Slovakia Lotto 5/35 Online Review

One of the oldest lottery games in Slovakia is Loto 5/35. Because of the attractive odds, the 5 out of 35 lottery format is popular around the world. Check out Slovakia’s variant of the game which is called Loto Slovakia 5/35.

Bonuses Slovakia Lotto 5/35
Slovakia Lotto 5/35

Slovakia Lotto 5/35 Specifications

Draw Time5:00pm
FrequencyWednesday and Sunday
Drawn Numbers5/35
Jackpot Win Chances324.632
Biggest Win€275.159
Minimum Bet€2

Slovakia Lotto 5/35 Results (2021-07-21, 5:00pm)


Lotto 5/35 is one of the oldest lottery games in Slovakia. Some form of the lottery has been available ever since 1967. While it has undergone several modifications and rule changes through the years, the Local Lotto 5 of 35 has remained pretty much unchanged.

Placing Bets on Slovakia Lotto 5/35

It is relatively easy to play the Slovak Loto 5 out of 35. As the name suggests, for a chance to win the jackpot, you have to pick five numbers from a pool of 35. The Loto 5/35 draw takes place at 18:00 Europe/Bratislava Time.

Where Can I Bet on Slovakia Lotto 5/35?

You can play the Slovakia Lotto on numerous bookmakers and licensed online gaming pages, but you need to check for the rules according to your jurisdiction to find out where exactly you can play it.

Frequently Drawn Numbers on Slovakia Lotto 5/35

Historically speaking, the most frequently drawn numbers on the Slovakia Lotto are 85, 55, 90, 82, 79, 77, 86, 6, 81 and 45. In conclusion, you should choose these numbers if you want to have greater chances of winning.

Cold Numbers on Slovakia Lotto 5/35

The numbers which were drawn the least times in the past 500 draws are 8, 17, 24, 48, 13, 15, 19, 45, 40 and 34, so, theoretically, these are the numbers you should probably avoid.

Lottery Draw and Slovakia Lotto Results

In a game of 5 out of 35, the chances of winning the jackpot are one out of 324,632. These are spectacular odds, even when the game is compared to 6 out of 49 which is another common format.

The results can be accessed on the official website of Tipos, which contains all the information. As well as a vast archive, you can search the current draw’s reports.


Lottery Bonuses

Recent Slovakia Lotto 5/35 Winning Numbers

2021-07-21, 5:00pm|17,21,22,29,35
2021-07-18, 5:00pm|02,03,11,21,34
2021-07-14, 5:00pm|01,04,09,19,24
2021-07-11, 5:00pm|07,19,22,24,30
2021-07-07, 5:00pm|02,08,10,30,33
2021-07-04, 5:00pm|02,18,19,21,35
2021-06-30, 5:00pm|09,13,20,26,27
2021-06-27, 5:00pm|02,08,20,26,30
2021-06-23, 5:00pm|02,22,29,33,34
2021-06-20, 5:00pm|04,09,11,21,24
2021-06-16, 5:00pm|10,15,26,30,31
2021-06-13, 5:00pm|06,11,15,16,33
2021-06-09, 5:00pm|13,21,24,27,29
2021-06-06, 5:00pm|04,09,13,17,25
2021-06-02, 5:00pm|03,07,13,16,27
2021-05-30, 5:00pm|02,10,17,19,28
2021-05-19, 5:00pm|02,03,08,24,28
2021-05-16, 5:00pm|03,18,27,30,33
2021-05-12, 5:00pm|11,18,25,29,35
2021-05-09, 5:00pm|10,14,15,21,25
2021-05-05, 5:00pm|01,07,13,15,34
2021-05-02, 5:00pm|03,15,16,24,32
2021-04-28, 5:00pm|04,07,12,24,31
2021-04-25, 5:00pm|07,10,14,18,19
2021-04-21, 5:00pm|03,14,21,22,24
2021-04-18, 5:00pm|17,19,21,26,31
2021-04-14, 5:00pm|02,12,22,27,28
2021-04-11, 5:00pm|02,17,27,31,34
2021-04-07, 5:00pm|03,07,19,29,34
2021-04-04, 5:00pm|08,14,20,23,28
2021-03-31, 5:00pm|12,14,17,24,32
2021-03-28, 5:00pm|13,21,30,31,33
2021-03-24, 5:00pm|03,06,11,27,33
2021-03-21, 5:00pm|02,03,09,30,31
2021-03-17, 5:00pm|08,09,13,17,23
2021-03-14, 5:00pm|06,23,26,28,35
2021-03-10, 5:00pm|14,17,18,23,33
2021-03-07, 5:00pm|06,15,22,29,35

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Slovakia Lotto online?

    You can play this great lotto game online for a chance to be the next big jackpot winner. Players may participate online by purchasing tickets from bookmakers and top online casinos. 

  • What numbers are drawn most often on Slovakia Lotto?

    85, 55, 90, 82, 79, 77, 86, 6, 81 and 45 are the most widely drawn numbers on the Slovak Lotto.

  • What’s the biggest win you can get on Slovakia Lotto?

    The odds of winning the Lotto 5 out of 35 jackpot are 1 in 324,632, which is pretty good compared to other lotto games. 

  • Where can I play Slovakia Lotto?

    You can play on numerous bookmakers and licensed online gaming pages, but you need to check for the rules according to your jurisdiction to find out where exactly you can play it.

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