Lottery Ireland 6/47 Online Review

Lotto Ireland 6/47 is a popular national lotto game that is quickly building a reputation with lottery players around the world.

Bonuses Lottery Ireland 6/47
Lottery Ireland 6/47

Lottery Ireland 6/47 Specifications

Draw Time9:00pm
FrequencyWednesday and Saturday
Drawn Numbers6/47
Jackpot Win Chance150.000
Biggest Win€18.9 million
Minimum Bet€1

Lottery Ireland 6/47 Results (2021-07-21, 9:00pm)


Lottery Ireland 6/47 Jackpot

7,500,000 EUR

Lotto Ireland 6/47

Lotto Ireland is an easy and enjoyable number draw game where you can choose any six numbers from 1 to 47. At each draw, six random numbers are drawn along with a bonus number.

Placing Bets on Lotto Ireland 6/47

You can place bets on Lotto Ireland in-store from retail agents and online on the official lottery website of Ireland or on several online casinos and bookmakers. The minimum play for Lotto is two lines per draw, which costs €4. You can play additional lines for €2 per line. 

When you choose your own numbers, you mark a payslip with six selected numbers in each panel that you wish to play. The quick pick option means your numbers are randomly selected for you, just mark the Quick Pick box in the panels on your payslip.

These are the odds one can expect when betting on the Ireland lotto:

  • 1 – 7.40
  • 2 –  68
  • 3 – 650
  • 4 –  8000
  • 5 – 150000

Where Can I Bet on Lotto Ireland 6/47?

If you want to play Lotto Ireland 6 out of 47, you have two options: the first one is in-store, and the later is to play online. If you want to play in-store, you have the option to choose your own numbers or choose quick pick numbers.

If you want to play your numbers online, just go to the official website of Lotto Ireland or any other online casino or gambling website that accepts players from your country.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Lotto Ireland 6/47

Statistically speaking if you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to implement some sort of strategy when choosing your lotto numbers. The National Irish Lottery statistics outline the most commonly selected numbers sorted by frequency: 37, 8, 12, 5, 43 and 24. 

Cold Numbers on Lotto Ireland 6/47

Here is some advice regarding using cold numbers or numbers that have been drawn the least in the last 100 draws. We have sorted these numbers by frequency and least number of times drawn: 3, 32, 19, 7, 40 and 26.

Lottery Draw and Results Lotto Ireland 6/47

Draw days are every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.55 pm. You can find out the results on the official results page of Lotto Ireland after 9.15 pm on the night of the draw. Sales close at 7.45 pm precisely until 7.55 pm at retail agents and 7.40 pm online on draw days. 

If you want you can see the draws live on RTÉ One every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.55 pm. 


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lottery Ireland 6/47 Winning Numbers

2021-07-21, 9:00pm|20,24,27,32,39,43,25
2021-07-17, 9:00pm|12,16,23,26,34,45,13
2021-07-14, 9:00pm|03,09,11,27,29,47,34
2021-07-10, 9:00pm|17,27,30,35,42,47,34
2021-07-07, 9:00pm|04,18,26,30,31,37,08
2021-07-03, 9:00pm|29,30,36,38,44,45,25
2021-06-30, 9:00pm|33,38,39,40,43,45,18
2021-06-26, 9:00pm|10,14,21,22,35,44,13
2021-06-23, 9:00pm|01,04,15,29,38,40,31
2021-06-19, 9:00pm|10,14,33,40,42,45,08
2021-06-16, 9:00pm|01,14,22,28,37,45,25
2021-06-12, 9:00pm|05,10,17,22,29,36,25
2021-06-09, 9:00pm|07,11,28,29,35,40,12
2021-06-05, 9:00pm|10,16,17,24,26,42,35
2021-06-02, 9:00pm|12,14,22,25,26,40,33
2021-05-29, 9:00pm|09,15,28,34,39,46,26
2021-05-19, 9:00pm|03,05,06,27,29,39,36
2021-05-15, 9:00pm|02,08,15,31,37,44,03
2021-05-12, 9:00pm|01,06,14,19,31,47,02
2021-05-08, 9:00pm|02,04,14,21,41,42,28
2021-05-05, 9:00pm|08,19,21,22,34,47,15
2021-05-01, 9:00pm|01,04,16,23,26,35,31
2021-04-28, 9:00pm|01,03,26,27,41,47,16
2021-04-24, 9:00pm|05,11,16,41,43,47,14
2021-04-21, 9:00pm|17,18,19,27,30,46,12
2021-04-17, 9:00pm|18,21,27,29,34,47,46
2021-04-14, 9:00pm|04,14,20,23,27,37,39
2021-04-10, 9:00pm|04,11,18,21,33,35,16
2021-04-07, 9:00pm|23,27,39,40,41,42,17
2021-04-03, 9:00pm|15,17,23,32,35,45,46
2021-03-31, 9:00pm|02,05,08,24,43,47,45
2021-03-27, 9:00pm|05,09,13,34,37,40,26
2021-03-24, 9:00pm|04,17,23,37,40,44,07
2021-03-20, 9:00pm|04,27,37,43,44,46,32
2021-03-17, 9:00pm|01,07,20,26,43,45,37
2021-03-13, 9:00pm|02,05,07,10,24,46,38
2021-03-10, 9:00pm|06,26,31,38,39,47,22
2021-03-06, 9:00pm|03,14,17,18,38,47,46

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Lotto Ireland 6/47 online?

    Yes, you can play the Irish lottery online from anywhere in the world using the official website. Also, you can use online lottery platforms, tons of bookmakers or online casinos that abide by your local jurisdiction and laws when it comes to gambling.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Lotto Ireland 6/47?

    The most commonly selected numbers are not the same as the most drawn numbers, so keep that in mind when searching online for good picks. We have the official stats from the Irish statistical centre: 37, 8, 12, 5, 43 and 24, so listen to the right advice, and you will get lucky.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Lotto Ireland 6/47?

    In order to find out the biggest win, you need to take into consideration that the prize value may vary significantly depending on the number of winners and the amount accumulated in the prize pool for any given draw. Thus if you match all 6 numbers, you win the Jackpot of €2 million. Online you’ll get the odds multiplied by your bet.

  • Where can I play Lotto Ireland 6/47?

    Basically, you have two choices, and the first one is in local retail stores where you have to mark a payslip with six numbers, and the second one to play via third party online lottery platforms, bookmakers, online casinos etc. anywhere that accepts your jurisdiction.

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