Big Win of £13.843 on Sugar Rush

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The sweetest prizes are won on Sugar Rush! This slot has awarded a player the nice sum of £13.843 after a few bonus rounds!

If you want to make sure you will get a special treat when playing slots, then you should definitely choose Sugar Rush! This Pragmatic Play slot comes with an amazing bonus round and some special features that will make you win the sweetest prizes!

Our latest winner got himself the nice sum of £13.843 after he managed to hit the bonus round several times! The player won £13.843 after getting 40 free spins and multipliers up to 128x! He started from a bet of only £6.78, and after getting lucky and hitting the bonus round several times, the player got a prize of £13.843! If you want to see the action, you should totally check out this VIDEO!

As you can see, Sugar Rush makes it pretty easy for you to enter the bonus round and start spinning for free, as you have to land only 3 scatters to get it. Once you enter the bonus round, you will surely get a prize because of the amazing free spins that add up and increase your winning chances and also because of the crazy multipliers! What do you say? Is it time to give it a go yet?

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