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Posted by: John
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Our team was thinking about what we could do to make the users of our site have even more fun and we came up with an idea – why not show them images and videos of the biggest wins ever?

If you’re wondering why we thought seeing someone else’s big wins would make you happy, the answer is super simple. Everyone dreams of getting that BIG WIN, winning money that can change your whole life or at least improve it tremendously. 


Even if you’re not the one winning, it’s still super satisfying to see the symbols on the reels align, the sound of the slot machine bursting with coins, the animations change, and the sum on the screen going higher and higher. 

It’s like when you’re watching esports and your team wins. Who doesn’t like seeing the casino lose and a player getting the upper hand?

Well, for the advantage of proving that the casino doesn’t always win, for the fact that you can understand how winning combinations and bonus features work on a particular slot game, for the hope that someday it could be you up there – that’s why we’re showing you the big wins. 


There are two ways. First, if you do get lucky, you can send us an e-mail at [email protected] and show us your big win, either a picture or a video of the happy moment, and we will publish yours too. 

The other way is by using Pragmatic Play’s new functionality which we have full access to. This new functionality allows them to make videos with the biggest wins players have gotten playing their games. 

While we can show you all the biggest wins, we cannot tell you or show you who has won because of GDPR. if you are the winner or know the winner, you can get in contact and tag them if you think they won’t mind because we’d love to see the real winners if possible. 

With or without tags, as soon as we find a new big win we will make sure that we post it on our blog section. You can look for them individually or check them out on this exact page where we will keep adding them. 

Biggest Wins to Date

This is the section where you can find links to all the videos and photos of big wins we’ve caught up to this point. It’s constantly updated, so don’t worry, you won’t miss any huge catch. 

Aren’t sure if you’ll have time to keep checking this page? There is no need to worry, we’ve thought of this too. Subscribe to our newsletter, allow push notifications and we’ll make sure that you are always the first one to know when we add something worth checking out. 

Don’t forget to send us your big wins pics and videos too. We hope to see your Big Win video soon! Good luck!

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