Best Provider of the Month: IGT – Top Provider of January 2023

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The new year brings us a provider with lots of experience in the gambling industry: IGT! This provider showed that it’s got what it takes to be among the top providers this year too, so we decided to give it the title of the Best Provider of January 2023. What novelties does IGT bring to the table this year? Stick around and find out!

IGT is one of the oldest providers in the gambling industry, as it was founded in the 1950s. The provider came public in 1981, and it specialized at first in producing land-based slot machines. Now, IGT brings a lot more services to casino operators and has a larger and more diverse portfolio.

IGT holds company headquarters in the United Kingdom but also has operating headquarters in Rome, Las Vegas, and Providence. The provider delivers services and products to gaming operators across 100 countries and six continents, and currently has an outstanding number of 10.500 employees across the globe. As stated before, the services delivered by IGT have become more diverse, and now this provider is a solution to the needs of any casino operator. IGT delivers gaming machines, lotteries, iLottery, sports betting, iGaming, instant ticket services, retail touchpoints and many more. Each of these services and products are of premium quality, which transformed IGT into the global leader it is today and also helped it obtain a lot of reputable prizes and titles, such as the GGB Gaming Technology Awards Winner.

Besides providing services of top quality, IGT has also become popular because it is trustworthy and has strong ethics. IGT focuses on providing solutions that support global sustainability, protect people and help the environment, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, IGT has a Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office that is supported by its leaders and employees all over the world.

Now that you know more about IGT’s vision and reputation in the industry, let’s talk more about the best IGT products and why you should try them out this January for an amazing gambling experience.

Best IGT Games

IGT brings innovative solutions in terms of both lotteries and casino products. With so many years of experience, IGT has learnt to master both table games and slots, so now it comes with a wide array of exciting titles in both departments. A great thing about IGT games is that they come with an amazing diversity of themes, having the largest number of game themes in the industry.

Since this provider launched many years ago, you can experiment with both classic slot machines and video slots with modern and interesting features. You can even have fun with TRUE 4D games that give you an immersive multi-sensory slot experience.

IGT games pay very well too, the provider coming with many titles that have awarded players with countless big wins. The games pay so well because they have unique bonus features that help you make more winning combinations, but also because they bring profitable ratios of RTP and volatility, with IGT owning many games that come with RTPs that can reach even 98%. If you want to try out some IGT games to see what they are all about but don’t know where to start, we have prepared a selection of 10 games that completely blew our minds. We recommend trying them out and then keep on experimenting with other amazing IGT creations!

What Makes IGT Special?

If you follow IGT’s activity and keep updated with the improvements this provider makes, you will notice that IGT is all about constant innovation. With IGT you will get to enjoy top-performing games of great quality that come with the most modern graphics and soundtrack, while also bringing exciting themes that are popular among players.

Lately, IGT has impressed both players and casino operators by introducing the innovative TRUE 4D games. These products give the players the opportunity to manipulate some components of the gameplay through head and eye movement, making use of the latest technological discoveries. Now you can have a multi-sensory experience that is more immersive and brings more fun than ever before.

While some providers have some games that make it to the top and then stick to that successful recipe, IGT is special because it does not refrain from keeping on exploring and experimenting with new elements every time. It is a provider full of surprises that delivers high-quality content every time, and thus it has gained the trust and respect of operators and gamblers worldwide.

Why Should I Play IGT Games?

You should definitely try out IGT games because you won’t be missing amazing quality, no matter whether we’re talking about classic casino games or video slots. While some providers bring you the best classic slots and others bring you exciting modern slots, IGT does it both extremely well because of its many years of experience and capacity to adapt and evolve. You will find your favourite game types and a wide array of themes in a single place, so there’s no need to browse for tens of minutes on different websites to find what you are looking for.

Besides this, online casinos bring some of the best casino bonus codes and promotions for IGT games. If you want to enjoy the best casino deals, you can’t miss out on the viral IGT games!

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