Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70 Online Review

You too can bet on the biggest lottery in the US! See stats and numbers and bet on the US MegaMillions lottery today!

Bonuses Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70
Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70

Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70 Specifications

Draw Time5:00am
Drawn Numbers5/70
Jackpot Win Chances240.000
Biggest Win$12.000.000
Minimum Bet$1

Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70 Results (2021-05-21, 5:00am)


Lotto USA MegaMillions

MegaMillions 5/70 is a lottery in the United States of America in which 5 out of 70 numbers are drawn, along with another number between 1 and 5, called the Mega Ball. There are two draws per week, on Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 pm ET.

MegaMillions appeared in May 2002, replacing the “Big Game” lottery. At first, Mega Millions worked according to the format of the game “Powerball”, but then an attempt was made to change it because it wanted to be “America’s Favorite Lottery”.

MegaMillions jackpots outperform Powerball jackpots by 40%. In fact, in 2012, Mega Millions made history with the largest prize in the world until that time: 656 million dollars. The record remained with MegaMillions for four years, until it was surpassed by a 1.586 billion dollars Powerball jackpot in 2016.

Placing Bets on MegaMillions 5/70

At most licensed bookmakers and online casinos, you can put a maximum of 15 numbers on a single ticket and you can play combinations of up to 8 numbers. So you can play any system you want from 1/1 to 8/15.

These are the odds you will find for MegaMillions, on average, for 1 to 5 numbers:

  • 1 – 7.50
  • 2 – 75
  • 3 – 750
  • 4 – 9500
  • 5 – 240000

Where Can I Bet on US MegaMillions?

Even if it’s a US lottery, it doesn’t mean you can’t bet online on MegaMillions. On the contrary, being a very popular lottery with very big prizes, even players from other countries can access it at top bookmakers and online casinos.

For example, you can try your luck at All British Casino and many other extraordinary online casino sites. Just make sure that they work in your jurisdiction.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Mega Millions

It is important when betting on lotteries to remember that they are games of chance so most strategies will not work because the numbers are drawn randomly. What you can do to improve your chances of winning is to use statistics.

For example, the most frequently drawn numbers from a historical point of view are 31, 10, 43, 62, 14, 17, 48, 70, 28 and 34, so you will probably have more chances to win using them.

Cold Numbers on Lotto MegaMillions

You can try the other way around as well, by betting on cold numbers, but statistically, it is better to avoid them. The numbers that come out the least on MegaMillions are 21, 36, 5, 45, 69, 65, 51, 50, 35 and 55.

Lottery Draw and Results on Lotto MegaMillions 5/70

At the US Lotto MegaMillions, two draws take place per week, on Wednesday and Saturday,  starting from 11:00 pm ET. If you are not awake at that time you do not have to worry, because even if you do not watch the draw, if you win, you will receive the prize anyway.

You can check the results at the online casino where you placed your bet or you can see directly from your player account whether you’ve won or not. Moreover, winnings will be automatically added to your account when you bet online.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Lotto USA MegaMillions 5/70 Winning Numbers

2021-05-21, 5:00am|06,09,17,18,48,08,3
2021-05-18, 5:00am|03,05,56,61,66,04,2
2021-05-14, 5:00am|03,18,41,44,68,03,2
2021-05-11, 5:00am|07,08,20,36,39,22,3
2021-05-07, 5:00am|05,10,19,21,50,10,4
2021-05-04, 5:00am|04,27,32,57,63,22,3
2021-04-30, 5:00am|08,19,26,48,49,05,3
2021-04-27, 5:00am|15,22,30,41,42,25,4
2021-04-23, 5:00am|04,28,29,30,60,25,3
2021-04-20, 5:00am|06,23,43,49,52,05,3
2021-04-16, 5:00am|17,27,28,50,55,25,4
2021-04-13, 5:00am|10,15,19,45,68,09,4
2021-04-09, 5:00am|22,26,27,58,66,12,2
2021-04-06, 5:00am|01,19,20,32,42,17,3
2021-04-02, 5:00am|10,42,48,53,62,19,2
2021-03-30, 5:00am|11,37,47,53,56,15,3
2021-03-26, 5:00am|04,25,37,46,67,15,3
2021-03-23, 5:00am|12,23,35,38,55,11,2
2021-03-19, 5:00am|09,14,40,58,69,08,3
2021-03-16, 5:00am|10,41,46,52,69,08,2
2021-03-12, 5:00am|02,24,25,31,65,18,4
2021-03-09, 5:00am|04,33,46,58,65,13,2
2021-03-05, 5:00am|10,11,17,27,54,20,2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play MegaMillions 5/70 online?

    Yes, MegaMillions is an American lottery that’s available online in many countries. Please check your countries regulations and jurisdiction to see if you are allowed to enter.

  • What numbers are drawn most often on lotto US MegaMillions?

    Historically, the most often drawn numbers on the US MegaMillions lottery are 31, 10, 43, 62, 14, 17, 48, 70, 28 and 34.

  • Where can I play MegaMillions?

    MegaMillions is a lottery available at several online casinos and online bookmakers from all over the world. We recommend that you check out the All British Casino if you’re in its jurisdiction. 

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