica Venezia and italian lottery games in general are very popular so you’ll find them at almost all top online casino sites and bookmakers that offer lotteries.

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